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    Optics WTS - Vortex Razor HD Gen 2 PRICE REDUCED!

    Selling my Vortex Gen 2 Razor. Scope has been used on my match rifles for the past year and a half. Some wear marks but they work flawlessly. 2 to sell, but need to keep one till my new scope arrives. 4.5-27×56. EBR 7C MRAD on both scopes. One scope comes with Vortex precision rings and a...
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    Accessories SOLD - WTS - 3 MPA Chassis

    I have 3 MPA chassis (All 3 Rem 700 Short action) and some Misc weights and barricade stops to go along with the 2 Comp chassis. The 2 Comp chassis have some wear marks as they were both my chassis for 1 season of PRS matches. 1 BA Comp in Tungsten. $750 1 BA Comp in Burnt Bronze $750 1 BA...
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    Firearms SOLD!!!! 260 Remington, Kelbly's Atlas Tactial

    260 Remington barreled action. Kelbly's Atlas Tactical Bartlien 26 inch M24 barrel 1-8 twist Area 419 Sidewinder brake Triggertech special trigger. Approximately 450-475 rounds on this setup. The gun is a hammer. The pic in the photos is 5 shots @ 200 yards. I can give load workup if...
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    Reloading Equipment SOLD - 1x Fired Lapua 260 Remington Brass

    I have around 800-1000 pieces of Lapua 1x fired 260 Remington Brass. $75 per hundred shipped. PayPal F&F only.
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    Reloading Equipment ALL SOLD New Peterson Brass - 6 Creedmoor

    I have 700 brand new pieces of Peterson 6 Creedmoor large rifle primer brass to sell. - $110 per hundred shipped or $750 for all shipped. I also have around 2500 pieces of 1x fired Peterson 6 Creedmoor large rifle primer brass to sell. $60 per hundred shipped. Possible trades would be: CCI 450...
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    Feedback TangoSierra916 is GTG

    Bought a Scope, great communication, fast payment.
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    Optics SOLD - Nightforce C579 ATACR 5-25x56 F1

    Selling my Nightforce C579 ATACR 5-25x56 F1. Comes in original box with all accessories. $2300 Shipped.
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    Firearms Sold - 260 Remington MPA Chassis

    260 Remington MPA BA COMP Chassis Kelblys Atlas Tactical Bartlein 26 inch M24 7.5 twist Trigger Tech Diamond Area 419 Sidewinder Brake Gun is a hammer. 340 rounds thru barrel, load workup done and can share that info. Gunsmith work done by Adam Bentley at Dresdon Gun Company in Dresdon, Ohio...
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    jstuck624 is G2G

    Great communication, fast shipping. Buy with confidence. Thanks again