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  1. Jgrovem110

    SOLD WTS surplus MK12 barrel

    Up for sale I have a surplus crane MK12 barrel, it still has the original paint on it from when it was in military use. (Keep in mind this is surplus and I cannot guarantee the actual life of the barrel) Asking $275
  2. Jgrovem110

    Firearms Mk18 mod 0 upper

    Colt 10.3 in upper brand new barrel Surplus knights ras rail Surplus colt upper receiver Surplus ambi knights charging handle Surplus CDQ sling mount Surefire 4 prong flash hider No bolt carrier $1000
  3. Jgrovem110

    WTB Wtb HK mr762/417 magazines

    Looking to buy HK 417 / mr762 mags please let me know what you have
  4. Jgrovem110

    WTB WTB saiga 223 rifle

    Hello looking to buy a saiga 223 rifle thank you
  5. Jgrovem110

    SOLD WTS Brand new Colt Carbine

    For sale I have a brand new 20” M16a4 colt carbine it’s new in box with manual, I currently have it set up with a CA legal Mag lock which can very easily be removed. Asking $1500 shipped
  6. Jgrovem110

    WTB WTB HK MR762

    WTB HK MR 762 new or used let me know what you have thanks
  7. Jgrovem110

    Accessories WTS Sig Swiss 550 parts SOLD

    What I have for sale are all original Swiss SAN parts for 550 series rifle or pistol, I’d like to sel as package , I have the lower receiver with side folder , bolt carrier group and tow LE marked 30 round SAN mags asking $1200 firm the lower alone is $1000 anywhere else.
  8. Jgrovem110

    WTB WTB geissele SDMR scope mount

    Hey there looking for the SDMR scope mount preferably in fde
  9. Jgrovem110

    Firearms WTS/WTT MK13 Mod0

    Hey there I have a mk 13 mod0 that is almost finished being built , it has the Real navy seal stock and McCann rail with the certificate of authenticity to prove, I only have pic of the stock and rail as the ridle is not complete yet I can send pics of them if you want , the rifle should be...
  10. Jgrovem110

    WTB WTB Noveske 13.5 NSR Mlok hand guard

    Want to buy a Noveske 13.5” NSR mlok hand guard , not the hybrid one.
  11. Jgrovem110

    WTB WTB Noveske gen 3 stripped upper

    Looking to buy a noveske gen 3 stripped upper
  12. Jgrovem110

    WTB WTB noveske gen 1 lower

    Want to buy noveske gen lower stripped preferably
  13. Jgrovem110

    WTB WTB Geissele ODG mk16 rail

    Looking to buy a geissele mk16 rail in of green also looking for green charging handle
  14. Jgrovem110

    Accessories OPS socom MK13 scope rings Sold

    Selling a set of new mk13 scope rings made by OPS, these are socom issue for mk13 mod7 34mm rings $300 shipped
  15. Jgrovem110

    Accessories Xtreme shooting MK13 trigger SOLD

    Brand new Xtreme shooting products MK13 trigger the correct trigger for your late mod5 or mod7. $160 shipped
  16. Jgrovem110

    WTB Wtb Larue LT840h mount

    Looking to buy larue lt840h mount
  17. Jgrovem110

    WTB WTB Larue OBR 34mm mount

    Looking to buy larue 34mm OBR mount
  18. Jgrovem110

    WTB WTB Leupold mk6 34mm IMS mount

    Looking to buy a 34mm Leupold mk6 IMS mount
  19. Jgrovem110

    Optics WTS Nightforce NXS 3.5-15x50 F1 Sold

    For sale I have Like new in box Nightforce NXS 1 F1 3.5x15x50 MRAD Mildot reticle. This is the same as an army spec model perfect for clone build like brand new comes with box and manual, pristine condition Asking $1600.
  20. Jgrovem110

    Winchester m70 sniper build

    Hey all I want to build a Nam era m70 sniper , I’m hoping for parts list and specs I will need to create to one thanks!