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    338 Norma Action

    Looking to possibly build a 338 Norma. I have a couple of Bighorn TL3’s and love the action, however Bighorn Long Action is a no go for 338N. Thinking about going with a Impact 787R. Anyone build a Norma on that action.
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    Redding S die

    Loading for 6.5x47 and when I resize the bushing leaves a slight bulge on the neck. Don’t feel any resistance with an unloaded case, when I chamber a loaded round it feels snug. Any reason to be concerned or anyway to correct?
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    Scar 17s

    I was looking for any powder that may have come in over the last couple of days from a local shop today. I found a brand new black SCAR 17S just waiting to be purchased. It could have been mine had I been willing to pay 3299.99 for it. I think I'll pass
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    LMT complete lowers

    I was able to score two complete LMT defender lowers from a local shop over the weekend. He told me they had been on order since November and just came in before I walked in.
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    DPMS stripped Upper

    Anyone have any opinions on the DPMS uppers. My local shop have stripped lowers in stock.
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    M1A Issues

    I have a M1A that I have had for a couple of years. I hand load for it and recently I will have a round go off and nothing will happen once the gun goes off, no bolt movement or ejection. It basically goes single shot. It hen need to rack the bolt to clear the fired case and feed a fresh...
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    Rifle Scopes Highest Power

    What would you guys put on a .308 that most shots you have are no further than 500 yards? We shoot 1MOA targets out to 500 on a regular basis. I want to buy a new scope and don't want to be under powered, but also don't want a heavier than necessary scope
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    Range Report 18"OBR and 155grain scenar

    Anyone one using these bullets in their OBR?
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    Larue OBR 18"

    I was shooting the Texas Multi Gun a couple of weeks ago and walked the Larue booth one to many times I ordered an 18" OBR that I will use most shooting 3 gun Heavy Metal optics. I am thinking a 1 x 6 pow optic but might want more when I shoot it out to about 850-900 yards I would like to hear...
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    AR Comp

    Anyone try Alliant ar comp for 5.56 77 grain or 308 175's? If so I would be interested in the results
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    Load for 18" OBR

    I just ordered a Larue OBR 18" .308 and was wondering what loads others are using. I shoot a 175 grain Match King in my bolt gun with 42.9 g of Varget. And out of my M1A I shoot 168 grain Nosler CC with 41.5g H4895. Probably shoot it out to 850 yards or so. Any suggestions?
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    F T/R Competition First match to 1000

    I shot my first F class match at Quantico yesterday and had a blast. I had never had the chance to shoot past 500 yards before. I took my stock Remington 700 5R with Leupold Mark 4 6.5x20 and some handloads. I was able to shoot a score of 455 with 3X. I need more shooting time and will try...
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    Help me pick a load

    Help! I have just completed at ladder test and here are the groups from the best 4. 42.9 and 43.5 grains of Varget seems to be the best. Velocity on the 42.9 are 2603 aveerage and he 43.5 is 2634. Let me know what y'all think
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    first ladder test

    I was able to perform my first ladder test today Remington 700 5R 175 G Sierra Match King Varget 39.9 thru 44.1 Accuracy node seems to be between 42.3 and 43.5 I didnt get to crono yet but will do during the next testing phase This all took place at 300 yards
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    REmington 5 R

    I was walking through my local shop this afternoon and on the shelf was a new remington r5 .308 Now I had been hoping to see one again on the shelf as I have been in the market for a new rifle. I was a little shocked at the price tag which was 1225.00 I know they are hard to get but are they...
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    Barrel Length

    With all the hipe on 20" barrels for .308 is there any real velocity disserence between a 26" and a 20". I have read the most if not all powder is burned up within the first 18-20". And have heard there is really no lost velocity in a 20" and being shorter it os also stiffer. Seems like a...
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    260 Build

    What advantage would there be to building a 260 out of a long action from a Remington ADL .30-06 that i have owned for almost 30 years? Other than the obvious savings of already having an action on hand.
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    New Build

    I have an old Remington BDL 7mm Remington Mag that I want to use in a new build. I really want a 300wsm but being that I have a long action should I just have the action rebarreled in another 7mm. I want to go with a Bartlien 26" #6 Heavy target, tru the bolt face and lap lugs. It will be...
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    First Time at 500

    Ok I know for alot of people here 500 yards is a warm up. I shoot 3 gun at a couple of local areas here in Virginia and North Carolina. 2 weeks ago during our 3 gun match we had a team event. One stage one we were able to use the 500 yard range. I was to shoot the 500 and my partner was...
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    7MM Rem Mag

    Anyone care to share their favorite 7mm mag 168 grain SMK load.