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  1. ctressler

    Flagstaff 22LR Match

    Flagstaff 22lr Match Nov. 12th, 2017 8:00 AM Location: Camp Savage, Flagstaff The courses of fire are simple, but not easy. Some key points: - Most stages are 100 yards or less - Most stages are 10 rounds each - Most stages are steel To shoot it, you will need: - A .22LR rifle...
  2. ctressler

    Southwest PRS 2017 Club Finale October 7, 2017

    Sign up for the Southwest PRS 2017 Club Finale with this link. Match starts: October 07, 2017 @ 8:00 AM Location: Near Wikieup, AZ Southwest Regional PRS Club Finale at the Big Sandy Range near Wikieup, AZ. This...
  3. ctressler

    Southwest Regional PRS Club Finale at the Big Sandy, October 7, 2017

    Southwest Regional PRS Club Finale at the Big Sandy Range near Wikieup, AZ. This is a 1-day match open to all shooters in the PRS southwest region (California, Arizona, Nevada), regardless of league, series or club affiliation. Squadding will not take place through Practiscore. 100...
  4. ctressler

    Big Sandy Matches near Wikieup, AZ

    Here are some details on the next Long Range Rifle match we are having at the Big Sandy Range near Wikieup, AZ. May 13th, 2017 8:00 Day Shoot $25 match fee 50 Rifle Rounds Please RSVP, even if you think you might come, though you do not have to RSVP to shoot the match. - Sign in by...
  5. ctressler

    AZ LRPRS August monthly club match

    The next club match will be on August 17th at 7am, at the Phoenix Rod and Gun club. The course of fire will be no more than 50 rounds. I'll do another milling stage with some type of prize for the guess nearest the correct target size. Meet up at the 500 yard line under the shade for sign up at...
  6. ctressler

    AZPRC Match at Ashfork April 14th

    I'm posting this for Brad, The next AZPRC match is at Ash Fork this Sunday, April 14th, $25 entry fee, 45 round COF, distance from the muzzle to 1100 ish yards, starts at 0800. Note- 45 rounds, not 40
  7. ctressler

    Is everyone sold out of H4350?

    I’m in need of an 8lb jug of Hodgdon H4350 and every store and online site I’ve checked is sold out. Does anybody know where I can get some? Places I've checked: 3rd Generation Natchez Powder Valley MidSouth Brownells Midway
  8. ctressler

    AZ LRPRS Monthly Match May 19th

    May 19th at 0700 @ Phx Rod and Gun club. Scott, fresh off his guest apperance at the Score High Match, is running this one. 50 rounds Somebody correct me if I'm wrong with any of these details.
  9. ctressler

    6.5X47 brass in a 6.5 Creedmoor chamber?

    Has anyone tried fire forming 6.5X47 brass in a 6.5 Creedmoor chamber? I haven't looked at it real close but it looks like all one would have to do is blow the shoulder forward, are the rest of the dimensions the same?
  10. ctressler

    Range Report Equation used by Leupold's "True Ballistic Range"

    Does anybody know the equation or method used by Leupold to get their "True Ballistic Range" as measured by their range finders? There must be a little more to it than the horizontal distance to the target, as they report the "True Ballistic Range" of a 400 yard target at 40 degrees is 335...
  11. ctressler

    Gunsmithing How long to wait on a gunsmith for a custom rifle

    Given the current wait on most custom rifle components, is 7 months+ an unreasonable amount of time to wait for a custom rifle? He told me it would be done in 4 months and we are about to hit 8. I had to find him a stock he said he couldn't get and now he says he can't finish it because he is...
  12. ctressler

    Range Report What dope does your software give

    I'm curious what dope others are getting with their ballistic programs for the following setup. I have Ballistic FTE on my iTouch. I'm especially interested in the Nightforce and Shooter programs, as well as any others people are using. .308 Sierra HPBT MK 168gr, MV=2783 G1 BC 0.462 >2600...