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    Lightweight rifle build. Is it really worth it?

    So I'm planning to build a rifle in a little while and was wondering: Is it really worth it? So the plan was to use a badger action, proof research barrel, manners t4a all carbon fiber,timney trigger, and a titanium muzzle break. Its gonna be a 6.5 rsaum. I'm thinking its gonna weigh ~10-11lbs...
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    Best varmint rifle from factory?

    I want a good varmint/ predator rifle that gets at least 3/4in groups at 100 yards. I want it to have 20-26in bbl with 1:8-9 twist (maybe even 10) I would like it to have a decent stock and be able to upgrade it later on. I also would like to keep it in the 1200 and below but I can go a little...
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    Another stock question, AI 2.0 vs ashbury sporter vs carbon fiber mcmillan style stock.

    I just want a stock(or chassis) that will be rugged, accurate, take mags , folds, and not over 1200. (I know I've asked this before.) Just please talk me into one of these, so I don't keep thinking of putting 1500 into a stock alone. PLEASE post pics if you have one of the ashbury sporters, I've...
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    anyone try a cadex strike 30 chassis?

    it looks like a sturdy, reliable and accurate chassis. It also looks good yet it costs 2200 rather than the 2550 for the ashbury (I know theres weight difference) and it looks like you get a better deal. Please show pics if you got one
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    Gunsmithing melonite/ salt bath nitride coating worth $150-$220?

    So I have a rem 700 sa in 260 rem with a 28in 1:8 twist bbl, and I am thinking of getting it melonited or salt bath nitrided(salt bath nitride is $150 instead of $220) since I heard it makes it rust resistant, gain fps, easier to clean, adds barrel life, and makes bolts smoother. So ceracoat is...
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    can I get my action trued and then the barrel cut down and rechamberd?

    I have a 260 rem with a 28in bbl with a med palma contour and wondering if it was possible to get it trued, melonited and have my barrel refitted to it? would I lose accuracy?
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    remington trigger (x mark pro) giving very inconsistent pull weights. is it broken?

    I have about 300 rnds on the rifle, and I have not been tough on it but I have adjusted it down to 3lbs since factory it was 7lbs and then it was nice, and gave consistent pull weights, but a few days later it felt heavier so I measured it and it was heavier. It measured from 2,5lbs to 4lbs and...
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    Gunsmithing how do you strip a rem 700 action? inside and outside?

    I want to get my rifle melonited and would like the whole thing to get fully coated in it so i have a nice smooth action and it to be tough.
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    anyone ever shot one of ashbury precisions rifles?

    today I was at sponsor day and I got to try a ashbury rifle and lets say they make a rifle the stupid simple and stable as a rock. I shot it and it rapid fire with it no problem and it had a suppressor on it recoil was nothing (it was 308). I now want one of the chassis and I want to know if its...
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    where to shoot 600-1k? in oregon

    I'm willing to go a couple hours (I can't drive but my dad can :) I'm 14) to somewhere where I can shoot 1k and maybe camp out there for a day or two. I live in northern oregon around the portland area and I would like to find somewhere other than tri county, and douglas ridge to shoot 1k or...
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    So whats the characteristics of a ranch gun? like a one "do it all" rifle show pics please

    I mean all I can think that would meet my needs is like a dta srs, since its small, and no matter if I need to kill a coyote, take out a big animal, or even for protection. (I know it may be heavy) I also didn't know what category so please don't hate
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    do you think I could put my rem 700 bolt in the tumbler to take off the coating?

    Its rem 700 s/a with still the same stock coating on it and its worn off a lot on the bolt but I'm wondering if I tumbled it if it would come off, and if its ok to do so
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    going to build an ar-10 and I've never built an ar10/15 before

    So I have never shot or built an ar. I am getting an ar-10 lower from a friend and I am wondering what caliber, parts to use,( I will have a friend make a barrel for me) and maybe some tips on what to do and not to do.
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    show me your dta srs, wildcats! pics, caliber, and maybe some info on the caliber

    I just want to see what people Have I want a dta srs and I kinda want an oddball caliber that I don't have
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    accidentally mushroomed a case. found a way to fix it if it happens to you

    well I was loosening the die to put on a 7-08 fl die but someone forgot to tighten it down.... so when it came to seating the bullet I did the same as normal I started high and lowered it slowly. but then I was happy I got the right length when I noticed it was mushroomed. My dad fixed the...
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    Anyone shoot 510 whisper?

    I am thinking of building a gun in this caliber since its an interesting caliber and sounds fun to shoot and reload. I also wonder how you make the brass from 338 lapua brass and reloading data for it.
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    Never had, or shot a AR, I have no need really for it but I think I want to build one.HELP

    I want to build one for coyotes and other varmints/predators. I thought I would start with building one so I know how they work, and how to fix one if needed. So I was wondering what length of barrel, what kind of lower, upper, barrel, and what twist. Please show pictures so I can get ideas. (I...
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    6xc vs 6br vs 6 cm

    sorry I deleted the other post on accident but, the rifle will be for long range, coyote hunting, and some varmint so I don't want to blow up the coyote so I'm debating to keep 260 or get a 6mm, I want it to be very accurate and reliable I know the 6br is known for small groups, 6cm is known for...
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    defiance mutant or rem 700 trued/ new bolt

    I want to build a tubegun since I went down to gary eliseo's shop and just fell in love with his chassis and just have an urge to get one but I'm wondering should I go all out and get a defiance mutant? or get a rem 700 trued to be more in my price range? rem 700 trued with new bolt is 565 for...
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    accuracy of the 6xc?

    I'm deciding between 6br and 6xc and I know that 6br is one of the most accurate and gets constant small groups, but I'm wondering what kind of groups you get with this round? show pics of rifles please if you can :)