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    Optics Razor gen ll 4.5-27

    Mrad with ebr1c reticle. Scope is in very good condition. It has some light rash on the illumination knob, the slot in the windage turret cap and on the left side of the objective bell. It's not bad at all but it's there. I've owned the scope since new and it includes the original box and...
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    Accessories AI AX pale brown handguard and 20 moa rail

    This is a 13" handguard for post-14 AXSA and AXMC rifles. Minor marks where acc. rails were attached. No acc. rails or top rail attachment studs included. $ 275 shipped conus.
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    Accessories WTT: AIAX Pale Brown 13" forend for 16"

    Wondering if anyone has a pale brown 16" they'd like to trade for a 13" Thanks
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    Reloading Equipment WTT: 45acp ammo for reloading components in central Tx

    I have the following that I would like to trade for RL16, H4350, 150 or 142 Sierra MK, Berger 140 hybrid, or Lapua 6.5 CM brass. Located near Florence. Will travel reasonable distance but not willing to ship. 11 boxes of Federal 45acp HST 230 grain +p hollowpoint 2 boxes Speer 45acp 200...
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    Accessories 1911 accessories for sale

    Kilt Sparks IWB black cowhide holster. Slight wear from use. Made for commander length but government model fits as well. $55 4 CMC 10 round stainless mags with pads. Spf Would trade for Sierra .264 150 mk
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    Accessories Badger 34mm 1.375" rings for sale

    Excellent condition. No damage to screw heads. $125 shipped
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    Accessories SPR AI AX/AT 6.5 Creedmoor barrel for sale

    22" Bartlein heavy palma 5r 1 -7.5 twist, muzzle threaded m18x1.5. Work done by Southern Precision Rifles. 210 rounds on barrel. Painted with black Brownells alumahyde. Shoots Factory Hornady and Berger very good. Under 1/2 moa with Berger 130 OTM at 1125 yards. $550 shipped. APA FB...
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Fixed blade knives

    My brother just made me a knife for my retirement so I thought I'd show it off. Then I decided I might as well show the rest of the knives he's made me as well. He's a journeyman Smith and had been forging blades for a couple of years. They are all excellent cutters and his work keeps...
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    Question about lot-to-lot variation in Varget

    I've read that varget can show considerable variation between lots. How much have you seen in your shooting? I'm shooting an AIAX 308 with factory bartlein 1-10 barrel with about 1500 rounds. I do not have a chronograph so velocity is approximate but trued at 1125 and 1400 using JBM. Using...
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    Rifle Scopes Nightforce magmount question

    I'm looking for the scope mounting length of the regular magmount, not the compact. That would be the measurement across the rings from outside to outside. Cant seem to find that anywhere. Thanks Kevin Hallmark