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    CCI 450s Available

    CCI 450s available at Sportsman’s Outdoor Superstore if you want to pay $140/1000.
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    Forge 15x Binos on Sale

    The Bushnell site has the Forge 15x binoculars on sale right now for $599.99. They also have them bundled with 100 rounds of 6mm Creedmoor FGMM for $699.99.
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    Another Homemade Induction Annealer Idea

    I came across this today. Looks interesting, for those do-it-yourselfers!
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    Ruger Precision Rifle Gen 2 in 6mm Creedmoor. Comes with original box/papers, two Magpul 10rd mags.
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    satchamo is GTG!

    Bought the RPR 6mm Creedmoor and extras from satchamo. I sent the payment out late Wednesday afternoon. He confirmed receipt and shipped the items the Thursday morning. My FFL received the rifle on Friday and the box of extras was waiting at my door Friday afternoon! Throughout it all, there...
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    Eberlestock Gunslinger Close-out on LA Police Gear

    Thought I'd pass this along...LA Police Gear has the Gunslinger pack on closeout right now for $179.99. Eric Gunslinger Close-out
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    Suppressors .40 S&W Revolver...Why not?

    Given the popularity of the .40 S&W in law enforcement circles, why aren't there any revolvers chambered for this, particularly in a small frame for CCW? I know, another rimless case, but there are 9mm's available, S&W maintains their .45ACP line, and the 10mm revolver is an option, but it's on...
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    #1 Falls Again!

    #1 goes down for the third week in a row...MU knocks off OU 36-21. What a homecoming, Tigers!!!
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    Runners and Knees

    Any other runners here suffer from tendonitis in your patellor tendon? Got any suggestions on dealing with it/preventing it. It disappears if I stop running, but comes back when I start again. I never had an issue until the last couple of years, and now it's a reoccurring problem. I'm trying...
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    Hunting & Fishing Deer hunting w/air rifles

    Airgun Hunting Here's an interesting article on airgun deer hunting now allowed in MO. Impressive...a 425 grain projectile launched from an air rifle!
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    It's the most wonderful time...

    Ok, it's not Christmas, but fall finally is here! They're calling for lows in the 30's tonight and tomorrow night. Man, I love this time of year!