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  1. SgtUSMCirqafg

    Firearms CZ 550 300wm, Manners, Bartlein $1550

    Up for sale is an RBGC CZ 550 with a bartlein barrel and Manners EH1 chambered in 300wm. It has only been test fired. For those that don’t know Rivers Bend Gun Co was the CZ custom shop and built all the Sonora rifles. This is a clone of those rifles only without the fluting. $1550
  2. SgtUSMCirqafg

    Firearms RBGC .223 T5A bartlein $2050

    Rivers Bend Gun Co 21” .223 with T5A $2050 obo Blueprinted R700 short action with dSide bolt release Badger scope base Badger bolt knob ?8-40s? Bartlein 1-8" twist med palma 1/2×28 threads Badger M510 round Accurate mag Manners T5a with spacer system Full pillar bed job Custom Gun...
  3. SgtUSMCirqafg

    SOLD Hornady 6.5 CRD ELD Match

    I have 42 boxes of Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor 140 grain ELD match. All same lot # will not separate. $2500obo shipped PayPal/Venmo gift or fees.
  4. SgtUSMCirqafg

    Firearms RBGC 6.5 Crd w/ McMillan A5

    The shop has a rifle I want so this one has to go. Rivers Bend Gun Company R700, 24” Bartlein 1/8 med Palma with blended thruster, badger knob, badger 20 moa rail, McMillan A5 adjustable stock w/ lop spacers and badger m5 and badger front rail. It has been bedded w/ marine Tex. It will come with...
  5. SgtUSMCirqafg

    Accessories WTT Harris BRMS 6-9 (Badger LPMH)

    WTT Harris BRMS 6-9 leg notch (Badger LPMH bipod kit) for a Harris BRMS 6-9 leg notch with KMW podloc. Will sell for $133 since that’s what it will cost to replace.
  6. SgtUSMCirqafg

    SOLD Manners T2A w/ mini chassis

    Manners T2A with gen 1 mini chassis. Standard fill, R700 inlet with #7 Bartlein barrel inlet. Does has a cutout for side bolt release. Badger pic rail up front and 2 left side qd. $1050 PayPal gift or fees
  7. SgtUSMCirqafg

    SOLD MDT Remington 783 Chassis $250

    MDT LSS Remington 783 chassis with buttstock. $250 shipped PayPal gift or fees
  8. SgtUSMCirqafg

    SOLD Nightforce SHV F1 4-14x50 MOAR

    Nightforce SHV F1 4-14x50 F1 MOAR with .885 Badger steel rings $1020 shipped PayPal gift or fees
  9. SgtUSMCirqafg

    Ammo WTT Hornady 6.5 Crd precision hunter for 300wm precision hunter

    I want to trade hornady 6.5 Creedmoor 143gr precision hunter for 300wm 200gr precision hunter.
  10. SgtUSMCirqafg

    SOLD NF SHV F1 mil

    Nightforce 4-14x50 SHV F1 Mil With aadmount caps $970 With Badger 1.125 alloy rings $1070 Will add pics tonight.
  11. SgtUSMCirqafg

    SOLD 6.5 Creedmoor 140gr BTHP 200rds

    I have 200 rounds of Creedmoor Sports 6.5 Creedmoor 140 grain BTHP ammo. It’s Hornady brass and Hornady 140 bthp $475 shipped PayPal gift or fees. Will not split up. Conus only. Will trade for a 700 long action standard bolt face plus cash, 300 win mag 200 grain precision hunter, grayboe outlander.
  12. SgtUSMCirqafg

    SOLD 300 PRC for 300wm precision hunter

    I have 4 boxes of 225 grain 300 PRC hornady eld match for trade for 4 boxes of 200 grain 300wm precision hunter. Located in KCMO
  13. SgtUSMCirqafg

    SOLD Wtt 6.5 PRC 147gr match

    I want to trade 3 boxes of 147 grain 6.5 PRC ELD Matvh for 143 grain 6.5 PRC Precision Hunter box for box
  14. SgtUSMCirqafg

    SOLD RBGC rifles 6.5 CRD, .308, 6.5 CRD, 6.5 SLR

    I have a few Rivers Bend Gun Co rifles up for sale. All are brand new. 4. R700 LA trued/blueprinted, 26” m24 1/7.5 Bartlein 6.5 SLR, heavy lug, McMillan A5 (ADL) fully bedded, with paint by Shortbus, heavy lug. $2000
  15. SgtUSMCirqafg

    WTB R700 LA CDL stock

    I’m looking for a newer Remington 700 long action CDL stock. Let me know what you have. Maybe a really nice grayboe outlander, BDL or even a wood ADL but it would have to be in perfect condition.
  16. SgtUSMCirqafg

    SOLD .270 110 vmax

    3 full boxes and a partial (345) .270 110 vmax. $132 shipped gift or fees covered. I’ll trade for .30 200 eldx, .30 168 bthp, .264 143 eldx/140 match. Large rifle primers
  17. SgtUSMCirqafg

    SOLD WTT .30 155gr TMK for 150 gr soft point

    Wtt a 100 rd box of .30 cal 155gr. TMK for a box of 150 gr soft points. Doesn’t matter what kind just something name brand. It’s for my AR10 and I’m just feeding it whatever and don’t want to waste the TMKs
  18. SgtUSMCirqafg

    SOLD SPF Manners T2 700 SA gen 1 mini chassis $800

    Manners T2, 700 SA with gen 1 mini chassis. Standard fill painted tan. $800 shipped
  19. SgtUSMCirqafg

    Accessories APA Little Bastard 6.5 x2

    Two APA 6.5 Little Bastards 5/8x24 show some use (obviously) $120 each shipped PayPal gift or fees
  20. SgtUSMCirqafg

    Accessories delete