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    How difficult is a pre-fit swap on a Tikka and Savage?

    How difficult is the pre-fit swap on a Tikka or Savage rifle? What gauges needed, go and no go? Thanks.
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    Pacific Tool and Gauge BDL drop in DBM detachable bottom metal for Rem 700 SA

    I've been corresponding with Pacific Tool & Gauge about bottom metal for an HS Precision Stock for a Rem 700 Short action in 223. I've heard good things and a lot of horror stories about PT&G and wondering if when the guy says it is drop-in if it in fact really is drop-in. I'm talking about...
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    Optics American Defense Manufacturing Heavy Duty Steel 30mm Tac Rings 1" mounting height (price drop to $110 from $125)

    I have a new set of American Defense 30mm tactical rings still in their packaging, asking $110 price drop from ($125) or best offer shipped. 1" height rings, low mount height, 30mm scope tube. These are steel rings, very solid for heavy recoil. I purchased them to put on a 338 but went with...
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    Accessories Free to good home bipod Harris knockoff that someone sold me on the hide a while back

    I have a Harris knockoff bipod that somebody sold me here on The Hide and then refunded me the money and I can't really use it so free to good home. See pics. It is not a real Harris it what I'm saying. You just pay shipping, which I will send the total to you once it is ready to go. I'll try...
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    The spread of socialism in America. Spread? It's already here, people.

    Saw a guy running to his car the other day after the Capital was stormed. I said, what's up? Everything ok? He said, no, we have to stop the socialist Biden and Harris from getting into the Whitehouse . Socialist Biden and Harris? The country is already socialist, I wanted to say but he was in a...
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    Reloading Equipment SOLD PENDING Hornady .224 caliber 75 grain HPBT 70 pieces $30 shipped. PRICE DROP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    These are either partial boxes or full boxes plus partial boxes per bullet. In order from left to right in the pictures. If not listed, then already sold. Hornady 75 grain HPBT match 224 caliber. 70 pieces. Asking $30 shipped. 2nd box in picture Hornady Item #2279 Would trade for 375...
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    Mcrees Precision G10 and Tikka CTR 308

    Picked this Mcrees G10 chassis up during the Cyber Monday deal for a friend's Tikka CTR 308 install. I am totally impressed with this compared to another chassis I tried and had to return and compared to the factory plastimer stock that came with the rifle originally. The G10's imbedded bubble...
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    So YOU got dumped off and your unit took a hit and can't make it back that way to get you but the return trip isn't that far. You are on foot and things are about to flip on so you take an inventory and realize you are kind of low and you and your pal take a hike. You roll up on another unit...
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    Reloading Equipment (SOLD) RCBS hand priming tool like new asking $45 shipped

    (SOLD) RCBS Hand Priming Tool like new. Asking $45 shipped. It is like new, used maybe twice. Can't find primers so...
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    Optics SOLD Zeiss Conquest V4 3-12x44 with ZBR-1 Tree Reticle 30mm tube

    SOLD I have a Zeiss Conquest V4 3-12x44 rifle scope with a ZBR-1 reticle. This scope's reticle can be used manually or with the Zeiss Ballistics app. You can see a glimpse of the reticle in one of the pictures. I have registered the warranty for the scope with Zeiss in order to obtain the...
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    Reloading Equipment (SOLD) 308 brass one, twice fired Federal, Hornady $80 shipped

    (Sold) I have 380 pieces +/- 5 maybe of once, twice, and a couple maybe three times fired 308 brass which is mostly from Federal Gold Medal Match, though some Hornady and a few Magtech maybe which are the ones fired three times. This is de-primed already and tumbled for 1 hr. Asking $80...
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    Movie Theater AVA with Jennifer Chastain

    Admittedly I picked this up because Jennifer Chastain is smoking hot and a pretty decent actress on top of that. She couldn't salvage it, though, even with all of that incredible cast. I think it was a flat script and there was a lot of problems with reality such as a highly trained female...
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    Accessories WTB Techwell 1911 grips and Techwell ISPC Magwells 5" Government Size Frame

    Looking for Techwell 1911 grips that are compatible with the Techwell magwells for a 5" government sized frame. As long as fit is good and they are serviceable, I would be interested in seeing them. Also, prefer aluminum grips, but if you have something Techwell that you want to sell, let me see...
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    Interesting article by Frank Galli in July 2020 GunDigest called "Legacy Skills"

    Really interesting article by Frank Galli in the July 2020 issue of GunDigest magazine. Article is titled "Legacy Skills." It is on newstands now.
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    Accessories SOLD Bolt Carrier Group 5.56 stamped "MP" on bolt

    I have a like new 5.56 bolt carrier group for sale. This was used in a build but removed upon purchase and replaced with a nickel-boron bolt and this one appears not to have been fired. Stamped "MP" on the bolt itself.
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    Optics SOLD Sig Whiskey 3 Quadplex 3-9x40

    SOLD Very nice barely used rifle scope by Sig, model Whiskey 3 with a quadplex reticle. Comes with Redfield SPR 1" mount. Has bikini scope covers. Asking $150. Not separating. Boxes and manuals included. No trades. Add $15 if shipping to AK or HI.
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    Accessories AR15 trigger control group parts, muzzle brakes, mag relase button, and grip screws. Various milspec $50

    Lot of milspec trigger control group parts, muzzle brakes, grip screws, and mag relase button. These are new firearm swapouts to specified trigger parts and as such they are in like new or recently new condition. All parts came out of milspec rifles. There are about $130 of parts based on...
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    Gunsmithing Mountain Bracket for .75 diameter flashlight

    Not really sure if this is the corrent forum. I found a Viking Tactics Flashlight bracket at DSG which might work but it is off by a couple of millimeters. Wondering if anyone knows of a company that makes a picatinny mounting bracket for a flashlight with a .75 diameter main tube?
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    Optics SOLD

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    Night Vision Bushnell Equinox Z2 monocular

    Anyone looked through one? They seem to get good reviews at various web sites. There are three models a 3X, 4.5X, and a 6X. The 4.5 seems to get the best reviews.