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  1. NoLegs24

    Reloading Equipment WTS : Lapua 300NM Brass

    Looking to sell Lapua 300NM Brass. I have too many Lots. And will just cut it down to have one huge lot. Would like to keep the fired, and unfired brass together. Pertaining to their lot of course. I was using a very light load. Still good enough to win me the NF ELR Match last year. Super easy...
  2. NoLegs24

    SOLD WTS : DTAC 115gr RBT

    Looking to sell 3k DTAC's 115gr RBT. 500 of them are coated, rest are not. Six four 500ct boxes in all. 1 lot of 1.5k (Lot #50151) **This lot is SOLD** other lot of 1k (Lot #87764) **This lot is SOLD** Also have 500 Coated if interested (Lot 5391) **Still Available $200 Shipped**
  3. NoLegs24

    WTB Spuhr 4002 Mount ***FOUND***

    Like the title says, looking for a like new Spuhr 4002 (1.5” Height, 0moa) mount. Not looking at any other model. Thanks! ***FOUND***
  4. NoLegs24

    SOLD WTS : TBAC 338SR & 338 Ultra Suppressors

    Selling 3 2 1 brand new in the box Thunder Beast 338 Ultra SR Suppressors in Black, SURG Brown and FDE. All come with 3/4x24 SR Brakes. And 1 unfired 338 Ultra Suppressor in Black with 5/8x24 CB Mount/ Brake. ALL CANS ARE ON FORM 3 - READY TO SHIP (From SLC, Utah area) 338SR's - $2,050...
  5. NoLegs24

    Reloading Equipment WTT : RL26 for CCI 200 (San Diego County)

    Looking to trade about 5.5lbs of RL26 for CCI 200’s. That weight excludes the 8lb jug. I’ll confirm weight tonight! Not using it, so why bother keeping it around. As far as trade value goes, I’d take 3.5k primers for it. Don’t really need Federal 210/m’s since these are for practice rifles...
  6. NoLegs24

    SOLD Hornady 180gr ELD-M Bullets (7mm)

    Selling 350 Hornady ELD-M Bullets. Haven't shot 7mm in a good bit. Collecting dust Three 100ct Boxes are unopened, One is. All the same lot. Will not seperate. **SOLD**
  7. NoLegs24

    Tangent Theta... Locking Turrets??

    Confirmed that they're adding the "Auto Isolation Feature" seen on the TT315 LRH, to the TT525P (should be the same for TT315P). Also, retrofits are going to be possible, cost is TBD...
  8. NoLegs24

    SOLD WTS : RCC 300NM Brass

    Looking to sell new RCC 300NM Brass. Have 325 225 pieces left. They're brand new still in pouch. They go for $5.55 per piece, direct. Asking $2.75 each. Will only sell in batches of 50 or more. As they're bagged in 50's and one in 25. $137.50 per 50, shipped. ****ALL HAVE SOLD**** Specs...
  9. NoLegs24

    Reloading Equipment San Diego Reloading Exchange (SoCal)

    Alright children, I’m not your damn personal distributor. Go on and find it yourselves, locally. @hic28 @MarinePMI @kriller134 @Podigga @m1match @hunting_fishing_addict @Mk32784 @Meety Peety @Tackman11 @DougGlatt - Powder - Primers - Bullets - Brass - Ammo - H&B (if you gotta ask, don’t bother)
  10. NoLegs24

    SOLD Tangent Theta TT525P Gen3XR

    Buddy backed out. So selling it outright. Scope is in excellent condition. $4k Shipped and Insured. ***SOLD*** Payment Via PayPal F&F or Venmo. No Trades.
  11. NoLegs24

    SOLD WTB : Tangent Theta TT525P Gen2XR

    Looking for more TT525P’s with Gen2XR Only. More rifles = more optics Not looking for beaters... Let me know. **BUYING NEW. THANKS AGAIN**
  12. NoLegs24

    SOLD Accuracy International AX Dark Earth (No Barrel)

    Look to sell my Accuracy International AX in Dark Earth. Will not come with a barrel. Small firing pin. Unknown round count on action LOL. It’s got some rounds through the action. Hurt a lot of feelings at comps with it. Will come with RRS axillary plate. I should have all the spacers...
  13. NoLegs24

    Optics WTT : Tangent Theta 5-25x Gen3XR for TT Gen2XR

    Looking to trade a Tangent Theta TT525P 3XR for a TT525P 2XR+cash Favor the more simplistic design in the 2XR. Let me know!
  14. NoLegs24

    Optics WTB : Leupold Mk4 Spotting Scope 12-40x TMR

    Looking for Leupold Mk4 Spotter 12-40x with TMR, only. Let me know what you got!
  15. NoLegs24

    Nightforce ATACR 1-8x F1 (FC-DM) Discontinued - EuroOptic

    Looks like Nightforce is discontinuing the FC-DM Reticle in the ATACR 1-8x F1. Same some dough through EuroOptic ----> LINK HERE
  16. NoLegs24

    SOLD WTT : LaRue Limited Edition FDE in .308

    Looking to trade an unfired LaRue Tactical Limited Edition FDE in .308 #079. Has a 16.1" Barrel with Tranquilo Brake. 1:10 Twist. Will Come with 1 pic rail, case. No mags (I'm in CA). Has the RAT Stock, standard grip. Test Target of .525" Group at 100y. Will post pics later. Had minor wear on...
  17. NoLegs24


    Selling both my LMT MARS H & L lowers. Sold the Knights that I was using them on. So no longer need them. The L is practically brand new. Only slapped the upper and sat on the safe. The H has about 450 rounds through it. They both will come with Magpul PRS Gen3 Stock. No triggers. Keeping the...
  18. NoLegs24

    SOLD Knights Armament SR-25 APR Upper

    Looking to sell a Knights Armament SR-25 APR Upper. 20" 308. MLOK. Has 250 rounds through it. Comes with a .609" 5-Shot group test target. Will come with all original accessories and a MAMS Brake. $3,850 Shipped for the Upper Had it on an LMT lower with Magul PRS Gen3 and Geissele 2-stage...
  19. NoLegs24

    Firearms WTB : LaRue Tactical OBR in 7.62

    Found some LaRues. Thanks!