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  1. Iyaoyas11

    Optics Kahles 624i CCW/LSW SPF***

    SOLD**PF*Like new: Kahles 624i CCW 6-24x56 / SKMR3 reticle Model: 10616 Left side windage Illuminated 34mm tube $2050 shipped. OBRO**Payment via Applepay, Zelle or CashApp (sorry no PP or Venmo available). Photos to follow No trades.
  2. Iyaoyas11

    Accessories WTB: JMAC zero key mount brake

    Looking for a JMAC Customs Keymount in 1/2-28. I was thinking this would be a good option to put on my 223 LTR and not have the noise of a brake when the Sandman isn’t mounted. Thanks!
  3. Iyaoyas11

    Accessories Sold: ATPIAL-C (black)

    Nearly new ATPIAL. MFG Date: Feb20. I mounted it on the rifle a couple days ago, haven’t taken it outside to even zero. I did use one of two sticky’s first the pressure pad switch. ITAR restrictions apply. Email for quickest response and more pics. $1215 shipped Payment via Zelle...
  4. Iyaoyas11

    Accessories Sold***LMT LM8 upper receiver

    Like new condition. Carbine length. Total length from end to end is about 16.5”. Slick side with QD inserts on the end. $550 shipped (PP fees to you, Zelle, Venmo) Thanks
  5. Iyaoyas11

    Accessories SPF: LaRue C.A.N. Mount 35mm

    Thought I needed it, turns out I don’t. $105 shipped. OR I would trade 30mm ring halves for the 35mm. Thanks.
  6. Iyaoyas11

    Accessories Sold: Signed BFG Vickers padded sling FDE

    As New BFG Vickers padded sling, signed by Larry Vickers in FDE. I bought it this way, I did not see him sign it. No attachments. $55 shipped today 5/25 Or sell for $65 shipped. Message for quickest comms and pics. Thanks!
  7. Iyaoyas11

    Firearms WTS: POF .224 Valkyrie

    The description is of the complete rifle but I’d sell the upper only $1050 shipped. (Complete $1500) - Only 60 rounds fired. Trades: Really want a LaRue OBR 223 McMillan return stock Leupold Mark 5HD Mil scope Mark 6 Mil scope Leupold Mark 4 spotting scope Nightforce NXS Or NX8 Mil scope Sako...
  8. Iyaoyas11

    Accessories SPF***NIB LMT CSW upper (bare)

    As stated. now $600 $650 shipped. Payment via paypal (fees to you) or Zelle. Thanks!
  9. Iyaoyas11

    Firearms *Keeping*NIB Q The Fix 22” 6.5CM $3k shipped

    Decided to keep. NIB Q The Fix. 22” barrel (Not Bartlein Or Tooley)/ 6.5CM $3K shipped from an individual. Add $50 from FFL. Payment via Zelle, PayPal (fees to you), Venmo. Trades: - GAP rifles 223, 6.5CM, 260, 243, 308 - LMT, LWRC 6.8spc, 300BO - Sig Canebrake - Larue OBR - KAC LPR - MK12...
  10. Iyaoyas11

    Random holsters

    1. Desantis Tac Pro Left Hand paddle holster for Glock17. Black. $25 shipped 2. Crossbreed (seconds) Micro clip Sig P238. All black. $25 shipped. 3. *SPF***Crossbreed (seconds) Glock19 IWB holster. Can’t remember the name, single large clip. Brown leather/black kydex $30 shipped 4. Galco...
  11. Iyaoyas11

    Optics *SPF* PRG Python TS50 Micro Thermal-***SPF*

    Still here. Only fondled and looked through, not mounted. Sale for $2625 shipped *Lowered a ton* Interests: NF NXS Mil/Mil LMT CQB 300bo/6.8spc/556 KAC LPR 300bo upper Q honey badger Q Trash Panda USMC Return Stock A.I. GAP rifles LWRC MK12 Mod Benelli SBE Also, Happy Birthday Marines!
  12. Iyaoyas11

    SPF***LaRue SPR-S LT158 34mm Mount

    As stated in the title. $140 shipped (PayPal friends and family or Zelle) Only trade would be towards a regular LaRue SPR mount, NF 1.375 unimount, or G Mount. 30mm Thanks!
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    wwang is G2G!

    Completed a deal on his S&B for optics/$ on my end. No issues!
  15. Iyaoyas11

    Gun Safe

    What is everyone’s standard for a gun safe? I searched, couldn’t find any topics? What are the standards or ratings that you require? What companies do you suggest? Currently on the hunt for around a 48 gun safe. $2k area. Thanks in advance.
  16. Iyaoyas11

    Optics WTT: NIB Nightforce C461 Mil*Keeping for now

    *Keeping for now* Or sell for $1700 Anyone have an old Nightforce scope to trade for my new one? Looking for 5.5-22 Mil. Open to offers on all trades as well. Bushnell. Trijicon MRO. LWRC. LaRue. GAP rifles. Sako. Mine- C461 2.5-10x42 / Zerostop / Mil-r / Digilum I need a NXS 3-15x50 or...
  17. Iyaoyas11

    Sig Sierra3BDX 6.5-20X52 SPF***

    Sig Sauer SIERRA3BDX 6.5-20x52mm Riflescope SOSBDX36111 Like new, except the objective bell was beat up by something in a safe. Willing to trade for MRO’s, Eotech, or other reddots. Make offers. $450 shipped** $530 shipped* $580 + $10 shipping. Payment via Zelle, PP (ff) or Venmo. Email for...
  18. Iyaoyas11

    *SPF*LaRue OBR Mount 30mm

    Opened and put on a rifle a few minutes. Still new, no scope has been in it. The is the VFZ model, not the qd levers. 30mm. $170 shipped. Pics can be provided. Email is quickest. Payment via pp (ff) or Zelle. Only trade for NF Ultralite 30mm mount +/- as needed
  19. Iyaoyas11

    *SPF* New Geissele Federal Super Modular Rail DDC

    New Geissele Federal Super Modular Rail 10 inch, MK4 in DDC. Complete with super gas block and modular rail tool. Only open and fondled. Never threaded onto anything. Pics upon request. Email is quickest. Payment via Venmo or PP (FF). $325 shipped OBO. Thanks!
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    Not a question about shooting. I’m trying to remember the title of the book about the ATF guys getting ate by pigs. A helo going down. The book was real popular on here a while back. My explanation sucks but I figure someone will know with those little snippets. Thanks!