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  1. buffalowinter

    Back when Congress believed in the 2nd amendment

    CONGRESSIONAL PRESENTATION Hall 1819 Breech Loading Rifle Incredibly Rare and Historic CONGRESSIONAL PRESENTATION Hall Model 1819 Breech Loading Flintlock Rifle with Bayonet, Presented to Ethan Everist for Gallantry as a Young Man During the Siege of Plattsburgh During the War of 1812, One of...
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    ATF does me a solid

    The ATF called me today about an error on a recent Form 1 e-file. Very nice lady, said she'd fix it for me. This is the third time someone from the ATF has contacted me about an error on a form. Each time was courteous and they fixed my problem for me. Just sayin'
  3. buffalowinter

    Super Snipery M1914 DWM Navy Luger with ZF41 Scope.

    This is my 1914 DWM Navy Luger. It has the board stock and holster and also the sporting stock. It has a repro snail drum magazine and loader. It also has a repro ZF 41 scope with mount that I made. I made the two tiered Walnut presentation case. The gun shoots well with the snail drum and...
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    Latest Innovation in Tac Vests

  5. buffalowinter

    Reloading Equipment Lee Pacesetter .260 Remington reloading dies

    $45 shipped Lee Pacesetter .260 Remington reloading dies. What you see, is what you get.
  6. buffalowinter

    SOLD Para Ordnance P 16 Limited Edition .40 SW Custom Competition w/5 hi-cap mags

    sold shipped to your FFL, Optic not included. Custom Para Ordnance P 16 .40 S&W. 5 factory 21 round magazines. Frame mounted Picatinny rail. Custom speed hammer, flat mainspring housing, match trigger, custom guide rod, match barrel, adjustable rear sight, fiber optic front sight, custom...
  7. buffalowinter

    SOLD WTS NIB Auto-Ordnance 1911 A1 $600

    sold This is a New In Box with all papers Auto Ordnance 1911 A1 .45 acp.. My own gun, purchased, then put in safe, never fired. I'll even throw in an extra magazine for a total of two. $625 shipped priority mail to your dealer...No Taxes, Free shipping, this is $100 cheaper than any other...
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    HELP! I have no idea what this is. UPDATE: IT'S REAL!

    I am impatient, impulsive, willing to go without food to buy a gun, and not the sharpest tool in the shed. These are all terrible qualities for a collector. So I bought this off Gunbroker last night, THEN did a google search. Is this for real? Here is the add: Scarce Vietnam Harrington &...
  9. buffalowinter

    Firearms Custom Combat Taurus PT 92 AF

    $650 shipped Custom Combat Taurus PT92AF with 4 Magazines. 9mm, SA/DA, VZ grips,3 dot night sights, speed hammer, polished internals, belled barrel, Picatinny rail, stainless guide rod, flared mag well, custom tri-tone Cerakote...Graphite Black, Tan, and Khaki. Less than 100rds thru barrel...
  10. buffalowinter

    My Walther WA2000.

    I built this Walther WA2000. I was originally going to build it in .308, but encountered some problems which made 5.56 a much easier choice. The gun is based around an AR-15 platform. It has an AR Stoner .223 Stainless 5r barrel. Accuracy testing while breaking in the barrel promises sub MOA...
  11. buffalowinter

    Optics New in Box TactaCam Spotter LR $200

    Brand new in box. Tactacam Spotter LR. Bought this from Cabela's and they won't let me return it. I bought this for Olympic smallbore target shooting and found that I would have to put on my reading glasses to see the .22 caliber bullet holes in the target. Taken out of the box, looked at a...
  12. buffalowinter

    SOLD sold Custom Taurus .500 SW w/ Ammo, Brass, and Dies REDUCED to $850

    sold Reduced to $850 This is a Custom Taurus Raging Bull .500 Smith and Wesson. Custom Cerakote, grips, and sights. Includes Ammo, Brass and Dies. Shown with 1911 for size comparison. Custom grips make it very pleasant to shoot. Shipped to your FFL.
  13. buffalowinter

    SOLD Winchester 1876 40.60 with Brass and Dies for sale

    sold $1900 This is a custom built Winchester 1876 made by Chaparral Repeating Arms. It is 40-60 Winchester and comes with a complete set of reloading dies and 93 pieces of brass. 28 inch barrel, 13 inch length of pull, weighs 11 pounds. It has exhibition grade wood that has been hand...
  14. buffalowinter

    SOLD For Sale: M249 SAW clone in .22lr

    SOLD $900 shipped to your FFL. I am selling my M249 SAW clone in .22lr. I built this gun. It works flawlessly. All my guns are guaranteed and you may return within one week for a full refund, less shipping. This gun is built around a tube fed Marlin model 60 in .22lr. It includes an EoTech...
  15. buffalowinter

    Great books for kids

    Yes, these are real. All were taken from Amazon. And the sequel... Domestic violence Train Your Angry Dragon: A Cute Children Story To Teach Kids About Emotions and Anger Management (My Dragon Books) Paperback – Picture Book, January 22, 2018 Roaring Mad Riley: An Anger...
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    SOLD Alexander arms .50 Beowulf Hog Gun w/dies,brass, and ammo $1375

    sold $1375 ...My guns are guaranteed, full refund for ANY REASON, less shipping. Below is a pic of the gun for sale. Anderson Arms Lower, Alexander Arms upper/bolt, Hogue overmolded fore-end, Tank brake, Custom Cerakote with diamond pattern camo in Sage, Tan, Brown. 16" barrel, Magpul furniture...
  17. buffalowinter

    Somewhat Snipery Swiss K-31's

    The Swiss have yearly "Feldschiessen" competitions using different categories of weapons. The most common weapons used are the Stgw57/03, the K-31, the 1911, and the current issue weapon, the Sig STGW 90. K-31 I saw this pic and loved the paint scheme. It appears to be a common theme...