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  1. farmer103

    F150 owners

    14 ecoboost started having timing issues at 140k. Was ran hard on the farm though. Changed the brakes twice and that was it. 13-14 mpg. Wouldn’t buy another ecoboost for my use. Have a 3.0 powerstroke now that gets 22 mpg daily drive and 26 highway. Get a 6.5 box. Short box is worthless
  2. farmer103


    Treated wastewater goes to ocean. Solids go to treatment plant to be processed into fertilizer
  3. farmer103


    where does your human waste go? Do you have a better idea than processing it and using it as a soil amendment to grow healthier crops? It’s not sprayed directly on edible crops unless your eating trees. The correct term would be applied, spread or in the case of forest application you could...
  4. farmer103

    2020 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
  5. farmer103

    Night Vision PVS27 cold wet use maintenance

    thanks. Do you think the frozen pizza preset button on the microwave would be sufficient ?
  6. farmer103

    Night Vision PVS27 cold wet use maintenance

    Any advice on drying out lenses/unit on pvs after using on a cold damp night? When I got back in last night my lenses had heavy condensation and the body was frosty.
  7. farmer103

    Accessories Need seekins CIP length DBM

    I have one in an A5,
  8. farmer103

    Accessories Sold

  9. farmer103

    Accessories WTB MPA Rem LA chassis

    Looking for a right handed R700 MPA long action chassis and mag for 338 lapua.
  10. farmer103

    Accessories Manners EH1s

    I will take #8 in scorched earth if still available
  11. farmer103

    FYI - Atlas Bipods - Raider Cleats

    Order in, thanks!
  12. farmer103

    Accessories sold

    will slit it up and sell tripod for $700, head for $300
  13. farmer103

    Accessories sold

    Trades added
  14. farmer103

    Accessories WTB manners w/ EFR

    Looking for a Right handed r700 mini chassis manners stock with an EFR
  15. farmer103

    Accessories WTT spuhr 4001 for 4002

    Looking to trade my FDE spuhr 4001 for a 4002. PM for details
  16. farmer103

    Atlas bipod for bench only

    SCAL is solid on the bench
  17. farmer103

    Snowy mountain rifle!!

    Iv had a couple excellent builds done by them. Check their facebook page they post build pictures and info regularly.