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  1. eddie102870

    Awesome fishing trip in the gulf this past weekend

    Had a good two days going after some red snapper and grouper this past weekend
  2. eddie102870

    Optics WTS/WTT- Lieca Geovoid 8x42 rangefinding binoculars

    like the title says, these are for sale, wife got me a set of vortex fury's for christmas so im gonna let these go 1400.00 OBO. willing to trade for a optic in mils. someone make a offer
  3. eddie102870

    Interesting, wonder if the guns were his dads?
  4. eddie102870

    Finally got to get back to the range yesterday

    Its been raining every weekend for forever here lately. finally got to meet my son out there and shoot some yesterday. trying to get some dope on my AR for a upcoming gas gun match. shot this little group at 500.