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    Bore guides for our precision 22s

    Yes. There's Possum Hollow bore guide for the 54 action Anschutz.
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    Ammo Crapshoot

    Thanks, justin. I'm thinking that perhaps bullet heel irregularities may at least partly explain bullet POI that is not predicted by MV. Recently I shot a variety of lots of ammo in as nearly ideal conditions as is possible. Among less expensive varieties of ammo I observed a higher frequency...
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    Ammo Crapshoot

    Indeed. My question was simple: "After taking apart .22LR ammo, is it possible to determine when the bullet heels are damaged or inconsistent in dimensions?" In other words, after removing the bullet, can damage be determined to have been there before cartridge disassembly? Or does...
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    Ammo Crapshoot

    I wasn't referring to what's obvious, that is ammo with visible defects. There's a lot of ammo used by shooters, such as SK varieties, most of which doesn't have those visible defects that characterize bulk ammos and CCI products. For example, if someone were to examine SK Rifle Match ammo...
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    Ammo Crapshoot

    Minimal visible defects. The heel of the bullet is unseen but very important with regard to performance. It may be described as a relatively delicate part of the bullet. After taking apart .22LR ammo, is it possible to determine when the bullet heels are damaged or inconsistent in...
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    Vudoo 22 users

    This is a good observation. No one should assume that barrel length dictates ammo velocity. Actual MV's are the result an interaction of the ammo with a particular barrel. I have two barrels of exactly the same length made by the same manufacturer. One consistently produces faster MVs with...
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    Vudoo Gun Works V-22 Rimfire Bolt Action

    There are some very nice groups on the 50 yard target above. On the one that measures 0.219" on the bottom left corner, how can a group be smaller than .22" when there's clearly paper showing between the two widest apart bullet holes?
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    Rifle to shoot Cutting Edge 50 Grain 22LR

    A scarecrow might work better for what's desired. It's usually very quiet unless you get a voluble one.
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    Disappointing lot of Midas plus

    Test tunnel groups are usually ten shot groups, measured outside-to-outside. Ten-shot groups under 12mm outside-to-outside are very good. If it were a 20 shot group, with a stock Tikka barrel at that, it would be quite incredible. In 2014 it was reported that a new 40-shot 50 meter record...
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    Disappointing lot of Midas plus

    I'm not asking you for the answer, but what's the definition of "sub standard ammo"? Lapua -- or any other match ammo maker -- might ask how someone making the charge would explain it. The answer shouldn't be "When I buy expensive ammo like Midas, I expect it to shoot lights out." If someone...
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    Disappointing lot of Midas plus

    A target would show how it shoots much better than a video of chrony results. Six bricks were bought and five-and-a-half are left. This indicates a total of five boxes of fifty were tested in total across three rifles, a Vudoo, a Bergara, and a CZ. As an observation, that's not a lot of...
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    Flyers and action screw torque

    Unfortunately, being what any SK variety of ammo is, which is at best an entry level ammo, those "lights out" lots of SK ammo are very few and far between. For serious shooters, it's good for practice, but I expect it's not often used in top level competition. It can be tough enough to find...
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    Us 22 lr ammo

    There are a lot of shooters who are looking for very good accuracy who would spend a lot on a rifle but would seek to economize on ammo by using less-expensive varieties of ammo. I wouldn't be surprised if they outnumbered those shooters who will buy top level rifles and top level ammo. The...
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    Flyers and action screw torque

    The ammo shown in the pictures, SK Standard Plus, will often produce groups in a variety of sizes. That can make it challenging to accurately assess the impact of action screw torque on results.
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    My adventures with a RimX and a tunacan tuner

    Are there any targets that can be shown with before and after Tuna Can results? Not just single groups but a number of consecutive groups that shows how this tuner may be able to reduce vertical spread?
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    Flyers and action screw torque

    To be more clear, lubricated threads require less torque to get the bolt properly tight.
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    200 yards with rimfire

    Thanks for showing the ballistics chart. Was the shape of the .22LR bullet established before the advent of high velocity rounds? Most, if not all, .22LR ammunition prior to 1927-1928, was what is now considered standard velocity ammo -- that is with MV's typically under 1100 fps. I don't...
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    200 yards with rimfire

    The MV is indeed above the transonic zone, which is approximately 900 to 1350 fps. Two questions come to mind. How are you calculating that the bullet passes through the sound barrier before it reaches 100 yards? With an MV that averages 1650 fps, that would require a significant drop in...
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    Accurate Ammo

    The target posted shows a five shot group that can be covered with a dime. Is that result regular with this ammo or only on occasion?
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    Any ultimatum deuce’s in the wild yet

    What was reported above was not intended to arouse any sensitivities. No one should read anything about the seller's motives for selling his Ultimate Deuce in the information about a rifle for sale because none are provided. Having said that, it can now be noted that a good rifle deserves more...