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    Rifle Scopes Shipping scope to Canada

    Am I able to sell and ship a Vortex Razor with a EBR2C reticle to Canada? I vaguely recall seeing ITAR on some riflescopes and I wasn't able to find a good answer on a cursory web search.
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    SOLD Vortex Razor Gen 2 4.5-27x56 Mil/Mil EBR2C reticle $1800 w/Rings

    Like new scope with rings. Willing to sell without rings for $1600.
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    Night Vision Flir H307 Screen discoloration

    I have a FLIR H307 that was fine when I put it in my gun safe. I pulled it out after a few months and the screen was discolored on one side as you can see in the picture. However, when I just hooked it up via a video cable to a TV, the discoloration is gone. Does anyone now what's going on?
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    SOLD WTB M1 Garand

    I'm just looking for a M1 Garand in decent shape.
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    PVS 14 adapter for Hensoldt Spotter 60

    What adapters are out there where I can attach my PVS 14 to my Hensoldt?
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    Accessories Mystery Ranch SATL Bridger Assault Pack $250

    Used but in decent shape pack that I have had a hole in the bottom of the pack repaired.
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    Optics Gen 3 PVS-7 $2000

    I have a like new Gen 3 PVS-7 that maybe has 2 hours on it. It has been sitting in my safe not being used. I'm open to trades.
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    Accessories Ops-Core FAST LBH Helmet AOR1 Camo pattern Size Med/Large $1200

    Brand new Ops-Core FAST LBH Helmet AOR1 Camo pattern Size Med/Large $2000. I'm open to trades.
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    Optics Leupold Mark 8 1-8 M-MTR Reticle with mount $2200

    Lightly used Leupold Mark 8 1-8 with M-TMR reticle. Comes with American Defense AD-RECON Scope Mount. I'm open to trades.
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    Mcrae Hot Weather Jungle Boot with Panama sole coyote Size 12R

    Brand new in the box. I have 2 pair of these and they run large.
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    Rocky hot weather army combat boot coyote 12r

    Brand new in the box.
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    I've searched around and haven't found anything. Anybody heard about this scope? Almost seems to good to be true.
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    Desert Tac 338LM 250 gr SMK?

    Hey guys, Was wondering if anyone had any good loads using 250gr SMKs Fed 215 and H1000 for a Desert Tactical SRS?
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    Used GAP AR-10 260

    Hey guys, I have never bought a used rifle before and am looking at a GAP AR-10 in 260 with approx 1000 rounds down the tube. It has a Giesselle SSA-E trigger, MagPul PRS stock, PRI Carbon fiber fore end, and is an Armalite. It is in good shape with a few little nicks. What would be a...
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    Mildot Reticle in Zeiss Spotting Scope?

    Does anyone have any idea if you can get a mildot reticle put in a Zeiss spotting scope that I all ready own?
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    Rifle Scopes 40 moa 34mm Rings

    Hey guys, Does anyone know where I can get some 40 moa 34mm rings for my Premier Reticle 5x25 ASAP? I tried Desert Tactical but they don't have any in stock right now. I just got home from Iraq and can't find the ones that I have. Moved last spring so not sure where they went to.
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    Shortening Fluted Barrel

    I have a Remington 700 Varmint SF and was thinking of shortening the 26" barrel. Is it possible to shorten a fluted barrel and also thread it for a suppressor?
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    Laser Rangefinder for Euro Guys Cheap!!

    Hey guys, Thought you might like to see this laser range finder. Wish I knew it was this cheap when we were issued one!!! If I would have known I wouldn't have handled it so carefully.
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    Suppressor for a 375?

    I am looking at buying a 375 next year and want to get a suppressor now. I currently have a DTA SRS in 338 and am thinking about buying a suppressor for the 375 and use it on my 338 till I get a 375. So far I have found one company that makes a 408 suppressor...
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    375/408 makers?

    Well I am looking at buying a 375/408 and would like to know what you guys would pick. Not going to buy it anytime soon but starting to look at what options there are out there. I know Desert Tactical makes one now but really can't justify spending $7k on just the rifle alone when I can get the...