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  1. deersniper

    Optics Demo 4-16x42 mil xt $2000
  2. deersniper

    WTB Vortex 1-10 mil

    Lmk what y got
  3. deersniper

    Rifle Scopes Anyone use the Trijicon MGRS 50 cal sight ?

    Thoughts ?
  4. deersniper

    WTB Hiss xlr, inod

    Lmk what ya got
  5. deersniper

    MPCT3 is the best Reticle

    If you disagree you’re wrong. I can explain it to you but I can’t understand it for you
  6. deersniper

    Proof research military contract Wonder what all they are making for .mil?
  7. deersniper

    Schimdt and Bender glass is trash

    Or more accurately. Nightforce is more better. And ZCO is more more better. and benders fail. All the time @Perceptiv @Huskydriver @Bender @hafejd30 let’s quit shititing up the tech threads
  8. deersniper

    WTB Minox 1-8

    Lmk what ya got
  9. deersniper

    Shipping 36 ammo cans coast to coast ?

    What’s the cheapest way to get 36 full ammo cans from one coast to the other? thanks
  10. deersniper

    Suppressors B&T reduced back pressure silencers ?

    Anyone have one ? Thoughts on it ?
  11. deersniper

    Precision Rifle Gear RRS knob upgrade?

    Someone told me RRS will upgrade the old style knurled knobs to the new style notched for free. Is this true ?
  12. deersniper

    If you want peace

    Prepare for war. buy more ammo Make sure all right minded friends family acquaintances are armed and proficient
  13. deersniper

    Feedback JoshF303 account hacked. Scammer !

    Don’t buy from this shit bag
  14. deersniper

    WTB AG brick

    Anyone have one to get rid of ?
  15. deersniper

    Pint sized GC. Waxed or sticky?

    Opinions ?
  16. deersniper

    WTB Desert tech SRS A1 arca

    Lmk what ya got
  17. deersniper

    $7.99 pmags
  18. deersniper

    16” low profile KeyMod Arca rail?

    Anyone make one ? I love how low profile the MDT ones are but looks like they only do m lok
  19. deersniper

    ADM bipod mount Identification???

    Anyone know what this adm mount fits. It is like the ones that fit atlas bipods. But the screw holes are slightly closer together and the whole thing is taller ?