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    WTB WTB 6.5 x 47L sizing die bushing

    What you got?
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    Optics wts 3 34mm 1.250 MPA ba mounts SOLD

    I have 3 of them .
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    SOLD WTT WTS Leupold mark 8 3.5×25 mil dot. Mark 8 mount inc. Sold shiped

    Got box and sunshade. 2200.00 shipped
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    Optics WTS Vortex viper 12x50 HD

    390.00 shipped
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    Reloading Equipment WTB 6BR FL bushing sizing die

    Looking to buy a 6 BR sizing die
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    Optics WTB 35mm MPA mount 1.250

    Looking for a mount
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    Accessories WTB 35mm MPA mount 1.250

    Looking for a mount
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    Optics WTB Vortex UHD 12×50

    What you got
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    Accessories WTB MPA ba mount 1.25 34mm

    What you got
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    Optics WTB Vortex PMR 30 mm rings medium-high

    Looking for a set medium high
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    Rimfire Wts CZ 457 23.5 22lr. Barrel 90.00

    factory barrel around 700 rds. On it
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    Reloading Equipment Traded 440 109 Berger

    All the same lot # PO1955 Trades 107smk 105 hybrids
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    Optics WTS Vortex Kaibab 18×56 sold.00 shipped

    Glass is good no scratches Just sell because I don't use them . 800.00 shipped
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    Wts kern'l dump'r 50.00

    Wts The Kern'l Dump'r 50.00 obo