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  1. reximus

    Accessories SOLD!!! KMW Sentinel - Integrated Mounting Block

    I've got a KMW Stentinel up for grabs here. Recently got my dad into LR shooting and he stole the barreled action, so this beaut is on the chopping block! Great condition, very minor indications of use. Have only had the one barreled action in it since new. It is equipped with the IMB...
  2. reximus

    Firearms Colt 1911 - CCO Model - .45 ACP

    Like the title says, this is a Colt 1911, CCO model, in .45 ACP. It has a Stainless Commander slide and an Aluminum Officer's frame. I'm not much of a 1911 guy, as I'm sure many of you are, but this seems like a pretty neat little Colt. Backstory: My dad decided to get into the long-range...
  3. reximus

    Accessories SOLD!!! MDT CKYE-POD - Like New - $475 Shipped

    I've got a like new (used once) Ckye-Pod bipod up for grabs. Standard length. Right hand model. ARCA attachment. PRICE: $500.00 $475 shipped inside the U.S.
  4. reximus

    Optics SOLD!!! Tangent Theta TT525P Gen 3 XR (MIL/MIL) in a Spuhr SP-4002

    Want some of the best turret 'clicks' in the industry? Some of the best glass out there? A sick tool-less zero feature? Look no further! Well, need to raise start-up funds again - the AXMC didn't quite cover expenses... Offering up the ol' Tangent Theta. With the exception of a tiny "scuff"...
  5. reximus

    Firearms Accuracy International AXMC - 338 Lapua - Kitted Out

    Well, here it goes... I recently relocated from Wyoming (with her great abundance of BLM and free-range for long-range) to Missouri (freaking trees and private land everywhere) - short story, there's not much of a need for a 338 Lapua around here. That, and I just started a new business...
  6. reximus

    Brass for Days!! 6 CRD, 6.5 CRD, 300 WM, 260, 7.62x51

    EDIT: I’ll be out of country and out of contact 12/1-12/17. Will sort out any action upon my return. Thx! I’ve got a bunch of brass I’ve accumulated over the years. All fired from bolt guns. Don’t need to keep this stuff cluttering up the gun room... #1 (left bag) - SOLD!!! Hornady 6 Creedmoor...
  7. reximus

    SOLD!! Accuracy International AX Chassis - Dark Earth

    Just like the title says, I’ve got an Accuracy International AX Chassis in Dark Earth up for grabs. Post 2014 model with the super cool right folding buttstock. Some very light wear and signs of use, but nothing crazy. Overall, very good condition - far from used and abused. Pictures should...
  8. reximus

    SOLD!!! Vortex Gen II Razor 4.5-27x56mm, EBR-2C

    Just like the title says, I’ve got an extra Vortex Gen II Razor 4.5-27x56mm (MIL/MIl) with the EBR-2C reticle up for grabs. I have more scopes than rifles these days, and figured I’d give this one to somebody that’ll love and abuse it. Used but nowhere near abused. Only blens are some slight...
  9. reximus

    Accuracy International AXMC (LA) - 6.5 CM Conversion

    I’ve had a lot of people ask. So I’ll just throw the whole thing out there... Going to dedicate the AXMC to the big boy cartridges... Used in a couple matches, maybe 300 rounds on the barrel/bolt. Bolt is a mooth as a baby’s butt - and I’ve been changing lots of diapers lately, so I know how...
  10. reximus

    SOLD!!! 260 Remington - FGMM Ammo

    I grew out my man bun and jumped on the 6.5 Creedmoor train... Sold my 260 a while back. Still have this sitting in the corner collecting dust. 260 Remington Ammo: Federal Gold Medal Match. All same lot. FGMM: 142 SMK, boxed (11 boxes, 220 rds) FGMM: 142 SMK, loose (101 rds) TOTAL: $275...
  11. reximus

    SOLD!! Manners PRS-1 w/ Mini Chassis

    This is a Manners Elite Tactical PRS-1 w/ Mini Chassis, purchased new from CORE (now Altus) Shooting Solutions. Great condition - just a little wear in the paint from matches. Custom painted by Spartan Precision Rifles in their M90 Draught and inletted to fit their action (Defiance Deviant). It...
  12. reximus

    WTB: Pint Sized Sticky Gamechanger

    Anybody else have one?
  13. reximus

    SOLD!! AI - Coaligned NV Rail Kit/System

    This is the complete kit to upgrade your AI AT to the ultimate night vision rig. This will make your optic mounting system coplanar and oh so sexy looking... Kit includes: Action Rail, Tall, 20 MOA (26612) NV Bracket (26619) 20 MOA Accessory Rail (25849) All screws/hardware There are...
  14. reximus

    SOLD!!! Accuracy International Pistol Grip Upgrade Kit - Folding (26648PB)

    Like the title says. I’ve got an AI Pistol Grip Upgrade Kit here for sale. Sold my last compatible AI (“upgraded” to the AXMC) a while back and have no need for the kit. Pretty good condition. A couple scuffs on the RHS, and on the bottom. PRICE: $10 shipped. Essentially free, just want...
  15. reximus

    SOLD!!! Vortex Gen II Razor 1-6x VMR-2 (MRAD)

    I have a very lightly used Vortex Gen II Razor 1-6x with their VMR-2 MRAD reticle. Great optic, just don’t shoot carbines enough to justify keeping it. I’d give it a “like new” condition rating aside from a couple scuffs in the oxide layer on the illumination knob (pictures). PRICE...
  16. reximus

    SOLD!!! LMT - LM8 Piston Upper Receiver - 16”

    I have a brand new, never fired, LMT LM8 Piston Top End upper receiver. I just don’t shoot carbines enough to justify keeping this sucker. PRICE: $1100 shipped. TERMS: First “I’ll take it” in the comments wins. This trumps pending offers via PM. NOT INCLUDED: Vortex 1-6x. Bobro mount...
  17. reximus

    SOLD!!! Accuracy International Competition Trigger

    Like the title says, I’ve got an AI Comp Trigger for sale here. Has seen 200 rounds of 6.5 Creedmoor. No dirty match conditions - just square range stuff. Clean as a whistle. Works great, I just prefer the factory bang switch. PRICE: $350 shipped. TERMS: First “I’ll take it” in this thread...
  18. reximus

    SOLD!!! Hornady .308 Win Dies - FL 2 Die Set - Free

    Free to somebody that needs ‘em. First “I’ll take ‘em” wins.
  19. reximus

    SOLD!! 260 Remington - Redding Competition Type S Match Die Set - Like New

    Like the title says, I’ve got a brand new set of 260 Remington Type S Match Dies up for grabs. Only used for a few hundred loadings back in the day. Includes: FL Sizing die & Competition Micrometer Seating Die. Same as these: LINK PRICE: $100 shipped. SOLD!! TERMS: First “I’ll take it”...
  20. reximus

    SOLD!!! 28 Nosler - Redding Competition Type S Match Die Set - New

    Like the title says, I’ve got a brand new set of 28 Nosler Type S Match Dies up for grabs. FL Sizing die. Competition Micrometer Seating Die. Same as these: LINK PRICE: $100 shipped. TERMS: First “I’ll take it” trumps offers via PM. NOTE: The box is NOT included. This is the original...