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  1. Willoughby1971

    SOLD Berger 208 Hybrid

    208gr Berger Hybrid(0.308) box of 100 sealed $70 shipped
  2. Willoughby1971

    SOLD SPF Arken EP4 4-16x50

    SPF Arken EP4 4-16x50 EPR4 (MRAD)reticle $500 shipped with original box, sun shade and a throw lever. Add $40 if you want the Arken low (0.92") rings. Small mark on bottom (pictured), otherwise great condition.
  3. Willoughby1971

    Accessories Jewell Trigger, Atlas Brake, Barrel Vice

    Burris 34mm Level Sold Arken 34mm 0.92" Rings Sold MechForce Barrel Vice $65 shipped Hornady Case Prep Duo $40 shipped Jewell Trigger with right side safety, no bolt release sold Odin Atlas 30 cal. Muzzle Brake 5/8-24 $50 shipped Harris S-BRMP 6-9” leg notch excellent condition Sold...
  4. Willoughby1971

    SOLD Bergara HMR 300 PRC reduced

    Bergara HMR 300 PRC Includes Jewell trigger, 20 MOA base, extra length of pull spacers, one CIP length(3.850") metal mag and Odin Atlas brake 100 pieces of Hornady brass (mix of 1-3 times fired) Rifle has 314 documented rounds thru it, never more that 8 rounds in a string before cooling $875...
  5. Willoughby1971

    SOLD Weaver 6-30x56 reduced $700

    Weaver Tactical 6-30x56, 34mm illuminated, MRAD, very slight ring marks, tracks perfect, includes box and Vortex Defenders, $700 shipped
  6. Willoughby1971

    USO TS-12 Mounting

    Anyone have a USO TS-12 on an AR with a 1 piece mount? All the mounts I have are too wide. Thought I would ask if anyone knew of something that would work before I started researching mount dimensions.
  7. Willoughby1971

    Reloading Equipment SPF 30 Caliber Bullets

    I have: 2 boxes of 100 225gr Hornady ELD-M 1 box of 100 225gr Hornady ELD-M (seconds from Midway) 1 open box of 80+ 225gr Hornady ELD-M (seconds from Midway) No splitting, $180 shipped Also have a box with 70 220gr SMK I would include for another $20 I just bought all of these and thought I...
  8. Willoughby1971

    WTB Found

    Found SWFA 10x or 12x Classic, might consider a 16x or a 3-9 HD This is for a budget project so it doesn’t have to be cosmetically perfect as long as it functions good and glass is in good shape.
  9. Willoughby1971

    Accessories Found Bergara HMR Spacers

    I would like to buy two length of pull spacers for a Bergara HMR.
  10. Willoughby1971

    Reloading Equipment Sold 105 Hybrids

    6mm Berger 105gr Hybrid Target (not the same lot number) 2x sealed box of 100 $100 shipped
  11. Willoughby1971

    Optics Sold - Arken EP4 6-24x50

    Arken EP4 6-24x50 FFP 34mm EPR-MOA Lightly used, very light ring marks on the bottom of the tube (pictured), includes box with sunshade and throw lever. I also have Arken 0.92” rings that can be included for an additional $60 or a Leupold 1.45” AR mount for $60 Sold
  12. Willoughby1971

    Accessories Atlas Bipod, ARC Mag & Vortex Defenders

    Sold Atlas BT-10 $175 shipped Sold - ARC 10 Round Magazine with LRI follower $70 shipped Sold - Vortex Defenders E10 & O56 $30 shipped or $15 with purchase of another item.
  13. Willoughby1971

    SOLD OAL Gauges & 6.5 Grendel Die Set

    Hornady Straight OAL Gauge Hornady Curved OAL Gauge Modified Cases: 300 Win Mag 300 WSM 270 WSM 308 Win 7mm-08 260 Rem 6.5 Creedmoor 6.5x47 Lapua 25 Creedmoor 243 Win 6mm Creedmoor 6mm BR $75 shipped for everything above (not splitting) SPF-6.5 Grendel Hornady FL Die Set $35 shipped
  14. Willoughby1971

    SOLD Leupold 34mm Mount reduced

    34mm Leupold AR Mount, 0 MOA, excellent condition $50 shipped
  15. Willoughby1971

    Optics Sold Arken EP4 4-16x50

    Arken EP4 4-16x50FFP with EPR MIL reticle, excellent condition includes Butler Creeks, original box, sunshade and throw lever. $525 shipped (PayPal you cover fees or Venmo) Leupold mount can be included for $75
  16. Willoughby1971

    Accessories SPF PSA Drop-in Trigger

    PSA drop-in trigger, used for approximately 120 rounds, includes pins $45 shipped
  17. Willoughby1971

    Accessories Sold AR Parts Clean Out updated

    2 triggers with springs, hammers, disconnectors and pins 1 trigger guard 1 Magpul ASAP receiver end plate 1 Ergo Grip 1 Charging handle with oversized latch $75 shipped (PayPal you cover fees)
  18. Willoughby1971

    Optics Sold Nightforce UL 34mm rings

    Nightforce Ultralight 34mm rings 1.0” height $120 shipped
  19. Willoughby1971

    Accessories Sold Atlas BT10

    Atlas BT10 Bipod excellent condition $175 shipped
  20. Willoughby1971

    Reloading Equipment Sold - Hornady 6 Creedmoor Dies

    Hornady Match Grade Die set with 0.268” bushing $65 shipped