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    Need gear advice for NRL Hunter

    Want to start shooting the NRL Hunter Series and need advice on shooting bags, backpack, and any other gear a dipshit would need before looking silly. Thanks in advance
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    WTB 50rnds 6.5 PRC brass

    I’m looking for anyone that could part with 50 pieces of 6.5 PRC brass to get me goin. Thanks in advance
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    Accessories ISO: Magpul SA bottom metal

    Want to buy magpul bottom metal or something similar to put in a hogue Remington sa stock. Thank you
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    Accessories ISO: Benelli M1 rear stock

    I know it’s a long shot and this isn’t a shotgun platform, but I’m lookin for a standard black synthetic rear stock for a benelli M1 super90. thanks in advance
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    Gone gone gone

    Bartlein 1:8 twist, light Palma, 22”, threaded 1/2x28 with seamless thread protector, spun for a stiller tac 30, 62 rounds fired. TS customs did all the work. Prairie tan cerakote. 300 shipped
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    Have two very lightly used 5rnd AI mags with the primal rights BR kits in them. One doesn’t look like it’s been in a mag well. The rifle I had them for I only fired 61 rounds. for the pair shipped Spf
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    144 rounds of new Norma 6 Dasher brass necked down for a 22 Dasher. Also have 59 rounds of once fired of the 22 Dasher also Norma. 150 shipped
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    Norma 6 Dasher brass

    200 rounds of new Norma Dasher brass. 175 shipped
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    Wildlife technologies E call

    Selling a like new wildlife technologies MA-Max. Will come in original box with remote and user manual. 400 shipped
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    Remington 700 sps tactical accuracy?

    I was wondering if anyone knows how the Remington 700 SPS tactical with the 16.5" barrel performs as far as accuracy? I want the little short bastard to throw my can on it and use as a pickup rifle. Any input would be much appreciated.