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  1. TheHorta

    Welp... my time has come. Horta’s last dance.

    I’ve gotten to know a lot of you here and over on ARF, many of whom have become personal friends. I have a terminal case of Hide Addiction, and appreciate Frank’s work keeping this site together — I know it couldn’t have been easy all these years. It seems like things are becoming more toxic to...
  2. TheHorta

    WTB 300BLK Supersonic Ammo

    Welp, I bought a bunch of different subs, but now need some supers. Looking for some good stuff for hunting with a 16” barrel as well as some cheap plinking stuff. Whatchu gots?
  3. TheHorta

    Petition for *AMMO* tab in PX

    Probably already been addressed in another thread somewhere, but couldn’t find it. Already have “Reloading” and other (very useful) tabs. I would humbly suggest an “AMMO” tab to weed out ammo posts from “Accessories” and make it simpler to sort for Ammo deals.
  4. TheHorta

    BCM factory shipping lube. Remove or use?

    My Brown Dude delivered a 16” BCM factory upper last night. It’s liberally coated in some lubricant inside and out. I assume it’s probably a corrosion protectant, but was wondering if I can just clean any excess with a bore snake and safely put some rounds through it, or if it should be...
  5. TheHorta

    So... which one of you Pit Dipsticks...

    ...has been busy filing ATF Form-1 Silencers? "CommunityFleshlight" "Yeeter Discreeter" "2020Sucked" "Squirrel Ninja" (definitely a Hider) "Swamp Donkey" ...and oh-so many more.
  6. TheHorta

    Does the “New” Armslist feel like a .GOV list service?

    I’ve been a personal account holder and have bought many things via Armslist over the years. It has served me well. In principle, I think it’s worth $7/month and see many things I’d like to buy, and spotted something very desirable today. So, I figured it was time to ante-up and pay. I got to...
  7. TheHorta

    Firearms WTB: 16” 300BLK Complete Factory Upper

    Mid-grade to higher-end MFG: BCM DD LMT Noveske Quality botique MFGs OK etc. Has to have actual 16” barrel, no hider/comp necessary or one that can be easily removed. Piston gun OK, since it’ll be suppressed. Adjustable block a plus, since it’ll be a multipurpose gun for hunting day/night...
  8. TheHorta

    Best Mags for 300BLK — both subs and supers?

    Brand spankin’ new to the world of 300BO. Just snagged a Noveske factory 10.5” and a new SR-30 9.5” — both suppressed SBRs. I have a variety of mags — Gen 2/3 Pmags, DD mags, USGI mags, and 20 new USGI “Enhanced Performance” Mags for the new 855A1 rounds, and some of the heavy steel Israeli...
  9. TheHorta

    WTB Decommissioned Battleship - Preferrably Iowa Class

    I’m looking to buy your decommissioned battleship, especially if you have an Iowa Class that you just aren’t getting use out of anymore because COVID has cut into your crew complement, diesel prices have skyrocketed, or dock fees have gotten outta hand. I’ll pay shipping. I may even be willing...
  10. TheHorta

    Accessories WTT: My .223/5.56 Ammo for your .45 ACP Ammo

    Looking for some 230g factory brass ammo, at least 1K FMJ and maybe 1K JHP (HST or Speer). I have a bit of whatever itch you’d like to scratch — M855, M193, Wolf Gold, MK262 Mod0, 75g OTM, VMAX, M855A1, etc.
  11. TheHorta

    59 Budding Pharmacists framed on drug charges!

    On the verge of turning their lives around, these 59 poor pharmacist students who wanted nothing more than to help mankind were racially profiled and framed by the institutional racist establishment.
  12. TheHorta

    WTB Subsonic .300 BLK Ammo

    Whatchu gots?
  13. TheHorta

    My vote for next Cancel Culture victims is...

    Speedy Gonzales. A Mexican rat that runs fast. Yeah, how is that not up for cancellation? Andale!
  14. TheHorta

    Accessories WTB: KAC SR-15 “Sand Cutter” BCG

    Ping me if you have one. Prefer new, but lightly used may be OK too. “Reasonable” cash price or trade for who knows what.
  15. TheHorta

    Firearms Alabama Redneck Guns & Night Vision Swap Meet?

    I know there are more than a few fellow Alabama Rednecks here. Assuming it hasn't been done already, I'd like to propose we use this thread as a virtual Swap Meet to buy/sell/trade guns, gun stuff, and night vision/thermal goodies. Since AL has no restrictions on personal face-to-face gun...
  16. TheHorta

    The day is coming...

    ...when EVERY thread on Page-1 of the Bear Pit will be a thread @Bender started.
  17. TheHorta

    USPS new Suppressor-Friendly package.

    I always thought the USPS was anti-gun, but I’m loving their new Suppressor-Friendly line of mail packaging.
  18. TheHorta

    MRAD is a Communist plot to overthrow America! Leaked documents show.

    Che Guevara used MRAD Fidel Castro used MRAD Joseph Stalin invented MRAD Chairman Mao made MRAD “the Peoples’ reticle” Kim Jong Un’s favorite dog is named MRAD Obama was the first US President to endorse MRAD George Washington invented MOA Thomas Jefferson enshrined MOA in the Constitution for...
  19. TheHorta

    Written over 100 years ago. Mind blown!

    Some may or may not know, and probably don’t care, but I’m also a (unpaid) pastor at a small church here in Alabama. In my studies preparing for tomorrow (Sunday), I ran across this nugget, written by a popular pastor from over 100 years ago, before WWI, and it completely blew my mind...
  20. TheHorta

    Just me, or are SH squirrels on strike?

    So, I guess we’re all having problems uploading faux toes, but the Hide has been really slow and unresponsive for the past day or so. Alabama Redneck Internet, or @lowlight not pay his Union Squirrels?