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    Barricade stop that mates to front action screw area of bottom metal

    I remember quite some time ago, somebody on here had a prototype for an add on barricade stop that fit into the front screw hole of badger bottom metal and replaced the front screw with a longer one. I can't remember the name or who was making them. Did they ever go to production and are...
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    Super Chrono?

    Is there anybody out there running one of these super chrono's that rifles only is selling? I haven't seen any reports so far from anybody.
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    Hunting & Fishing Couple of Kansas Muleys

    I just realized I hadn't posted these pics over here yet. My buddy and I hunted units 2 and 1 in Kansas during the early muzzleloader season. We were lucky enough to take a couple of nice bucks. I do have to admit that I missed a much bigger buck than the one I killed. :( Still couldn't tell you...
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    Hunting & Fishing Kansas Mule Deer

    I drew a non resident muzzle loader tag for units 2,1. Anybody around here ever had this tag? I have done quite a bit of research already and have most of my logistics planned out already. Hopefully this will end with a nice mature deer on the ground. I would love to see any pictures or hear of...
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    New Beanland 6.5x47

    I picked up my new 6.5x47 lapua from Beanland last Friday. I had a chance to shoot it a little bit on Sunday. Initial load testing is very positive, not that I would expect anything else. I didn't have my chrono with me to check speed, es, or sd. That will be the next step. Rifle specs...
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    New Beanland 7wsm

    I was lucky enough to take delivery of my new 7 wsm built by Jon Beanland over the holiday weekend. He had already built me one a couple of years ago that was nothing short of stellar, but was always heavier than I really wanted it to be. So I spun off the MTU barrel and ditched the adjustable...
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    Hunting & Fishing Oklahoma deer hunt story with buck roar video...

    Sorry guys no kill, but I did have one of the best hunts I've ever had the other evening. I hunted a piece of property I've had access to for a long time, but have never hunted for some reason. The deer are bedding in a creek bottom across some railroad tracks. They leave their beds and travel...
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    Range Report 7mm 180 smk bc?

    Just wondering if anybody has come up with a verified bc for the sierra 7mm 180 matchking? I tried the custom google search engine, but didn't come up with anything. Thanks! Colin
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    7mm 180 smk bc?

    Just wondering if anybody had a proven bc for the 7mm 180 sierra match king. I used the custom google search engine couldn't come up with it. Thanks! Colin
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    Hunting & Fishing Quality Knifes?

    I am thinking about investing in some high quality hunting knifes. I am looking for a skinning/gutting knife with a guthook, and a smaller caping knife. I know a lot of people will suggest the Knifes of Alaska, which I am fully aware of, but I was wondering if anybody had any other suggestions...
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    Hunting & Fishing 2010 Oklahoma Whitetail

    Had a good hunt the first week of rifle season. The deer in western OK were rutting hard. I witnessed more fights, chasing, and posturing than I have ever seen before. I also saw a lot of mid day movement and I think it may have been due to the full moon. Anyway I shot this guy last night after...
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    Gunsmithing TC Icon action?

    I was just wondering if anybody has built a custom on the icon action yet? Im aware of the warlord they already offer that is a colaboration with GAP. Obviously manners inlets stocks for them, but what about bottom metal. Just had an idea running through my head, you guys know how it is!
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    Anybody seen a MCM A-3 Sporter?

    Just wondering if anybody has personally seen or has any pictures of Mcmillan's new A-3 sporter. It was supposed to be at shot, so I figured somebody somewhere would have a picture or review of it. But so far I have been able to find nothing about it. Anybody?
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    New Beanland .243

    As you can probably tell from the title, I had Jon Beanland put together a new .243 for me about a month ago. I have only had it to the range twice so far for some load work, and has been shooting pretty good so far. I still have a little work to do with it. My first range trip I shot 3 shot...
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    Hunting & Fishing Wyoming Antelope

    These pics are long overdue as I killed this guy on opening day, October 5th. 475 yard shot bedded down quartered away a bit. Shot him with my beanland built 7wsm and 162 amax's. This gun is a laser and has racked up quite a few kills in its short life span. It was finished mid sept. 1 antelope...
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    Magazine length of a Win Model 70 wsm?

    Was wondering if anybody had the length of the internal box magazine for a winchester model 70 in a wsm caliber. Specifically a super shadow push feed. Thinking about picking one up I found cheap for a light hunting gun, and am wondering about 168 bergers. 7 wsm of course. Thanks. Colin
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    Gunsmithing What is a Mod 70 WSM magazine internal length?

    Does anybody have the maximum internal magazine length for a Mod 70 in a WSM action? Thanks
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    Hunting & Fishing Oklahoma Whitetail

    Shot this buck in western OK at a buddy's place on 12/3. He came out on the wheat field chasing some does. Shot him with my beanland built 7wsm and 162 amax. He weighed 192 lbs live weight when I checked him in. He was a super old buck, only had 1 tooth left!
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    Wolf Primers in Stock at Widener's

    According to their website they have all wolf small rifle, small rifle mag, large rifle, and large rifle mag primers in stock. They received a shipment on the 14th. I ordered 4k small magnums yesterday and got a confirmation email so they should be on the way. Just wanted to let everybody know...
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    What Primer?

    I have not ever used any wolf primers but have a chance to get some. I am going to be getting a new 223ai and a 6.5x47 lapua soon. I was hoping to be able to use the same primer in both and was thinking the small rifle magnum is the ticket but I am just not sure. I already have a couple thousand...