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    Reloading Equipment 285 pieces sized, trimmed, primed Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor brass $175 shipped

    175 6.5 once fired, sized, trimmed and SS polished, primed with Win WLR primers - $140 shipped 110 6.5 once fired, sized, trimmed, ss polished, primed with CCI magnum primers (worked great with slower powders like RL26 and heavy bullets) - $95 shipped 223 mixed Hornady cases (80% once fired...
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    Reloading Equipment WTS: 117 pcs Hornady 300 PRC brass

    WTS Hornady 300 PRC brass - 84 new cases, 33 twice fired cases. 2x fired cases have been stainless tumbled, resized with a Redding die, and tumbled again to remove lube. They are ready to load, trimmed and chamfered after the 1st firing. $160 shipped TYD priority mail.
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    SOLD Larue SPR-S 30mm

    WTS great condition Larue SPR-S. 175 shipped USPS priority.
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    SOLD Big price drop- 300 PRC 245 Berger loaded ammo / 300 PRC dies

    Final price drops - let’s get these moved . Take the ammo and dies for $225 TYD. WTS: 44 rounds Custom reloads of Dallas 245 Berger EOL 300 PRC $120 shipped 300 PRC Die set: Hornady Match bushing sizing die (bushing...
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    SOLD WTT 30 Cal Berger’s for 245 Bergers

    WTT 210, 215, 230 Berger’s for 245s. Willing to add cash on my end depending on the quantities traded.
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    SOLD WTS Trijicon Accupower 1-8 $SOLD in ADM mount

    SPF Accupower 1-8, illuminated Mil-Mil, glass is perfect, in an ADM 20MOA QD mount. Ready to slap on and make hits out to 800!
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    SOLD 100 77 SMKs

    100 77 SMKs. Ended up getting a deal on a boatload of Hornady 75s so these have to go. $42 shipped USPS priority.
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    SOLD 202 rounds Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor

    5 boxes 140 GR HPBT Match 2 boxes 147 ELD Match 2 boxes and 22 loose rounds Black/American gunner 140 HPBT $425 shipped
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    Reloading Equipment WTB 300 PRC dies

    Let me know what you have. Prefer Redding but Hornady is fine. Can trade Creedmoor brass or some factory ammo.
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    Reloading Equipment Sold-

    Bought too fast of a powder for my 300 PRC. Need to swap for something slower. Factory sealed bottles.
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    Gunsmithing Custom bottom metal

    Is anyone out there still building custom bottom metal? I have a Sako 591 that’s a great shooter in a McMillan stock, but it has a blind magazine. I’d like to use it in competition, but it’s just not competitive without DBM. Before I sell it and build another rifle, is there anyone who I can...
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    Left Hand Sale Timney 510-V2

    Timney 510-V2. Pulled out of a low round count Vudoo. Runs great, I switched to a triggertech to match my centerfire rifle. $100 shipped
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    Rimfire SK Pistol Match - 5000rd case

    5000 rd case, $620 shipped. 12.4 CPR- good deal in this environment. Letting it go for what I paid as I was able to find Rifle Match.
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    Accessories Kleinendorst 700 bolt disassembly tool.

    Found out it doesn’t fit my Vudoo after it arrived. Never used, dropped in frustration once. The gold standard in 700 bolt tools for those with standard bolts. $41 shipped.
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    Left Hand Sale LH Triad multicam stock pack

    LH Triad multicam pack. Got an adjustable McMillan so I don’t need it anymore. $42 shipped.
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    Sako M591 DBM

    Long shot - has anyone gotten custom DBM for an M591 or modified standard bottom metal to fit? I have a M591 action that is smooth shooting I’ve rebarreled in 6.5 Creedmoor, and it would be great to go from box feed to mag feed to start competing with it. Pic of the best 1000yd shot out of this...
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    Left Hand Sale WTB: McMillan A3/A5 long action 700

    Interested if anyone has an extra LH McMillan in Remington 700 long action. Would prefer adjustable with Badger CIP bottom metal in Woodland camo, but that’s a super long shot and I’m willing to see what’s out there. Thanks
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    Accessories Daniel Defense picatinny QD sling mount and swivel

    Bought this very shortly before realizing my Atlas rail had a built in QD flush cup ?. Has been taken out of the box once. Was originally $40 plus tax on Amazon, 35 shipped TYD.
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    WTS 5-25 MIL-R. Great shape, minor safe scratch on windage. Glass is perfect, comes with NF tenabrex caps (not pictured), sunshade, NF PTL, illuminated, first focal plane. Will ship in a NF box (from a 7-35). $2150 shipped to your door.
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    Left Hand Sale Left handed CZ452 factory sporter stock

    Wts factory sporter stock. Pretty wood, $70 shipped.