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  1. stefan73

    If anybody is looking for some Small Rifle Primers, Midway has some in stock.

    If anybody is looking for some Small Rifle Primers, Midway has some in stock. My good deed for the day.
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    Senate Finance Chairman Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) is championing a bill to radically overhaul America's unemployment system using CA's failed system

    "A Democratic plan to wipe out independent contractors. The Wyden Plan would federalize California's failed economic experiment. Under his Plan, a restrictive federal worker classification test (the ABC Test) is used to determine unemployment eligibility. And if states refuse to use the federal...
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    American Express

    Khalil Muhammad claimed that capitalism was founded on racism and that “racist logics and forms of domination” have shaped Western society from the Industrial Revolution to today.
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    Night Vision Rheinmetall Defence

    Has anybody looked at the Rheinmetall systems? They have some interesting things. V/R
  5. stefan73

    Thoughts on the Steiner M8Xi 1-8x24 DMR8i and the Steiner T5XI 1-5x24 3TR 5.56 Rapid Dot

    Still debating on the LPVO. I saw these from Steiner, just wondering if anyone has any practical experience on them? I plan to run them on my 5.56 16" AR platform rifle for occasional 2 and 3 gun type matches.
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    Used car market

    We spent the day looking for a reliable little car for my son before he heads off for college. The roads out here suck! So having something that is reliable and gets good gas mileage is important. We have been looking at Toyotas but dang, I didn't expect the used car market to skyrocket like...
  7. stefan73

    LWRCI SMG-45 updates

    I was wondering if anyone has recently purchased an SMG-45 and if LWRCI has taken care of some of the issues that people have seen them have? Notably the "flier"/accuracy issue they had been having? Very Respectfully,
  8. stefan73

    Debating between a Kahles K18i 1-8X24 3GR and a Nightforce ATACR 1-8X24 FDCM

    As the title says I am debating between a Kahles K18i 1-8X24 3GR and a Nightforce ATACR 1-8X24 FDCM. What are your thoughts?
  9. stefan73

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Roth Performance

    I have been looking at their performance shotgun, has anybody used one? I am currently on the wait list for one of their receivers and I am excited about that (hopefully they become available soon).
  10. stefan73

    What quick disconnect base or rings for optic?

    I am looking for a solid quick disconnect base or rings so I can change out from day optic to thermal. Preferably something that is repeatable, so when I remount my day optic I am not having to go through a total re-zero vs just a confirmation. Any suggestions?
  11. stefan73

    Night Vision Newcom LAM 3G IR

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience with any of the Newcom stuff? Specifically the Newcom LAM 3G.
  12. stefan73

    Night Vision Tell me about MTM's

    I have seen some for sale with the IR laser. I know those are restricted models but so is most stuff with IR lasers that aren't eye safe. So what's the skinny? Are they reliable? How do they compare to say an MH25 when it comes to image (I heard they are bright).
  13. stefan73

    Night Vision What would be a good illuminator for a PVS26, 27, 30? Perst, PEQ, or other? Looking for options for night hunting.

    I am looking for night hunting options and to expand a bit. What would be a good illuminator for a night hunting for a PVS26, 27 or 30? Something for us "poors" ;) I wouldn't really need the IR laser but the illuminator would come in handy. Are there other better options besides the Perst...
  14. stefan73

    Night Vision Thin-Film or Un-Film PVS-14??

    How durable is the un-filmed vs. the thin-filmed for tromping through the woods to grandmothers house? Is un-filmed worth it? I don't plan to weapon mount it. IR is for the pew pew part, so no mounting on weapons.
  15. stefan73

    Custom Gun Coatings

    I stopped by Custom Gun Coatings to visit Branden and see what he's up to. Well low and behold he had a very, very nice rifle to say the least, Defiance Action, Bartlein Barrel, Remington PSR chassis, Atlas bipod and monopod, Hensoldt 3-26 Scope, and one of the coolest, trick scope mounts a...
  16. stefan73

    .300 WM Nosler Brass issues

    I tried using Nosler brass in my .300 WM this weekend using a load I developed with Winchester brass. For some reason almost every round fired using the new Nosler brass blew the primer out! My Winchester brass with multiple reloads however is holding strong!! Is anybody else having...
  17. stefan73

    Hunting & Fishing Any trappers out there?

    Just pulled in my second beaver. 1st one was 30 lbs and the second I pulled was 51 lbs. I'm moving from Alaska to Kansas this summer ( already have my fur harvester certification for Kansas completed) and am looking forward to doing more trapping and hunting.
  18. stefan73

    Thoughts on the S&W MP10 (.308) or the MP15(.300 whisper)

    I was thinking about a future rifle purchase. I was contemplating either an MP10 in .308 or an MP15 in .300 Whisper. I haven't seen any of these in action and would like to know if they are worth it? Thanks
  19. stefan73

    Anybody use Etymotic Earplugs?

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience with these electronic earplugs? Etymotic Research, Inc. - EB15?LE Electronic BlastPLG® Earplugs for Law Enforcement Thank you. V/R Stefan
  20. stefan73

    Hunting & Fishing .338 Lapua projectile for hunting big game?

    I have been told that Lapua .308 155grn Scenars are great rounds for hunting. Does this also apply to Lapua .300grn and 250grn Scenars for .338 Lapua? The reason I am asking is because the Bergers are long and to get good accuracy out of them if loaded to magazine length. Thanks.