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    Hunting & Fishing for those of you who go out of town...

    6.5 rsaum 4s is a great cartridge from what I heard great barrel life and a speed demon. I have a 260 and it works amazing. If a 6.5 lapua is a 338 necked down that would get around 800-1000 rounds barrel life. total flamethrower to the throat. Ive never heard anyone using one. If your buying...
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    Gunsmithing Value of very nice wood - Rough Cut Stock for rifle

    theres lots of woods that look nice. I could say high quality next to anything but its actually not. Pics are critical for wood. not trying to be a downer or anything. I dont know much about wood but I know a little.
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    Gunsmithing Value of very nice wood - Rough Cut Stock for rifle

    depends on what kind of wood. and what type of stock you want.
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    Lightweight rifle build. Is it really worth it?

    So I'm planning to build a rifle in a little while and was wondering: Is it really worth it? So the plan was to use a badger action, proof research barrel, manners t4a all carbon fiber,timney trigger, and a titanium muzzle break. Its gonna be a 6.5 rsaum. I'm thinking its gonna weigh ~10-11lbs...
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    Smoke coming out bolt shroud

    couldn't open it or eject the round. :P I didn't shoot it, my dad insisted so I backed away a little, but I knew he was having problems with his sizer.
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    Smoke coming out bolt shroud

    well ive had it come out of the bolt body area couple times before. both time too hot of loads. 1 blew out the side of the primer pocket, broke the primer pocket so brass was shot. The next was a hard bolt to open, I mean hammering it, but the rifle has a bad chamber so its hard to put rnds into...
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    Hunting & Fishing Best pig gun?

    243 or 260 in ar-10 platform, I'd probably run 308 though due to if I need ammo I just buy it and i can run a shorter barrel without loosing much.
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    Gunsmithing Grizzly

    I'd get machine skates, makes a world difference.
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    Hunting & Fishing 6br for deer

    better off just putting a brake on it. But 243's don't kick much at all.
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    Gunsmithing Can you end throat erosion with this.

    how would titanium nitride hold up? I know it'll be rather expensive
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    Gunsmithing Can you end throat erosion with this.

    Yes but the problem is it may seem cheep to do it but to buy a barrel with its throat coated in it is going to make it one expensive barrel. I'd like to see it done, but isn't osmium stronger? If this does truly extend the throat life we'd have people running faster rounds than ever. At first I...
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    Home made Covert Case

    lol and open the case to find out they just stole a gun :P.
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    Gas gun guy now loading for a bolt gun

    redding dies work very well, If I'm loading A bolt gun I'd like micrometer seater and bushing neck sizer, but they cost a pretty penny compared to rcbs ($200-250 range). Annealing saves brass life a lot and makes it have consistent neck tension.
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    Advanced Marksmanship The dangers of leaving your steel at the range.

    made me laugh when it said "this is the size of a target for 500m" and its much smaller.
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    Suppressors Making your own suppressor.

    do you do this by hand or cnc?
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    PSA - Lube matters way more than I ever thought

    I just like the pad, the spray seems like too little. I also use hornady neck lube.
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    Hunting & Fishing Freaking BOT FLY in my squirrel!

    better tie me down while and try to feed me that if I'm starving that thing is getting burned to crisp.
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    Gunsmithing working in the shop

    what lathe, and what mill you running?
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    Gunsmithing Cocking piece digging a ditch on the cocking ramp

    yeah i've polished mine, lubed it and polished the cocking piece and its the same so Idk
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    Yup, another gun cabinet cerakote oven... *pic heavy*

    how hot does it have to get to bake the cerakote on?