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    New to reloading. No supplies anywhere??

    Snipers Hide "Hide and Seek" and "Gunbot" may also be helpful.
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    doughnut question

    I use the Sinclair Neck Turner and a Forster Trimmer with their Inside Neck Reamer.
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    RCBS Chargemaster Question.

    Mine is on most of the time but if you are loading with some long grain powders several grains may fall out at the end of the run and cause it to overcharge.
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    Forster 300 win mag dies a myth?

    Listed on Forster web site for $149.80. No idea if they are in stock.
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    Case neck clearance question

    I have less than .002 in my 22-6mmIMP with no issues.
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    Gunsmithing 220 Swift for 90 gr VLD's.

    I was a little curious myself and checked the numbers on a 22-250 and the 90gr. Looked at Sierra, Hornady and Berger manuals and 90gr bullets. Berger recommends 1in7 for their VLD the other two do not list a 90gr. I ran the numbers in a Barrel Twist Calculator and it recommends a 1in7.7 for a...
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    Dillon 550 rifle reloading

    I've been loading rifle cases on my 550 for almost 20 years and as stated above no belling required but a chamfer is a must. Not a pro or high volume loader, I load less than 2000 rounds per year but include calibers from the 22hornet to 338 AllenMag the 550 will do well for you on the 223 and...
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    Gunsmithing 220 Swift for 90 gr VLD's.

    I am running 80gr Amax at 3320. I'm still fireforming and best groups are under 1/2 at 100yds. My rifle is a custom build, Stoll Kodiak action, Krieger 1in8 twist barrel, Jewel trigger(set at 2lbs, I use this as a hunting rig) and a Nightforce 12-42x56 scope. This round is hell on yotes. My...
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    powder suggestions and findings…rem 700 aac-sd 20" aics 1.5 stock

    Check gunbot for powder, you may find some there.
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    Gunsmithing 220 Swift for 90 gr VLD's.

    I built a 22-6mm IMP, wanted something a little different. Gun shoots well and I love it, that being said the 22-250 or 22-250 IMP is one hell of an accurate cartridge and IMHO will out shoot the swift every time.
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    Back to reloading, what press???

    I use the Dillon 550 and a Chargemaster and can load 150 or so in an hour if all goes well. If you use ball power you may be happy with the powder measure on the machine.
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    Powder for .22-250

    We all have our favorites. I use the Viht powders. N135 for the lightweights(50gr or less) and N140, N150, N160 and maybe N165 if your gonna push a 90.
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    Redding bushing change

    I use a small telescoping pen magnet. Works well. As I pull up I also move the magnet from side to side(stirring motion)they come right out.
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    Loads for Tikka 7mm-08

    I loaded for a light barreled Kimber that liked the N150 behind a 120gr Btip(43gr at 2840fps). The load for 139grSST was 42gr at 2644fps. The 120 Btip load was used to take speed goats out to 700yds.
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    Anyone run a 22x6mm or 224 TTH?

    If you need a little more load Info Hornady lists the 22-6mm in their manual. Hope this helps.
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    Pro trimmer or pro trimmer 2?

    I have the RCBS power trimmer with 3-way cutter and luv it. If you don't turn necks your debur and chamfer may look crooked. Mine works very well IMHO.
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    Anyone run a 22x6mm or 224 TTH?

    I have a 22-6mm Ackley Imp that does well with the 80gr Amax. I am still fireforming brass so I expect it to get better yet. I am using 47gr of Viht N165 and Fed 210M primers behind the 80gr Amax for a fireforming load and getting 3320fps. This load gives groups of 1/2" or less, I like it.
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    RCBS 3 way carbide cutter?

    I also got one for each caliber, luv em!!!!!
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    Lightest Varmint bullet for a 1/8 .223 ?

    I run 40gr Vmax in a 223 1-12 at around 4000fps but as stated above you would have to slow them down a ton for a 1-8 or I don't believe they would hold together. 55 or 60 would be a better choice IMO.
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    Lube the inside of case necks when resizing?

    Imperial Dry Neck Lube and Imperial Application Media will do the trick. Available from Sinclair.