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  1. kevinsachs

    SOLD AICS/AW Mag Holder FDE

    Like new SAP Kydex AICS/AW Mag Holder with belt clip. $SOLD shipped Payment Accepted- Zelle/Paypal F/F
  2. kevinsachs

    Accessories Sig Kilo 2200 MR w/RRS Mount

    Like new Sig Kilo 2200 MR Range Finder with RRS mount and swivel for tripod $350 shipped Payment Accepted - Zelle/Paypal F/F
  3. kevinsachs


    New condition MUB MOD Dos $SOLD Shipped Payment Accepted - Zelle/Paypal F/F
  4. kevinsachs

    SOLD Atlas Cal Gen 2 w/Hawkhill Talons

    Like new Atlas Cal Gen 2 bipod BT65-LW17 with Hawkhill Talons. $SOLD shipped Payment Accepted - Zelle/PayPal F/F
  5. kevinsachs

    Firearms KDG Geissele AR 556 **Motivated Seller**

    For sale is a AR chambered in 556 I had put together as a varmint rig but going to keep the bolt action I have instead. Only parts with time on are the Radian charging handle and Trigger otherwise everything else is factory new with 0 miles. No muzzle device as this was going to only be run...
  6. kevinsachs

    Accessories PRI SPR Gen 3 top rail **Motivated Seller**

    New with package and hardware PRI top rail for 8.5” round forend Asking $130 shipped OBO
  7. kevinsachs

    SOLD Glock 19 Gen5

    Like new with original paperwork and case Glock 19 Gen 5 with Taran full sized carry mag well,1 factory mag included with Taran +4/5 base pad. Stippled by local shop. 200 rounds $SOLD Shipped
  8. kevinsachs

    SOLD Triggertech Diamond Flat

    Like new Triggertech Diamond single stage flat shoe trigger with only 40 rounds on it. $SOLD shipped
  9. kevinsachs

    SOLD NF ATACR F1 7-35

    Like new NightForce ATACR F1 7-35 Mil-R C570 scope with NF MagMount + NF RAP Mount and Accuracy 1st bubble level. Do not have original box or sunshade. $3,350 shipped with mount, bubble level and RAP mount $3,100 Shipped for scope alone SALE PENDING 4-20-21 Zelle or PayPal work best but...
  10. kevinsachs

    SOLD Curtis Valor Barreled Action NEW

    Recently had this 6.5 Creedmoor rig built for PRS and 1 Mile but kids want to get into motocross and gun must go first. Only has 40 rounds of factory Hornady 147gr ELD-M's through it from sighting in and hammering steel out to 850yds. All barrel work done by Jed @ Sage Creek Precision out of...
  11. kevinsachs

    SOLD ATN PS28 Gen2+

    Great condition no blemishes ATN PS28 Gen2+ NV Clip-On with IR illuminator and tape switch and mount for pic rail. Great intro NV setup for new or experienced shooter. Comes with all items send in hard case and will ship in factory hard case. $SOLD Zelle preferred but can also take PayPal
  12. kevinsachs

    SOLD XLR S/A Carbon Chassis

    XLR Carbon chassis for Remington S/A footprint actions. Machined for trigger hanger as well. Action screws included 15” forend $SOLD Shipped
  13. kevinsachs

    SOLD AI AX 5 Round Magazine

    Brand new never used AI AX 5 round magazine black in color. $65 Shipped
  14. kevinsachs

    SOLD G19 Gen 5 Griffin Threaded Barrel

    Griffin ATM™ Barrel - Fits Glock® G19 Gen 5 - Threaded 1/2x28 - With Micro Carry Comp Has 40 rounds through it. $SOLDshipped
  15. kevinsachs

    SOLD NEW Manners T6A Elite Carbon with EFR / Mini Chassis

    NEW Manners T6A Elite Carbon Short Action M700 footprint with Badger EFR installed by Altus. Gen 1 style mag release and Straight barrel channel. 13.5” LOP Weight as seen in photo is right at 4.0lbs $SOLD. Shipped
  16. kevinsachs

    SOLD XLR TR-2 Buttstock

    Like new XLR TR-2 Buttstock $SOLD shipped
  17. kevinsachs

    SOLD Vortex Razor HD AMG 6-24x50 FFP

    Like new Vortex Razor HD AMG 6-24x50 FFP EBR-7B MRAD Reticle scope with Leupold steel 1” rings Box and everything from factory included. $SOLD Shipped
  18. kevinsachs

    SOLD BT10 V8 Atlas Bipod

    BT10 V8 Atlas Bipod $SOLD shipped
  19. kevinsachs

    SOLD NF 34mm Ultralite Rings

    Like new 34mm Nightforce UltraLite rings 1.00” height. $110 shipped or trade for 30mm rings.
  20. kevinsachs

    SOLD ISO Unity Tactical SPARK Marker Light (IR)

    ISO Unity Tactical SPARK Marker Light (IR) Need multiple if possible. Thanks