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  1. customones

    Firearms For sale 22BRA with a .308 barrel.

    Defiance deviant built to sage flat shooters specs. Trigger tech diamomd trigger. Bartlein heavy varmint 1-7" 24" .22BRA. Less than 400 rounds. ACE heavy varmint 1-10" 24" .308. Fluted and cerakoted. Less than 1000 rounds. Mcmillan ADJ A5 sniper fill. Basic M5 bottom metal. Both barrels shoot...
  2. customones

    Optics Sold

    Up for sale is a like new Optronika 5-25. Switchview, ARC rings, original scope caps, and level included. $2400 OBO
  3. customones

    Reloading Equipment WTB 22-243 MIDDLESTEAD DIES.

    Looking to buy a set of 22-243 middlestead dies, full length, and seater.
  4. customones

    Reloading Equipment WTB Gen 1 AMP annealer.

    Looking to buy a gen1 Amp annealer.
  5. customones

    Optics WTB MARK 5 3.6-18 TMR

    Looking to buy a Leupold Mark5 3.6-18 with the TMR reticle, non illuminated. Need a lighter optic for the coyote gun.
  6. customones

    Optics Sold

    Looking to sell my Premier 5-25, this is a Clockwise model, and is not covered by the tangent theta warranty. Scope shows normal wesr for a scope this old. Asking $1400. Reason for selling, scope is too heavy for the application I use. Looking for a mark 5 3.6-18 with the CCH, TMR, or H59...
  7. customones

    Accessories WTB Foxpro Xwave.

    Long shot I know, looking to buy a Foxpro Xwave.
  8. customones

    Reloading Equipment WTB 28 Nosler dies.

    Looking for a set of redding type s full length and seater dies.
  9. customones

    Reloading Equipment Looking to buy Fx120i Found, code works, $500 shipped.

    Looking to buy an FX120i scale.
  10. customones

    Reloading Equipment WTB Norma 300 WSM brass

    Looking for 200 pieces of Norma 300 WSM brass.
  11. customones

    Optics SOLD

    Sell a 3-15 premier heritage gen 2 mil-dot, clockwise turrets. Scope is in great condition, minor anodised wearing on the turrets, glass is perfect. Used it as a hunting scope. Asking $1700 OBO, or will trade for a 5-25 gen2xr, plus cash on my end.
  12. customones

    Reloading Equipment Found

    Looking to buy a redding 6.5 saum bushing full length sizing die and seater.
  13. customones

    Optics Sold.

    Looking to sell my like new flir 233 Pro. Only one set of batteries ran through this system. Used twice in the field, still mint condition. The reason for selling is the fact I prefer to hunt coyotes in the Trades? Looking for a gen 1 terrapin "not the X model."
  14. customones

    Rifle Scopes Premier repair?

    Is there anybody that can fix "besides tangent theta" an older 5-25 premier heritage? I own four of them, and one of them has developed a zero issue. It will also go out of focus after firing it as well.
  15. customones


    Up for sale is a .284 winchester. All work was done by Ployhar precision. Lawton 7000 action. McMillan A-5 ADJ. sniper fill, woodland camo. Bartlein 5R 1-9" 26" Heavy palma, fluted, threaded 5/8x24. Surgeon Bottom metal. Jewell trigger. Rifle and bottom metal is cerakoted. Round count, less than...
  16. customones

    WTB 2 300 wsm SA 7 round magazines.

    Looking to buy 2, 300wsm sa magazines.
  17. customones

    WTB M5 short action bottom metal.

    Looking for a new or used M5 bottom metal.
  18. customones

    Looking to buy Bartlein 6mm blank.

    Looking for a bartlein 6mm 1-7.5" M24 5r barrel.
  19. customones

    For sale .284 win. Reduced $2500

    Up for sale is my .284 win. Lawton 7000 action, McMillan A-5 ADJ sniper fill, BARTLEIN 1-9 4 groove heavy Palma, Jewell trigger, surgeon bottom metal, rifle has 800 rounds on it. Shoots the 180 hybrid, vld, and elds under 5/8". This also comes with dies and 4 magazines. Asking $2500
  20. customones

    WTB Giruard power trimmer

    Looking to buy a giruard power trimmer...