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  1. CoryT

    Non magnetic tripod systems

    In case anyone uses azimuth and distance for geolocation, I've been successful in converting the Manfrotto 410 Gear Head to a non-magnetic condition. I did a conversion of the larger PL plate system to the RC2 system. Then I replaced all the stainless hardware with brass. The springs all must...
  2. CoryT

    Accessories PLRF covers, Vector accessories

    If anyone needs them, I've got 3 PLRF 10/15 rubber covers in FDE, $81 each, 1 tan cover for the PLRF 25C $91, several PVS-14 night vision adapters for the Vector IV/21 $316, objective covers for Vector BLRF's, $30 old style (non-rotating) and $46 new rotating type. Plenty of data cables for the...
  3. CoryT

    Optics Ashbury Electro-Optic rail grabber with Azimuth and Elevation

    I've got 3 slightly used mounts available. These are designed to put the Vector 21 onto the LRTV and then dial in the reticles to co-witness. The mount to any 1913 rail and a 1/4-20 tripod socket, and so can be used to co-witness your LRF to your spotting scope. Retail is $688, you can have...
  4. CoryT

    Optics Large lot of Vectronix demo Vector rangefinders and accessories

    I've got a large selection of Vectronix Vector BLRF systems and accessories coming up for sale. These range from Vector 21's that are new in the bag to Vector 1500's that were field demo units. Data cables, 10X Binocular Enhancement units, custom foam hard cases and amagnetic TACT3 tripods...
  5. CoryT

    Spotters Reticle eyepiece option for Pentax PF80-ED

    Those of you that have a straight body PF80-ED can modify a Burris 30X WA eyepiece to fit, so you can have a Mil or MOA reticle in this fantastic spotter. It takes some machine work, so you'll need access to a lathe, but it's a simple mod, just turn the barrel down to 1.25 over the whole...
  6. CoryT

    Gunsite XLR AAR for 26-29 March

    An 8 person class, which included some media personnel, so you can expect to see some Web broadcasts in the near future. The Shotmarker systems are working great, we manage to get good calibration data with time to spare, despite some nasty weather (pea sized hail) that forced us to hunker down...
  7. CoryT

    Firearms Estate Sale - APO .375CT, APO .338LM, ammo and optics included

    We had a client pass away and the estate would like to sell some of the guns he received from me after long range training here at Gunsite. Ashbury Precision Ordnance .375CT SuperSport. < 150 rounds fired. Green action Tan stock. Nightforce BEAST Mil/Mil, 130+ rounds of ammo. Great shooting...
  8. CoryT

    Optics SPF - Vortex Razor Gen II 4.5-27 Mil w/EBR-2C

    Lightly used, calibrated on fixture to exactly .1 mil per click over 30 Mil of travel. Mounted in a Spuhr 4002, MK Machine caps, sunshade, box, adjustment tool, manuals. No scratches in the finish, some light ring marks from mount swaps. $2200 plus shipping via UPS insured. Payment will...
  9. CoryT

    Gunsite XLR class

    I still have 4 slots available in the April class, 26th through the 29th.
  10. CoryT

    Night Vision NV Pistol/Carbine class

    There are still some slots open in the Gunsite Night Vision Pistol/Carbine class, March 29-31.
  11. CoryT

    Night Vision E-COTI v Breech v China Skeet

    So, relative merits between systems? COTI only works mounted to an I2 device, the standalone capability is pretty poor at best. True fusion, potential HUD if CIV-ATAK ever works with it. Good remote battery. Breech works head mounted or handheld, can be bridged with a 14. Seems decent...
  12. CoryT

    Optics WTS: Crimson Trace 3-24 FFP LR1-Mil/Mil

    As new in box, CTL-5324-02, 3-24X, Front Focal Mil tree reticle. Mil knobs with zero stop. $900. Nice glass, needs a rifle under it. Cory Trapp Gunsite Academy, inc.
  13. CoryT

    Pema-banned by PayPal

    So, I got a message from PayPal a few days back that my account is suspended permanently, my funds will be held for 180 days before they can be moved. Customer Service, such that it is, cannot tell me why, it's just been deemed a 'high risk' and thus services have been terminated, no recourse...
  14. CoryT

    375 CT , finally got a real load working

    Warner Tool 361 gn on top of 134 gn of Retumbo, 3156 fps ,SD 6, .56 MOA. The keys turned out to be the Peterson brass and the Warner Tool custom die. Making rounds with near zero run out with really long bullets is hard, but an absolute requirement. The Autotrickler provides charges to a...
  15. CoryT

    Accessories WTS: Federal 6.5 Creedmore GMM Berger 130gr Hybrid

    I find myself with a case of Fed 6.5C that is short two rounds (needed two shots to complete filing on Gun Stories). Retail appears to be $33 per box, so anyone want it for $300 plus shipping? Pickup here at Gunsite if you are in the area.
  16. CoryT

    Night Vision PVS-27 case

    Anyone here know someone that has a PVS-27 soft case in tan or desert camo they would either trade for a black case or sell outright? I can't seem to get one as a separate part anywhere, and given the colors here in AZ the black case just does not cut it.
  17. CoryT

    Night Vision COTI brackets

    Does anyone have a spare COTI/PVS-14 bracket they can part with? I need one for a client.
  18. CoryT

    Optics WTS: Knights Armament AN/PVS-26, near new

    Another trade-in. This PVS-26 has < 23 hours of total use. Looks new, with manual, lens covers, neoprene sleeve and a Maxpedition soft case. These were not delivered with tube spec sheets (per mil contract), but performance is excellent. I can provide pics and through the lens photos on...
  19. CoryT

    Optics WTS: PVS-7 B/D, green phosphor

    I've got a lot of 3 PVS-7 B/D's that will be here on Tuesday 20 Oct. They are Gen 3 Pinnacle auto-gated very nice looking tubes and have about 3 hours total usage. I just had the owners here for class a week ago and took them out of the bags for the first time. In any event, they are trading...