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  1. J

    Who's making 6 GT Ammo?

    It did. Back around September 2020.
  2. J

    SOLD 6.5 Creedmoor ammo for sale

    I’ll take it
  3. J

    GAP Production Rifle

    I do. I had Seekins/Vortex low rings on it from another rifle which were too low. If I remember right, the bolt was hitting on the power ring. Anyways, I ended up using a Medium Warne Skyline mount I had. It is a little high but allowed more than enough clearance for scope caps. The Vortex lows...
  4. J

    6mm ARC

    No. It is the same bolt as 6. 5 Grendel/7.62x39/220 Russian. PPC bolt face.
  5. J

    What’s the next Panic buy item?

    Looking at large freezers today. Sales lady said freezers (upright and chest freezers) are the new toilet paper. Lots of people buying them.
  6. J

    Accessories Manners T4A Tikka CTR inlet

    Factory CTR bottom metal? What about barrel channel?
  7. J

    Reloading Equipment WTB CCI 450s (Yeah, I know..)

    No doubt. I saw a brick of a 1,000 CCI 450s already bid up to $180 on gunbroker. Crazy.
  8. J

    Homemade Adjustable Cheek Rest

    Great idea, even better execution. Looks really nice.
  9. J

    Hunting & Fishing Favorite fresh water fishing lure

    Small Sassy shad in Black/White or a Mepps Black Fury spinner for all around lures
  10. J

    Hunting & Fishing GA Precision sheep gun

    Nice. Bartlein carbon fiber looks great!
  11. J

    GAP Production Rifle

    I have tried an AICS mag and also a ARC mag that has an LRI follower in it. Both worked without issue.
  12. J

    Accessories SOLD Rifle Kuhl

    Ill take it. PM sent
  13. J

    Gunsmithing Gunsmith in San Antonio

    Interested in seeing who you ended up getting to do your build,
  14. J

    Hunting & Fishing Federal Terminal Ascent

    Only the few articles that I've seen making the same claims you mention. I picked up some for my 280 AI to try out, just haven't gotten to it yet.
  15. J

    Optics Deleted

    Interested as well
  16. J

    Accessories Deleted

    Interested with quality paper as well
  17. J

    Gunsmithing Making a custom wood stock from scratch

    Very nice work. Thanks for sharing the process in detail.
  18. J

    These Bastards are eating Rebecca's Mona lavender

    The BT works well. Keep in mind they have to eat some of it first before it works (kills them) so you will sustain some more minor leaf damage before it is all said and done. With how BT works they do stop eating after the first bite though. You can google the effects of BT on a caterpillar...