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  1. jbuck88

    Nightforce question

    I was set to get another NX8 2.5-20 for my 20" barreled 6.5cm. However I would like something a little more compact as long as it's solid. I looked at Swarovski Z5 and Z6 but see some reports of being knocked out of zero. I enjoy shooting and packing this rifles and I currently have a Leupold...
  2. jbuck88

    Firearms Glock 48 Mos

    I bought it for my wife a little while back. She prefers my g43. So selling this as it just has sat in my safe. Probably only a box of ammo thru it. Also includes the Sig Romeo Zero. Asking $650 for the G48 OR $1,000 for the G48 and a Glock 44 22lr.
  3. jbuck88

    Ammo 6.5cm Hornady 143gr ELD-X 200rds

    My components just showed up. So I don't plan on shooting this. It's a case (200rds) of Hornady ELDX ammo. I paid a covid premium to buy it to make sure I had something for hunting this fall. Now I don't need it so I am trying to get my money back. $500 shipped. Option #2. For the same price...
  4. jbuck88

    Ammo 6.5cm Hornady 140gr ELD-M 200rds

    My components just showed up. So figured I can throw this up and see if anyone wants it. I paid the Covid Premium so it's $500 shipped. I opened just now to verify it was what it was supposed to be.
  5. jbuck88

    Pefect day with my LRI.

    The weather was perfect with almost zero wind. First day I can remember. I grabbed my Hunting rifle (LRI built Win m70, 20" Proof, McMillan Edge HTG) to test my new hunting load (h4350 and 143ELD-X). I wanted to check it at distance since I was running the upper node which is only a SD 10.7fps...
  6. jbuck88

    Help with extending phone hotspot?

    I'm looking for a list of what I need make my phones hotspot to work on the boat. I work on a steel hulled fishing vessel that effectively blocks all signal while in the galley or bunk. Ideally want to be able to leave my phone plugged in in the wheelhouse and use a router to be able to...
  7. jbuck88

    Case for 2 AI rifles?

    Is there a case for 2 AI rifles? I am looking for a case that can handle two AI rifles with the stocks folded. I'm trying to minimize the space needed to pack up for the range. I would pack any accessories seperate in my range bag.
  8. jbuck88

    Firearms WANTED: AI AXSR

    I'm looking for a AI AXSR in 338Lapua, 338Norma, or 300Norma. I'd be interested in any color but black. I wanted to check here before I order one. I would put a huge preference on a FTF in Western WA
  9. jbuck88

    New KTM help please.

    I just got a new KTM exc 350. I got home and the dealer is closed now. So my problem is this thing start just fine, responds to the throttle while I'm in neutral. However as soon as I try to go it sputters and wants to die. In first gear I can get upto about 9 or 10mph where it dies. It starts...
  10. jbuck88

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Which optic for G48 mos?

    Just seen a g48 MOS on the shelf at the local true value, so I paid for it and currently waiting. This will be for my wife to CC as she likes my g43x, but haven't been able to find another one for her. What fits without a adapter? Leaning towards a Holosun 507k, but I'm wondering if...
  11. jbuck88

    Firearms WTT Ruger 10/22 magnum

    Hello, I have an itch to get another 17hmr. I was going to convert one of my 10/22 WMR's but figured I'd see if anyone wanted to trade for one instead. I have two, a newer one with the duel extractors and a older one with a single extractor. On the single extractor model I replaced the...
  12. jbuck88

    Night Vision Reap-ir

    Thanks in advance, (if my wife is looking this, it is hypothetical, lol) I was using my reap 35-2 as a scanner and the picture got really grainy, like I was at the 2x but wasn't. I played with the different settings and couldn't get it to be clear. Once I shut it down and restarted it, it was...
  13. jbuck88

    Inaccurate Chonograph?

    I have a Shooting Chrony Beta master that has been tucked away for years since I haven't had the time to reload. Anyways I dug it out today and threw a fresh 9v in and it still works. However I am getting some pretty bad readings on my 6.5cm with factory loads. I don't know if I just chalk it...
  14. jbuck88

    Accessories WTS: Manners EH1

    I tried hunting with a Rem, and decided to go back to Winchester. I pulled this stock back off my rifle after 40 rounds or so. It has been skim bedded for my Rem LA. Rem long action, sporter barrel channel, limbsaver pad, Elite Midnight Camo. $600 shipped.
  15. jbuck88

    Firearms WTS: Remington 5r 20" 308

    I am selling my first gen Rem 5r 20" in 308win. I took this in as a trade with 80 rounds on it. I put another 150rds on it. I have post a few groups that it shot before, but I am around a 1/2" shooter with a few groups going smaller. Just not consistently. So I believe that this gun outshines...
  16. jbuck88

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Help with older Randall Model 1-8

    I have my grandpa's Randall model 1-8 in a HH Heiser sheath. He was in the service from 46-77. I was hoping to figure out a little more information about it. The sheath is missing a snap and the stone is gone. The blade is in ok shape. Would it be bad to clean it up and use it as a camping/pack...
  17. jbuck88

    Night Vision Skeet IRX or ?

    Its hard to narrow down parameters that haven't been asked a thousand times. I looking for a clip on thermal that can double as a hand held thermal. My backyard backs up to a river valley that extends 700yds across. So ideally I need something that can deferentiate a coyote from a small deer...
  18. jbuck88

    Rifle Scopes Leupold VX5HD tracking

    Well I ordered a VX5HD 3-15 to use on my 300wsm for hunting this fall. I wanted to check the tracking and it was off. I made a tall target and it was decent until about 15moa. I didn't get a picture of the one i shot yesterday, but was similar at 0-15moa and started walking up and right. But...
  19. jbuck88

    Sidearms & Scatterguns S&W PC model 41

    Well I had to try one. Picked a performance center m41 up today and mounted a 2.5moa SRO on it (thanks to Jason at EO). I cleaned it up and was going to give it a quick 500rd break-in. However the rain squalls made me cut it short. I shot 400 rounds of CCI plastic box Std. velocity. and I am...
  20. jbuck88

    Dueling Tree "kits"

    Any hide supporters offer kits with just the floppers and sockets? I have a welder so was looking around and seen a few sources for dueling tree kits that just included the floppers and sockets. This looks like a no brainer for me as I live remote and shipping makes everything suck. However I...