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    Hodgdon H4831SC in Austin Texas, please help

    Moderator, please move if I posted in the wrong forum. I am looking for some of the above powder in Austin. Willing to trade TAC or some Varget for it. I am working on Rem .260 load and could not find this powder at all. I am in the Austin, Texas area. Thank you very much for your help. Hugh
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    Powder selection help for .260 Remington 140 GN

    I need some help on select the right powder for my 260 Remington. I am going to use mostly 140 SMK or 140 Hornady and the distance is range from 600 out to about 1200 yards. I been searching for the right powder for reload. What I found is a lot of re-loader use either H4350, IMR-4350 and RL19...
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    DPMS AR15 repair kit at midway

    This kit still available as of this morning. Been out of stock for awhile. Just got notified from them.
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    M24/M40 barrel vs heavy varmint

    I am putting together a 308WIN bolt for bench target shooting on AI 2.0 chassis and just wondering which contour will be best fit for it. Narrow it down to either M24/M40 24-26" or heavy varmint 26" barrel. This bolt will shoot 168 to 190 max in 308. Is there any benefit for going with the...
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    Rifle Scopes Larue SPR screw touge set

    Hi all, On the Larue SPR, what is the screw touge for the rings? I checked Larue webpage but could not find anything about the touge set. It is the 30mm ring set and US Optics 1.8-10x optics. Thank you.
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    Rifle Scopes Larue SPR or US Optics rings

    Hello all, I am newbie and would like some information on what a properway to mount a scope on bolt riffle. I have a 700 with 20base badger base. The scope is US Optics SN3 3-17x44 30mm tube. Which is the best way to mount the scope on the riffle? I like the Larue SPR but read some here that...