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  1. Movistar

    SOLD TBAC 338SR brake 3/4x24 brand new

    I have for sale a brand new 338SR brake. Unfired and unused. $175 shipped. PayPal Zelle or Venmo for payment.
  2. Movistar

    SOLD AI ASR kit with TBAC 338SR & NF 7-35 F1

    Update: guys I tried. I just can’t sell this thing. I know many of you were interested and some trying to get cash together and others waiting on me to price out extras. I just can’t do it. It’s too cool and I gotta keep it so I am marking it sold. Hey fellow shooters. I bought this kit a...
  3. Movistar

    SOLD 300 rounds 9mm 124grn brass $165 shipped

    I’ve got 6 boxes totaling 300 rounds of blazer brass 124 grain 9mm. To your door $165. Conus only and must pay via PayPal FF or you cover the fees. Found something I want to buy and the wife can’t know so this is the only way to do that haha.
  4. Movistar

    Accessories 60 rounds 6CM Copper Creek 115 Dtac $130 shipped

    For sale is 3 boxes (totaling 60 rounds) of 6 Creedmoor by Copper Creek. This is in Alpha large primer brass. 115 Dtac. $130 shipped conus.
  5. Movistar

    SOLD 110 rounds of FGMM 300NM 215 Berger

    For sale is 110 rounds (5 and 1/2 boxes) of factory FGMM Berger 215 hybrid 300 Norma Mag. $300 shipped conus. PayPal friends and family or you cover the fee. I also take Zelle. This stuff is 3050 FPS out of my 27 inch barrel. SOLD!
  6. Movistar

    Accessories 1990’s 243 hunting ammo **SPF**

    *** trade pending*** thanks for the interest I have 80 rounds of 1990s era 243 Winchester. They don’t make ‘em like they used to. This has lived in my safe since it was bought new by me. I sold my 243 hunting rifle about 12 years ago and forgot this was in the back of the safe. $150 shipped...
  7. Movistar

    Optics WTB: Eotech

    Hey all. I have $380. You have an eotech. Let’s trade. Looking for: 553 EXPS2.0 EXPS3.0 XPS2.0 XPS3.0 551 Let’s do this.
  8. Movistar

    Firearms Long shot: sell me your Coyote X Carry sig

    Gents. I really want one. Ive got cash or a sweet P226 combat id trade you straight across. Looking for the Coyote or FDE P320 X carry. peace and love. Thanks!
  9. Movistar

    SOLD Spuhr 4002 mint condition. shipped

    Hey all. I have a mint 4002. I bought this new and have fired 15 rounds of 300NM and 200ish of 6CM. Only installed it on one AI rifle. the 4002 includes the shim and level. I don’t think I have the box still. It’s 0 mil/moa and 1.5 in height. I just went with a different model is why I am...
  10. Movistar

    SOLD Ruana Bowie Spearpoint 42D vintage 60’s

    Hey knife guys. This is a vintage Ruana Bowie spearpoint 42D. It is stamped M on the handle. This was bought new by my father in the late 1960s. He doesn’t recall the exact year. Really good condition and very little use. We have many knives in our collection and while I hate to sell something...
  11. Movistar

    Accessories 10.3 AR upper. geissele ddc rail, .070 gas port. Unfired. SOLD

    For sale gents is an upper I am not ever going to use. Unfired. 10.3 inch andro corp barrel with the .070 gas port for smooth shooting suppressed. Geissele mk16 DDC blemecula rail. Geissele gas block. Square forge upper. No BCG or charge handle. $475 shipped conus. not really looking for...
  12. Movistar

    Accessories WTB AXMC 6.5CM barrel 18-22 inches.

    Hey all. I’m looking for a barrel for an AXMC in 6.5 Creedmoor. I need 18-22 inch length. Color isn’t so important. I don’t mind some rounds on it either. thanks!
  13. Movistar

    Accessories WTB - Found thanks

    Hey all. Willing to pay $50 for a FDE CTR. You know the one that’s been sitting in your parts bin since since the dawn of time... I want it. thanks! I got $50 to send you for it.
  14. Movistar

    Accessories SOLD. Epstein didn’t kill himself.

    For sale is a Cole Tac suppressor cover for TBAC 338 Ultra or Ultra SR. Would also fit any other 10 inch can. It is 10 inches long with 4 Velcro straps. Solid cover but I got one with included with a kit I bought so I don’t need this one. I got it used but it looks brand new and I haven’t used...
  15. Movistar

    Accessories WTB URX4 Mlok 10 inch any condition

    Looking for a 10 inch URX4 in Mlok. Condition isn’t a factor for me. I do not want a 10.75. Looking for the 10 inch. Hit me up if you’ve got one to part with. Thanks!
  16. Movistar

    Feedback Curahee19 is GTG

    Bought a high dollar scope from him. Arrived as described and packaged like Fort Knox!
  17. Movistar

    Optics WTB Spuhr 4002 34MM 1.50 0-MOA

    Hey gents. Looking for a Spuhr 4002. Got cash. Hit me up!
  18. Movistar

    Reloading Equipment 600 Sierra Match King 308 175grn HPBT

    For sale is 600 new unopened Sierra Match King 175grn 308. I have a box of 500 and a box of 100. Different lots between the two boxes. $215 shipped conus. PayPal gift or Venmo. Update: 5/23 SPF SPF SPF
  19. Movistar

    Feedback Idaho Dairy Guy is GTG high dollar item

    I sold a very high dollar item to Idaho Diary Guy and he is good to go. Deal in confidence.
  20. Movistar

    Optics NF 30mm ultra light 1.375 rings SOLD

    For sale used but in good shape NF ultra light 30mm rings. These are 1.375 inch 4 screw. Only marks are maybe the wrench flats can tell they are used but still in good shape. $90 shipped