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  1. wildcats

    Firearms AI-AXSR Black 338 Lapua Magnum 27" (RH)

    Holly cow ,the Bugatti Chiron of rifles Free bump for a good guy. Deal with confidence
  2. wildcats

    Accessories Potential Bumper Sticker Interest

    I get enough funny looks for this one.
  3. wildcats

    Hornady 338 300 grain A-Tip

    Nice work,i follow the same reloading process,accept i do turn necks slightly.(y).sometimes neck size only with the redding bushing nk die.
  4. wildcats

    Rumor that Diane Feinstein Kicked the bucket???

    I hate to wish anyone bad,I hope is her last,gun grabbing communist old hag.
  5. wildcats

    The murders have begun.

    They didn't buy shit,they got it for free thanks to Mr.Potato head.
  6. wildcats

    The murders have begun.

    The laundered money.
  7. wildcats

    US Contract Working Dogs Abandoned at Kabul Airport

    The smoke screen.
  8. wildcats

    US Contract Working Dogs Abandoned at Kabul Airport

    Because he got 80+ million fake votes... my guess is the Dems are trying really hard and will do anything to cover up a very big lie perpetrated on the American people,not to mention all the money laundering.
  9. wildcats

    Joe Potatoe talking.....WTF?!?!?!?

    You hit the nail on the,that's where all this started,they are all complicit.
  10. wildcats

    Joe Potatoe talking.....WTF?!?!?!?

    It's about the money,most of them don't give a rats ass about our service men and women ,not to mention the country and it's people. Their private jets are fueled and waiting at the tarmac for when that day comes.