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  1. psinclair

    GA Precision 22 GT

    Waiting for dies.... 16" Bart carbon 1-6.5" Mack EVO Throated for 90gr Atips
  2. psinclair

    Hunting & Fishing Bearing Down....

    [url=https:// Had the barrel cut to 19.5", and threaded for a GAP Jager... 6.5 4S-135 Atips Cold, clean, hot, it doesn't matter, it been consistent. Building confidence for fall...;) 2nd barrel on this rifle, with 1400+ through this tube.
  3. psinclair

    Alpha 6 Creed Brass....

    Looking good so far...
  4. psinclair

    Hunting & Fishing A Few From 2017

    Hunting with family and friends is pretty tough to beat.....
  5. psinclair

    Hunting & Fishing The Stars Were.....LINED UP!!!

    And I happened to be in exactly the right place, at the right time!! Shot was eight yards, with my Black Widow recurve. I'm still floating around on cloud nine.
  6. psinclair

    GAP V2 6 Creedmoor

    GA Precision built Templar VII Short Action Bartlein fluted #7, 1-7.5" 5R, 22" Manners MCS-TF6 stock, GAP Camo Badger M5 DBM Jewell HVR trigger Allen Engineering AE30 Suppressor S&B 5-25X56 PMII MIL/MIL Near Manufacturing 34MM Uni-Mount This is the first load I've tested.....might be...
  7. psinclair

    Hunting & Fishing GAP 6.5 4S/Mule Deer....

    Cheated a 20mph crosswind, and dropped a 139gr scenar into the boiler room at 465 meters on this nice mule deer buck a few days ago. You can see the bullet's exit right next to the rifle's mag....about 1.5".
  8. psinclair

    Hunting & Fishing Son's First Antelope....!!!

    And he picked a dandy! After a mile long stalk, and crawl through gumbo mud and cactus, Shane settled in prone from a nice overlook, and made a perfect 417 meter shot with the GAP 6.5 SAUM. He taped 15", with 7" bases, with good mass all the way out, and prongs that measured 6", and had 1/4"...
  9. psinclair

    Hunting & Fishing MIL Range This Buck.......

    What's your best S.W.A.G.? Scope is a 4-16X50 PMII, GenII reticle.
  10. psinclair

    Range Report Shot Out .260 BBL......

    Not quite yet......3997 rounds through it and still hammering away.
  11. psinclair

    Care And Feeding Of A GAP 6.5 SAUM.....

    Starting with Remington 7MM SAUM brass, You'll need: Redding 7MM Saum Competiton dies(Type "S" match) .295 and .291 bushings .264 Expander mandrel Feeler gauge Neck turning tool Neck trimmer Caliper Deburring tool Priming tool NECO case neck lube kit Use the .295 bushing and run the...
  12. psinclair

    Range Report Lapua's New 136gr 6.5 Scenar

    So far, so good. With a BTO of 2.130", the COAL is 2.800". More testing at distance to follow.....I only have one box. 139gr scenar on the left and 136gr on the right. Sexy new ogive. Lapua "L" on the new design.
  13. psinclair

    Gunsmithing PT&G DBM + Dremel

    Switched bottom metal on my old Surgeon .308. It had Badger M4. Easy change out. Removed a little material from the outside of the footprint and some near the front. Used the existing pillars and guard screws...
  14. psinclair

    Brass Catcher....?

    Who makes a good one for an AR15? Thanks!
  15. psinclair

    Hunting & Fishing George's Hammer

    Eastern Montana was the proving ground for George's new "6.5 4S", driving 130gr Berger Hunting VLD's at 3300fps. That is a Templar short action, Bartlein #3 fluted barrel(1-8.2") and Vias brake. The stock is a Manners SL. APA detachable bottom, running AI mags. The cow elk above was taken with...
  16. psinclair

    Justin Verlander

    Need I say more? WOW!!!
  17. psinclair

    Hunting & Fishing GAP Antelope Roundup....

    George's buck. I loaned him my little .260.....grin! Less than 100 yards. Old, heavy buck with lots of little extra stickers... My buck taken at 630 yards with the same rifle. Scott took this doe with his GAP .338LM at 930 yards and one 250gr scenar. George filled this doe tag with a...
  18. psinclair

    Hunting & Fishing Back From Alaska..

    We had a blast! George holding up his hard earned bear taken on day two of our 7 day grizzly hunt, north of Dillingham, Alaska. We hunted with our good friend Jim Waggett who guides for Red Bear Wilderness Guides, known in here as, "Waggs45/70". Waggs spotted this bear from from the river...
  19. psinclair

    Maggie’s That's Gonna Leave A Mark!!!