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  1. Mando

    SOLD Bighorn Magnum Bolt Head Left Ejection (LH)

    $110 tyd.
  2. Mando

    SOLD Proof Research 6.5PRC 1:7.5tw 22" Carbon Fiber Barrel for Bighorn TL3

    Proof Research 6.5PRC 1:7.5tw 22" Carbon Fiber Barrel for Bighorn TL3 action. 80rds fired 156pcs 6.5PRC Hornady brass. 107 1X fired, 49 2X fired Redding 6.5PRC Premium FL Die Set *** Brass and Dies sold *** Barrel only $700 TYD Not interested in any trades.
  3. Mando

    SOLD Bighorn Origin LH SA 20MOA

    Bighorn Origin Left Handed SA with recoil lug (1), 20MOA rail with Magnum bolt face. If you want it without the bolt face, $75 off. Can include the HLR recoil lug to shoot TL3 barrels on the origin for $25. Action only $775 TYD. Not interested in any trades.
  4. Mando

    SOLD Kahles K318i SKMR3 RSW w/ Tenebraex caps

    Scope is in excellent condition. Comes with the black tenebraex covers, throw lever, parallax lever, and the box. Rings are not included. $2900 2675 TYD
  5. Mando

    SOLD Ingenuity Gunworks Adjustarail for J Allen

    Complete Adjustarail for a J Allen stock. I used it on a Foundation stock, and it fit that fine as well. $300 tyd
  6. Mando

    SOLD LH Foundation Exodus

    Left Handed Foundation Exodus with very little use. Comes with all of the spacers for LOP adjustment. The pictured bottom metal and adjustable butt pad are not included. Stock is the standard weight, Dark Distressed finish. It's cut for a Defiance Deviant action, but I modified the bolt...
  7. Mando

    Ammo Looking for 6.5mm 143 ELD-X bullets. Have 300 prc ammo and other stuff to trade

    I need some 6.5 143 ELD-X bullets. I have 300 PRC 212 ELDX ammo to trade. Local to STL would also have primers and powder I'd swap. Will not ship powder or primers though.
  8. Mando

    SOLD MPA and Grey Ops weights for Matrix

    Full mpa internal weight kit and the grey ops external weight kit for the MPA Matrix chassis. $300 $270 tyd
  9. Mando

    SOLD Sniper Green MPA Matrix with full weight kit and grey ops weights

    Sniper Green MPA Matrix Rem 700 SA. Has the adjustable magazine latch and the removable cheek rest. Comes with Vertical 2 and Swept 3 grips, and LH Trigger finger and Thumb rests. RH can be obtained from MPA. Comes with full mpa weight kit and the grey ops external weights. Also includes STD...
  10. Mando

    SOLD Magnetospeed v3 with MKM Machining Mount

    Magnetospeed v3 Mk Machining Mount with two bars Magnetospeed cell phone adapter Magnetospeed picatinny mount $450 tyd
  11. Mando

    SOLD MPA Matrix Weight Kit

    Front and rear. $110 tyd. Would trade for a MPA BA Comp weight kit.
  12. Mando

    Left Hand Sale WTB left hand Foundation stock

    Inletted for bighorn / r700 SA. Message me if you have one for sale
  13. Mando

    SOLD SOLD - MPA BA/Comp Fore End Internal Weight Kit

    $105 shipped.
  14. Mando

    Accessories Innovative Technologies Fiber Optic Borescope

    In excellent condition. $150 TYD.
  15. Mando

    SOLD Sniper Green MPA Matrix like new

    It's for a Remington 700SA and clones. I have two grips for it, Swept 2 and Vertical 2. It comes with the thumb rests and trigger finger rests for a RH shooter. Left hand can be obtained from MPA. Includes the standard front rail. Also includes the adjustable magazine catch. Will sell for...
  16. Mando

    Reloading Equipment WTB - Henderson gen 3 power trimmer

    Message me if you have one for sale.
  17. Mando

    SOLD SOLD - Atlas 5H

    Like new. Bought to try but sticking with the smaller one. $400 shipped.
  18. Mando

    SOLD SOLD - 300 PRC dies

    Both are brand new never used. Hornady FL Sizer 046338 RCBS Matchmaster Seater 28640 $140 TYD for both.
  19. Mando

    SOLD Gray Ops AMP Elite multi plate

    Will add pics today. $225 tyd. Like new.
  20. Mando

    Accessories Found! RailChanger X with or without Schmedium bag

    Shoot me a msg if you are selling