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    Full circle

    Does anyone else find (sad) irony in this :)
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    Unlucky although brave pilot

    h***s:// Appears got his plane smoked by MANPAD and had a O.K. Corral shootout with the jihadists and finally blew himself up...
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    Top Gun :)

    Now if that were inverted 4G negative dive.... Still cool though....
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    Finally an answer for JFK mystery The Russians err.. Soviets did it of course. The last time I (actually my grandparents) saw such mass psychosis was during time of Informbiro ( and...
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    9th Military Sniper World Championships - Bzenec Czech Republic

    Just back from this year's competition, this year also with US presence (1st battalion -143rd, Rangers and Marines - dunno the units) alongside with teams from Poland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany, UK, France, Finland, Belgium. Awesome Helicopter stage shooting from MI-171Š @...
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    Strafing run

    Syria strafing runs - direct contact - YouTube I guess this pilot sure had his day of fun...
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    Best cleaning system ever Nobel prize for ingenuity and marketing ability? Looks really handy when having major cleaning episode and avoiding all that crap all over the floor...:)
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    Rifle Scopes Scope gone bad?

    After shooting season had some work done on my rifle and decided to check the scope out (made myself I.O.T.A. type of training device from butler creek cap) but unfortunately found out it might have gone bad. The scope in question is IOR 3.5-18x50 and it sits on 28moa DTA one piece mount. As far...
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    Gunsmithing Switch barrel system

    Hi, i'm currently in the process of replacing barrel (my Tikka T3 tactical is on its final lap) and i'm going to re barrel in .260rem with LW 28" SS barrel. As i'm rather fond of .308 i'm thinking of keeping it as a second barrel (firstly to shorten 24" existing to 22/20" depends on how much...
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    Rifle Scopes Erector controls

    Why noone explored switched knobs. Elevation changed with windage so you would actually turn knob up to raise impact, turn left to move impact left. Sure the mechanism would be more complex but i guess it should work. And for the USAF you can simply do a "ccw" version where up is down and down...
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    New .30cal ScenarL

    Hi, there are some rumors of new 175gr and 220gr .30cal ScenarL bullets. They are supposed to be announced on SHOT or IWA this year anyone heard about it?
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    Funny vid

    Not getting into political discussion but i find this one hilarious....local us ambassador... <object width="425" height="350"> <param name="movie" value=""></param> <param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param> <embed...
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    Range Report BC estimation methodology

    Hi, a quick question regarding an approach to estimation of BC for new prototype bullet. Would be a comparison of drag between standard g7 projectile and new prototype projectile in combination with known/measured sectional density yield good estimation of actual prototype BC. Steps: in...
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    Iran returns the favor?
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    Easter fun..

    [video:youtube][/video] Some more: <object width="425" height="350"> <param name="movie" value=""></param> <param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param> <embed...
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    Gunsmithing Chamber protrusion

    Hi, when ordering Lothar Walther barrel there is an option for chamber protrusion and i've asked them what it means and response was: "the protrusion is the differents between the ending of the barrel and the end off the cartridge (gauge) it can be from minus to plus. " As far as i understand...
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    Tikka T3 RCS II review

    Hi, i've purchased RCS II from Roedale Precision a few days back and managed to shoot it today to test its functionality. I will add pictures later. Stock is well built, and fits Viperskins perfectly. I won't go into detailed description of Viperskins just suffice it to say they are excellent...
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    Advanced Marksmanship Using bullet trace for accurate compensation

    Using a spotter and bullet trace it's relatively easy to get onto target however from our recent shooting session we were unable to compensate for small amounts. For example shooting at 300 or 500m we weren't able to see bullet holes due to severe mirage and sun in the face however bullet trace...
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    Nordschleife bike run

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    Range Report Bullet design question

    Hi, i wonder if someone with technical knowledge could help me out. I've been cooking up a custom made .308 solid (bronze or copper) bullet in solidworks however my math or physics is rather weak and i'd need some help in evaluating it. I've found some stability calculations which would...