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    Firearms Gen 2 DT SRS covert 16” 308 and extras, Spuhr 4808

    Srs gen 2 covert chassis, blk/fde, monopod, 16” 1/8 308 barrel. This barrel has probably 1500rds through it, probably 2500-3k total for the chassis. This barrel has shot most everything 168-178gr well and the trigger is nicer than the newer models. Has a spot of finish wear on buttplate and a...
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    Suppressors Area 419 on 338 ultra

    I'm wondering if I should try switching over to the sidewinder setup for my desert tech SRS and 338 ultra. I've got a handful of barrels from 6.5-338 in 3/4-24 and 5/8-24. I've always been annoyed by how much carbon builds up in the can and then gets into the threads with the BA mount setup...
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    Gunsmithing Barrel seems to have gone south

    Noveske 308 barrel converted to run in a LMT. I got it used but initially it was a reliable 3/4moa or better barrel with fgmm or similar and in load development with 175smk and 168 it was less than 2moa for basically every combo. I had a random baffle strike with a socom 762 on it and after...
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    SOLD Spuhr sp-5002

    Spuhr SP-5002 $300 Geissele Super precision p/n 05-424 1.5" height, 30mm tube, 20moa cant $225 (sold) Both of these are what you see is what you get, no extras. Spuhr Qdp-4602 1.5" high, 34mm tube, 20moa cant, qd levers. Includes box, leveling wedge etc. Don't have a picture as it's still on...
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    Accessories Silencerco Radius

    Silencerco radius with all original accessories and box. 95% condition due to small blem on housing near objective lense and some wear on calming surface of mount. Solid 1k yd ranging during the day and over 2k at night. $1000
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    Optics Mk5 3.6-18 T3 in Spuhr 5002

    Excellent shape. Got this one in trade but the non-illuminated T3 reticle isn't for me and my uses. I have the box, flip caps, sunshade, etc for the scope. $1800 I'll get pics up later Trades +\- cash Nx8 2.5-20 or atacr 4-16x42 mil-xt only Gen 3 razor mrad Holosun 508t Trijicon rm06, rm09...
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    Accessories Ln-364c, leofoto leveling base, field optics dovetail/pic clamp

    Not used very much just too big and heavy for me to want to pack around. Thinking I'm going to jump into a rrs finally. $475 shipped. I'll get pics up this evening
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    Range Report Tubb nose ring tool

    Are these still coming along? I keep forgetting to call up there during business hours. Hearing Frank and Mike talk about the terminal effects the nose ring could give you with a smk or similar caught my attention. I'm sitting on a buttload of 175 smk's and if I could make them more effective...
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    Optics Nightforce nxs F1, Geisselle super precision 20moa, Burris 3x magnifier

    Nightforce NXS 3.5-15x50 F1 mlr 2.0 reticle 10mil turrets C359 Bikini covers, sunshade, box etc included $1500 Geisselle super precision standard length 20moa 30mm 1.5" black mount $250 Burris ar tripper with flip to side mount. $120 Scopes have some finish wear and light dings around...
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    Rifle Scopes Fixed mag swfa still the go to?

    Looking for a fairly cheap but reliable scope just for the purpose of load development on rifles that normally have lpvo's, and red dots and for use as a known good scope/mount in the event I need to troubleshoot accuracy issues. It will sit on the shelf most of the time. I'm thinking a 16 or...
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    Advanced Marksmanship Time lapse through the scope video? Am I imagining things

    We've talked about how changing light, mirage, etc can affect poi. Frank has talked about dope changes at his Alaska classes on the podcast due to where the sun is in the sky. I vaguely remember someone making a time lapse through the scope video looking at a target to illustrate how it...
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    Optics Traded

    Less than 500rds of 6.5 and 308 under it. Mounted in a sphur(not included) since new. Have original box, paperwork, etc. $1650 Great scope but I want something with less magnification on the bottom end and shorter oal for easier use with clip on optics. Love everything else about it. Possible...
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    Panning base with ARCA and pic clamp

    Has anyone tried one of these?
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    Trijicon MRO, FDE ADM lower 1/3 mount

    All include original boxes and paperwork for optics. Trijicon Accupower 1-8, MIL, red illumination, ADM mount. It does have a bit of carbon on bottom of the tube from gas block leakage, it was on a bullpup. $1000w/mount $900w/o SOLD MRO with black ADM absolute cowitness mount $350 SOLD...
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    2 trijicon mro's with ADM mounts

    Neither have been used very much. Tried to like them but I still prefer eotechs. Open to trades for newer exps3-2 +\- cash as needed. Both come with boxes pictured and original paperwork etc. Mro with full cowitness ADM mount and trijicon fde cover. $375 shipped Mro with lower 1/3 cowitness...
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    Suppressors Anyone else having issues with carbon?

    I have an older tbac 338p-1, updated to ultra baffles and ba adapters. This can is only used on my SRS and I'm predominately shooting 308 and 6.5cm through it with varget and h4350. The other day I put my 300wm barrel back in. Shot an hog Friday night, never took the can off, it was up, down...
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    To anyone with a scar 17

    Can you do me a favor tell me how much the reciprocating mass weighs?
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    Bipod loading pressure

    How much forward pressure do you think you put on the rifle? Obviously it varies by surface/position but what would you say is ideal and max? For me I'd have to guess about 10-20lbs. A thread on arfcom on rail deflection has sparked my interest. I'm thinking about building a fixture to test...
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    Which way from here

    I've been fortunate to have fairly easy workups for all my rifles... Except this one. LMT MRP Noveske 1/8 SPR rlgs 3 groove Socom 762rc suppressor Vudu 5-25 I've had hell finding something consistent from one day to the next. 2 groups within a group a lot. I think maybe I'm finally on to...
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    Rifle Scopes Why do so many 1-6/8 lpv scopes..

    have such a large center aiming point? Seems to defeat the purpose of the magnification a bit. Trijicon accupower for ex. It's got the large, heavy segmented circle to pull your eye to the center at low power and when you dial it up it's got nice stadia but that damn .2mil center cross...