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  1. Emilio

    6X45 questions

    Does anyone here shoot the 6X45? I'm planning a build and would like a little info. I would like to shoot the 107 HPBT and would like to know what barrel length you have and what twist. If possible also. the COAL for the 6X45 using the 107ge. Thank you.
  2. Emilio

    6.5 Super LR Loads

    I just ordered a reamer and some dies. Does anyone have any loads they can share?
  3. Emilio

    6.5 Super LR Loads

    I just ordered a reamer and a set of dies for the 6.5Super LR. Is there anyone that would like to share loads? Thanks.
  4. Emilio

    Movie Theater New COD trailer

    Sorry, shameless plug. We just released trailer today. Call of Duty: Ghosts Masked Warriors Teaser Trailer - YouTube
  5. Emilio

    6.5BR with 130gr VLD

    Has anyone tried the Berger 130gr VLD in a 6.5 BR? Any load recomendations?
  6. Emilio

    USMC Winchester M70 ?

    After reading a couple of books they all seem to agree that the Winchester M70 used by the Marines had medium-heavy barrels. Can anyone tell me what contour that would be?
  7. Emilio

    Caylen Wojcik's sling?

    Does anyone know or remember how Caylen modified his Magpul sling?
  8. Emilio

    Advanced Marksmanship Front sight

    Has anyone gone to Front Sight? I'd like some feed back whether or not its worth it.
  9. Emilio

    6.5BR 130 Berger VLD?

    Does anyone have a load for the 6.5BR using the Berger 130gr VLD?
  10. Emilio

    Sidearms & Scatterguns EAA Witness Help

    I bought an EAA Witness in 40 not long ago. My dealer couldn't include the mags because they are high cap and I live in a gay state. I ordered new 10rds mags and they didn't fit. A guy at the range said it was because I have an "older" model. Does anyone know if that's true and if it is where...
  11. Emilio

    Movie Theater Finding Bigfoot

    They had the season finaly last week and I'm surprised no one has said anything about the show on here.
  12. Emilio

    Manners M1A/M14 stock

    Did anything ever come of this stock or is it still in the works?
  13. Emilio

    Where to get a blow out kit

    I use to buy my blow out kits at Tactical Response gear but they don't have them listed anymore. Where do you guys get yours?
  14. Emilio

    Central Cascade Precision

    For those who might be intrested, there is a good write up in this month's SWAT magazine about Central Cascade Precision. Make me wish I could swing a course with them.
  15. Emilio

    Duracoat #27 DM Lizard?

    Has anyone used Duracoat #27 DM Lizard? Do you have any pictures of what it looks like? The sample they show on line in the exact color that I am looking for but every time I have bought Duracoat in the past they never match up.
  16. Emilio

    Member Link Up Ranges in San Fransisco

    Can anyone help me find a firing range in the Bay area? The company I'm working for wants some range time to record recoil and impacts for a computer game that we are working on. Thanks. Emilio
  17. Emilio

    Movie Theater Burn Notice fans

    I just got in from Comic-con and USA network announced that they are going to release a Sam Ax prequil movie soon. I don't know if Bruce Campbell will be in the whole move or just recounting stories as Sam.
  18. Emilio

    Are you an Avitar fan?

    Here you go, it had to happen soon or later.
  19. Emilio

    308 PALMA loads

    Does anyone have any pet loads for their PALMA rifles. I'm picking up my rifle at the end of the week and would like a good starting point. I have a bunch of Varget and Winchester brass. Thanks.
  20. Emilio

    Gunsmithing 308 reamer?

    I am in the begining stages of a new project rifle. I would like to have the barrel and a set of custom dies cut with the same reamer. Can anyone suggest a reamer. I have a PALMA 95 but I plan on shooting 175. I plan on going through Pacific. Thanks. Emilio