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  1. diverdon

    Whatever Happened to Quality?

    Quality has been gone so long that none remember its grave. Quantity has now died also. Try buying a new car. The third sister affordability is on her death bed.
  2. diverdon

    Protesters greet FJB in Idaho.

    You want truth? There is no truth. They've blended truth with lies and created narrative. Narrative is all that the lower classes require. Narrative is the path to power. If you want to ever see the truth again first your fellow citizens must reject the narrative.
  3. diverdon

    Estate planning: firearms, NFA stamps, leaving chores to others.

    Last year I thought I had a great plan. I told my wife that she should give each kid what ever they wanted, then sign into my Snipers Hide account, tell you guys whatever happened to me then provide a list of whatever She wanted to sell. But she is not going to buy a membership to sell a few...
  4. diverdon

    Half Face Blades...

    Ordered a couple of Chris Reeve, told expect 14-16 months. Harder everyday to turn dollars into nice things. There is a reason.
  5. diverdon

    Cocksucker Quote of the Day

  6. diverdon

    Covid and Misinformation

    First level of dumbness: your presumption that we are unvaxinated. Middle level of dumbness: your presumption that strangers on the internet should provide you with information. Extreem level of dumbness: coming here and exposing your air of entitlement in demanding we answer your questions.
  7. diverdon

    Covid and Misinformation

    It's a dumb question.
  8. diverdon

    Loss of Zero. Please Help!

    Every time I've had that happen it's been an internal scope mechanism problem.
  9. diverdon

    Bidet sinks to a new low.

    A bidet is one of the more useful things I have. I would not elevate Biden to that status.
  10. diverdon

    Inflation? Hey, no problem.........

    Totalitarian leaders always seek to create food insecurity. This provides a pretext for them to sieze the food supply to distribute it fairly to their supporters, and it gives them a justification to criminalize hoarders and others not dependent. Look at what the USSR did in Ukraine. That's...
  11. diverdon

    I ROR'd

    I would hope and pray that, should this come to pass, the USN does its job.
  12. diverdon

    The Great Reset

  13. diverdon

    There ought to be an app...

    Many years ago Bill Gates proposed that all phones should have the option to become 900 numbers. And should have a refund button and an exception list. So you put people you want to talk to on the exception list. The dealer calls to say your car is ready to pickup. You refund his money. But...
  14. diverdon

    Well pressure switch question

    It should be fine. The higher you set it the better your household pressure. Expansion tank should be charged 2psi less than switch setting.
  15. diverdon

    False accusations.

    Happens every day. Once upon a time there was a land called America, all the people were free, and they were innocent until proven guilty.
  16. diverdon

    The Great Reset

    I don't know just when this started, but FDR was balls deep in this kind of thought. The social programs started during the great depression were the initial cancerous infection on American Freedom. Conservatives fighting the growth of this cancer have been the chemo keeping us alive...
  17. diverdon

    Anyone ever go to St Maarten? what to expect

    I was scuba diving about 20 years ago, all I remember is renting a car and being warned not to lock it, as the thieves would break windows then you have to pay for the windows. Seemed high (non violent) crime. Restraunts all sucked with slow service and bad food. Hopefully better now let me know.
  18. diverdon

    Biden Administration Launches Investigation into Broken McDonald’s Ice Cream Machines

    Another problem Biden is not qualified to work on, can't fix and that is none of his business.
  19. diverdon

    LMT .308 MWS

    I have had money down on a Bronco for over a year (07/14/2020). Sometimes it pisses me off a little. Once in a while Ford sends me an email telling me how happy I'm going to be when I get it. I think to me self, that's not how it's supposed to work. You're supposed to deliver the vehicle, then I...
  20. diverdon

    Potato Joe Is Going To Sell Us Out!

    Your grammar implies that he has not already sold us out. Biden has been corrupt since he announced his first run for any elected office.