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    PSA berg 14r carbon barrel.

    First in my quest to figure out why the cold bore shot was so far off and as the day got hotter the groups were opening up to look like a shotgun blast. Tried all types of ammo and some helped but still had problems. So in getting the barrel ready for a suppressor i started checking runout and...
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    b14r barrel?

    anyone try removing the barrel [carbonfiber] from a b14r? and if so how hard was it to unscrew? thanks getting ready to try and face the muzzle break threads and maybe recrown.
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    accuracy past 150yards?

    Ok is it me or the ammo?e I can shoot a 1 hole group at 50 yards, But as i go out past 150 the shots start flying. At 250 it is pull trigger and pray. If i correct for the follow up at that distance it might go over the correction. If it was wind i would say it should be horizontal, but it is in...
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    PRS Rimfire series, Sun and Moon

    Sun and Moon comp for the rimfire shooters. practicescore has match description and reg should be up in a day or 2.
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    Day and Night match anyone? have not tried a night match because of suppressor requirements in the centerfire series? how about in the rimfire one? no suppressor required. Same size target will be...
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    texas Silencer company?

    Anyone have any experience with them? Looking at poss buying a 22lr and 30 cal can from them. thanks
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    Barrel life?

    don't know if this has been asked much. but what is the expected life of a 22lr barrel if properly maintained. Reason i ask is i still have the 22 my father bought me when i was a younen. It has to have atleast 500k rounds down it. was paying 4.99 for a brick of sears, way back in the day.thanks
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    texas silencers/

    looking at 2 texas silencers one is a 22 and the other is a tit. one. any experience with these? thanks Stan
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    40x trigger?

    have a 40x that has been converted to mag feed. and looking for a trigger or be able to adjust this one down to what my match rifle is. Can i just get a 700 trigger and use or is the RF diferent? thanks Stan
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    Reloading Equipment ARKANSAS trading] FTF trade of fed 210m primers

    Ok before anyone says anything. I have a box [1k] of match primers bought 6/20. I am not a high or even a mid level PRS competitor. i do it for the fun and get mind off of work for the day. So that being said I want to trade for some plain jane, winchester large rifle but really need to trade...
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    22lr and 5700 kestrel?

    OK need to know if there is a way to get this to read correctly. MV is 1086fps. but when you go to ballisticsit has Rtrms 1160 yards and Rsub is 1413yards. which is way wrong. what gives. Wish it was that good! Stan
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    la rue 223 obr?

    Ok trying to find a load that works for this weapon. the test target shows 77 federal gold match. I am loading 77 gr also but does anyone know if they are loading mag length? With ammo so scarce, I can not find any to compare with. do they single feed [bullet closer to lands] or are they mag...
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    Accessories looking to trade sp4802 or sell

    Looking to trade a used but in great shape 4802 spuhr. for a 3006 or 3016 spuhr. would be a straight across deal.. Since i am not having any luck trading lets try sell. maybe I can recoup some $ towards a purchase of what I need. how does 350 sound shipped in the 48 of US. thanks Stan
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    Looking to rebarrel

    have a 40x repeater conversion done several years ago and am looking to rebarrel. Current barrel is the factory one and want a shorter one say 16-18. how is the best for doing this. since the season is over I am not in a big hurry.Thanks Stan
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    magneto speed vs labradar?

    Has anyone tested the two at the same time? i had access to a labradar and my bullet speed was 200fps faster that what my magneto speed showed and ab had trued. curious as to if something is wrong with the radar? Stan
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    Suppressors T/B BA muzzle brake?

    Have been shooting suppressed and was wondering how you are cleaning your muzzle brakes. Mine is getting scalely looking and need to know have cleaned the suppressor but do you remove it or just dip the muzzle brake in the cleaning solution? thanks Stan
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    bachelorjack is GTG

    had a great transaction with him and actually paid twice [dam copy paste feature]. refunded the 2nd payment asap. buy with total confidence! STan
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    Suppressors 22LR what would work on a 5.56?

    Am thinking about another suppressor but would like to be able to use on a 22lr rifle as well as a bolt 223/ is there anything that can be used that way. Looked somewhat and all LRs just show rimfire no centerfire.. thanks sTAn
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    Rifle Scopes 40x remington 22LR scope base?

    looking at up grading my 2 piece base to a steel one piece. Question is do all the Rem700SA bases fit this receiver or do i need a special one? thanks STan
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    Rifle Scopes looking for new scope for trainer

    Am looking for a scope for my 22lr trainer i know I need to stay as close as poss to what I normally shoot. but need to go down to 25yards. what works within those areas> rite now shooting and AMG for glass on comp rifle. . STan