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    Accessories WTS: Triad Tactical large stock pack

    I have for sale a Triad Tactical large stock pack in coyote brown. Excellent condition. Includes a stack of Velcro strips to adjust the height of the comb. Right hand. Pride is $45 shipped. Payment by PP F&F, Venmo, or Zelle
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    Accessories WTS: MSA Sordin MICH Ranger Communication System PRICE DROP

    I have for sale a brand new never used MSA Sordin MICH Ranger Communication system. It is a dual comm headset with all factory accessories included. Price is $450 OBO shipped. Payment by PP F&F, Venmo, or Zelle. Shipping by USPS Priority.
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    Accessories WTS: 16” Larue PredatAR .308 barrel and gas block PRICE DROP

    I have for sale a 16” Larue PredatAR.308 barrel. Rebuilding the rifle as a SBR .308 so no need for this one. Shoot well, and I estimate around 500 rounds on it. Include the Larue gas block. This does not have the fluted chamber. $300 shipped NOW $280 OBO Payment by PP F&F or Venmo. No trades.
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    Accessories WTS: Muzzle brakes

    I have for sale a number of used muzzle brakes now that my suppressors have arrived. L to R 1: PWS FSC 1/2x28 $40 Has some spray paint and carbon buildup 2: KAC three prong. $50 3: SilencerCo ASR 1/2x28 $20 or free with any other brake. Was pinned and I had to use a grinder to remove. Still...
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    SOLD AICS S/A 1.5 Legacy with spigot, addition skins, Badger IMUNS, and rail

    I have for sale an AICS 1.5 legacy short action chassis in FDE. Package includes the following: AICS chassis Badger 20moa IMUNS Atlas rail section B&T19 spigot mount Black Victor skins All necessary hardware and action screws The chassis recoil lug area was milled by Accurate Ordnance to .250”...
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    Welching: huntingthem

    Member posted or messaged an I'll take it" for items I am selling and failed to respondto my replies or attempted further communication.
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    Would like to verify my load data please.

    I am loading for a CMMG .308, and I am using LC10 brass, BL-C(2), CCI #200, and 150gr surplus bullets. These will be for plinking so I am not worried about gnats ass accuracy. I weighed a few bullets and they averaged about 152gr. Ogive measurement differed by around .20. I probably should...
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    Advice on Armalite AR-10 SASS

    My local gun store has what appears to be a like new Armalite AR-10 SASS for $1999. It has been sitting on the rack for at least two months since that is how long I have been down here in Georgia. Is this rifle a steal at this price? I can get 20rd magazines from Brownells for $45, which is the...
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    Need load for 220 SMK please

    I have a R700P in .308, a box of 220gr SMK's, and Varget, Power Pro 2000MR, and R-15 to work with. Cases are LC LR 09, and primers of Federal 210. I picked up these bullets to make some subsonic .300BLK rounds, but thought I would give them a whirl in the .308 to see how they do at long range...
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    Difference between FGM210M and Federal 210 primers?

    I am running low on FGM201M primers so I had to switch to regular Federal 210 primers. Is there any noticable difference between the two? Would CCI #200 primers be better, or am I just overthinking primers? I am still in load development so I am not using different primers on an established...
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    Has anybody else used the Cabelas brand case lube?

    I bought a bottle of this stuff because it was cheaper than the RCBS case lube. Put my brass in a tray, sprayed it down, and let sit for five minutes per the instructions so the alcohol would dissipate off. Started running it through the press, and this shit is horrible. Build up of gunk on the...
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    Question about Hornady dies for .308

    I have a set of Hornady Custom Grade dies, and in regards to the F/L die, does it bump the shoulder back? I have used up my google-fu trying to find the answer. The reason I ask is because some of the Hornady dies specifically say they bump the shoulder back while the literature on this...
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    An off the wall question about an LMT .308 barrel.

    I have an Armalite .308 upper and lower receiver. My ideal barrel for this build would be 16" and chrome lined with a medium profile. The reason for this is I want to be able to shoot steel cased .308 and not worry about screwing up a nice match barrel. Unfortunately, the only option I can find...
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Just got a S&W M&P VTAC in 9mm

    Just got a VTAC for $555 shipped from, and I also get a $50 mail in rebate. Took it to the range and shot some rounds at 25 yards. They were hitting low, which may have been as much due to the distance as anything else. My question is regarding the VTAC sights. Is there a...
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    Rifle Scopes Opinions wanted on my scope mounting method

    Since I lack experience in this area, I kinda had to make it up as a I go. I mounted a Vltor bipod on the rifle and used an Atlas monopod on the buttstock. I put a level on the rail, and adjusted the monopod until the rifle was level. I put the Leupold MK4 scope in the ADM mount, and used one...
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    About to finish my 6.5 Grendel upper

    Just got an awesome deal on a trade in optic at SWFA towards a Leupold Mk4 6.5-20X50 w/ TMR reticle. Also ordered a Viking Tactics/Troy 15" rail. Specs: Mega billet upper Young N/M bolt carrier Satern bolt headspaced to barrel Satern 18.5" bbl., 8.75 twist, SS fluted. PWS comp (Found one with...
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    Tactical Ammunition opinions?

    I ran across this company, and reviews are limited. They have good prices on their 75gr. HPBT ammo, and I was thinking of picking some up as an alternative to the Black Hills ammo. Here are the specs: 50 pcs .223 75gr HPBT MATCH 50 rounds of New LC head stamps Factory New to 2600 fps Newly...
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    Rifle Scopes What distance to zero at?

    I built an 18" precision AR15 last year, and topped it with a Leupold MK4 3.5-10X40 mil-dot scope. They first time I shot it was on my dads property, and the furthest I could get was about 60-ish meters. Yesterday I was on a 100m range so I could properly zero the scope. However, I am stuck on...