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    WTB AR with some ammo, local San Antonio

    Good morning gents. I’m looking to buy an AR along with 150ish rounds of ammo. Don’t need anything fancy, just a basic functional rifle. Mags included would be nice, but I can get mags easily enough if not. Local in San Antonio until July, all my rifles are back home, and I can’t go get them...
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    Optics Sold* Badger 34mm low rings, 306-14

    Badger 34mm steel rings, 1” tall. PN 306-14. Asking $125 shipped. Rifle and scope sold, just for reference. PayPal F/F or you pay fees.
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    Optics Sold* AD 34mm Recon/1321 Mount.

    American defense 34mm Recon/1321 Mount, in great shape. It’s just been sitting in my safe collecting dust. Asking $100 shipped. PayPal F/F or you pay fees.
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    Accessories Sold* Gen 2 Fat B .30 cal brake

    Gen 2 Fat B .30 cal brake, great shape, low round count. Asking $110 shipped. I have the original paperwork somewhere in the safe I’ll include as well. PayPal F/F or you pay fees.
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    Optics Sold* Gen 2 Razor, 4.5-27, EBR2C Mil/Mil

    Gen II Razor, EBR2C reticle, mil/mil. I had this sitting on my surgeon that just sold. Asking $1,500 shipped for the scope, vortex cat tail included. There’s a small scuff on the sun shade you can see in the pics, but other than that it’s in great condition. Perfect glass. If you want the...
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    Firearms SPF* Surgeon Scalpel 300 WM package

    Only reason I’m selling is they’ve cut our hours at work and I need money for car repairs. I bought each peice of this off other hide members not too long ago but priorities have changed. Has ~300 rounds down the tube. Surgeon 1086LA, McMillan stock, barrel is finished at 26” with an APA fat B...
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    Accessories Found

    Looking to buy a few 30 rnd mags. Had a deal set before everyone was freaking out, but the seller backed out. Dick move... but his right. Looking to get a few more Gen 3 pmags, lancer, BCM etc high quality mags. Good condition, don’t have to be new. Pretty sure someone stole some of mine...
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    Accessories WTB Factory Ruger 300 WM Tank Brake

    As the title says. Looking for a factory muzzle brake (the tank brake) from a RPR 300 WM. I know some guys have replaced the factory brake so hoping I can find one here instead of calling Ruger. (Was originally looking for a 338, sorry for the confusion!) Let me know if you have one!
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    Accessories WTB 6.5 Grendel Upper, 18-20”

    Looking for a Grendel upper, 18-20” barrel. It’s for a buddy of mine and we’ve priced the build new with various parts and sales, but thought I’d check here first in case anyone is wanted to sell one. Complete would be best, with a fairly low round count. No trades, it’s not for me. Let me...
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    *Price drop* WTS/WTT, Aero NiB BCG, 308/6.5CM (DPMS)

    *Trade Pending* Have a NiB BCG from Aero, I've run this in my 6.5 CM (also Aero) for about 200 rounds now. I just upgraded to a JP BCG and Heavy SCS system. Never shot more than 50 rounds without wiping it down so she's in great shape and clean. Shipped just as it came from Aero. Paypal F/F...
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    *SOLD* JP silent capture spring, AR-10

    JP SCS for an AR-10. This has maybe 400-500 rounds on it. It is the standard weight, not the heavy. Comes with the spacer of course for a rifle length tube. I think I still have the JP box it came in and will ship in that if so. $110 shipped PayPal F/F or you pay fees. I’ll get some pics...
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    Both Sold* American Defense Mount, Lower 1/3

    Have an ADM mount for a T2 and a MRO. Lower 1/3 height. Mounting screws included. Asking $60 shipped each. *MRO Mount is sold*
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    Trijicon MRO, new gen, AD mount

    Have a new gen MRO with an AD lower 1/3 mount. This one is a green dot which means the glass is clear instead of tinted like the red dot versions, and it appears much brighter. Asking $410 shipped priority, USPS. PayPal F/F or add 3%. Glass is perfect, some wear is on the battery cap.
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    Magpul pro 45 offset BUIS, $100 shipped

    Like new, was going to use them on my DMR build but going a different route. PayPal F/F
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    WTB: Warcomp flashhider, 5.56

    Looking for a good condition to new War Comp in 5.56. DM me what you have and your price!
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    Sold* New 10.5” complete BA upper There’s a link for more pics and specs...
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    Sold* Gen II PST 3-15 mil w/ AD Recon

    As the title says. Gen II PST, 3-15, ebr 2D mrad, great condition with original box. Mounted in an AD Recon 20 MOA mount on my Mk12 style build. $700 shipped for the scope and mount. The complete upper is for sale as well, better price if you buy the complete upper with it. Scope and upper...
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    WTS Turn key Mk12ish build w/ Gen II PST

    Just broke in, just under 300 rounds total. Upper is also listed separately. Upper: M4E1 threaded receiver 18” Rainier Arms ultra match barrel BCM 13” MCMR Seekins adjustable gasblock Aero BCG Strike industries CH Scope: Gen II PST 3-15 mil, FFP AD Recon Mount Lower: M4E1 Lower Geissele SD3G...
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    SOLD* Mk12 DMR Upper

    Just broke in, just under 300 rounds total. Upper: M4E1 threaded receiver 18” Rainier Arms ultra match barrel 223 Wylde, 1:8, rifle length gas. BCM 13” MCMR Seekins adjustable gasblock Aero BCG Strike industries CH Suppressor and bipod not included. $450 for the complete upper.
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    Sold: Winchester Model 94 30-30

    Winchester Model 94, 30-30. Serial number puts it in the 1970s. I’ve had this for 15+ years, haven’t shot it in probably 8 years now. Just gets oiled up once in awhile and put back in the safe. $450 shipped from my FFL to yours.