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  1. Mag 300

    Bass Pro shops CCI BR 2 primers $109.00 /1k

    I was just at bass pro shops and they had about 10,000 primers at a cost of $109.00 per 1000 this is unreal , the mfg cost cannot be the increase but scalping the price may be
  2. Mag 300

    Reticle suggestions h59, H102, tremor 3

    Going to have a us optics fdn 3x17 scope made and looking for suggestions in what reticle between Horus 59,H102 or tremor 3 shooting 6.5 creedmoor from a surgeon scalpel
  3. Mag 300

    WTB Wanted Anschutz 1827F biathlon rifle Fortner action

    Looking for a 1827F biathlon rifle
  4. Mag 300

    Firearms Nighthawk Predator hard chrome 45

    I have a hard chrome predator with case in 45 acp looking for $3400 hard chrome is a $425 option in addition to pistol at $3700 or trade for AXMC in 6.5 and 300 wm adding cash as needed great pistol just thinning the herd
  5. Mag 300

    Firearms Nighthawk agent 2 10mm

    I have an as new agent 2 in 10 mm With original case and target approx 100 rounds out of it Does have machines rail would like to sell for $4000.00 or use as partial trade on AXMC Prefer 6.5 cm , 308 and 300wm and add cash
  6. Mag 300

    WTB WTB /WTT M5 Bottom metal short action surgeon

    I have Primers LR Varget Cash let me know if you have a good used M5 bottom metal short action
  7. Mag 300

    WTB Wanted Badger m5 enhanced bottom metal

    Let me know what you have
  8. Mag 300

    How to tell where Surgeon 591 was made

    Is there a key to the serial number ? Mine is C04### Thanks in advance
  9. Mag 300

    Considering going from Dillon 550B to 1100

    Any suggestions ? Warnings etc I have been reloading for over 25 years and the Dillons are simply the best i have used. considering bitting the bully and getting the 1100 just due to efficiency currently loading up all my components for a good stockpile then will sell the 550B Thanks for...
  10. Mag 300

    Reloading Equipment CCI Benchrest BR2 primers ALL SOLD PLEASE CLOSE THREAD

    Have 5000 CCI BR2 primers for sale $250/ 1000 chicago area will not ship face to face only Trades surgeon action short or long dillon 750 Xl Trigicon scope for AR small pistol and rifle primers
  11. Mag 300

    Reloading Equipment SOLD. CCI Large rifle primers 5 bricks 1000 each Chicago area

    Have 5 bricks of CCI large rifle primers $210 / 1000 face to face Chicago area
  12. Mag 300

    Reloading Equipment All SOLD Winchester WRLM Large rifle Magnum primers for sale 7 bricks of 1000 Chicago area

    I have 7 bricks of 1000 Winchester primers for sale , face top face only Chicago area if interested $200 / 1000
  13. Mag 300

    Reloading Equipment Trade primers , powder, brass for Dillon 750 in 223 Chicago area

    I am in the Chicago area and have a few thousand primers to trade for Dillon XL750 prefer new can also add new Lapua 308 brass , once formed Lake city in 5.56 , VARGET , cash etc let me know trade must be face to face I CANNOT ship primers Thanks Bill
  14. Mag 300

    Barrett Rec 7 Direct impingement or not ?

    I’m looking to purchase 2 of the AR platforms and wanted to wait for a Knights SR 15 LRP but due to the changes in the countries leadership would like to buy 2 of the Rec 7’s question is Direst or not , my Knight LRP had it and worked great Thanks in Advance
  15. Mag 300

    New AR15, Daniel Defense LRP MK 12 , Knights LRP, H&K

    Looking to buy a few new rifles, have always had the Knights Armament LRP, I have heard a lot about the Daniel Defense rifle and I particular the LRP MK 12 model also H&K, Saints etc as looking for a few of the same for parts interchange ability what are your experiences with any of the above ...
  16. Mag 300

    Bolt action in 5.56 not 223 anyone make one ?

    Looking to get or build a bolt action but want to shoot all 5.56 components, as were all aware there is a difference in chambering and would like to pick up a bolt action that shoots same as my gas guns mostly 77 gr smk’s Thanks in advance
  17. Mag 300

    Firearms Wanted older Surgeon mag action

    used is no problem , let me know what you might have Or if you have a barreled action as I’m going to build a 300 WM Thanks in advance
  18. Mag 300

    Anyone know of group buy or discount for Dillon products

    Looking for a few reloaders and thought I would ask before placing order Thanks in advance
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    Feedback AXMCdriver Excellent transaction

    Bought a stock from AXMCdriver fast shipping just as described
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    Hunting & Fishing Scope for Elk rifle 6.5 saum 156 gr Berger’s looking for custom turret for this load

    Let me know if. You have any leads who sell these like Gunwerks ?