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    Ok, outta left field. Why do modern toasters suck tranny nuts?

    Toasters, we don’t need no stinking toaster!!
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    Ok, outta left field. Why do modern toasters suck tranny nuts?

    Just throw the damn bread on the exhaust manifold while you’re heating up your truck in the morning. warm truck,warm toast GTG
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    Dumpster Diving in the PX

    Had a customer that wanted to have this done to his model 19. begged him to sell it to me but wouldn’t said he wanted to give it to his new wife. caught a lot of shit for defacing a beautiful revolver.
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    Who the heck would want to drive a school bus?

    I was a school bus driver for a very short time about 30 years ago. I was a substitute driver, elementary kids were great high school kids were cool. middle school kids were miniature assholes. Picked up a load of the little fuckers at school one afternoon. Total chaos,screaming,fighting...
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    Kung Flu is kicking my ass

    Bourbon is a better medicine
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    Found my old Redfield, no idea what I should use it for.

    Send it to me I have a few on my Weatherby’s and they look right at home there.
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns AR pistol barrel length, 10.5 or 11.5?

    My little 8.5” 458 socom will get your attention.
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    Taliban Gun Safety Course Graduate

    That’s gonna leave a mark.....
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    Night Vision 1000.00 night vision

    I have a customer that wants me to set up the rifle that I’m building for him with a beginner night vision optic. His budget is 1000.00 or so. The only experience I have with night vision is the sightmark wraith. He’s wanting to hunt hogs and coyotes with it. You all help me out....
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    Accessories Warning! Scammers abound, here is a story for you.

    Several years ago my son asked me to help him sell his car on Craigs list. At the time he didn’t have an email address so we used mine. The scammers were lined up. I went through all of them cept one and he was very persistent. I strung that Nigerian along for almost a month, it was a lot of...
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    Hot Dogs

    Hot dogs cut in half on wonder white bread. macaroni and cheese. And a quart of soda split equally between three children or all hell broke loose. That was Friday dinner when I was growing up.
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    Hot Dogs

    Damn, I’m doomed
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    Today’s millennial moment......

    My daughter’s first car was a Ford escort manual trans, still remember the clutch smell as she was leaving the driveway. taught her how to change her own tires. Our driveway is 400 yards long up a hill and around a few curves, I also taught her how to back my Lincoln town car from the main...
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    powder for 223 subsonic 75-77gr bullets. 16" barrel

    I’m loading 4.4g of clays for 975fps using a 77gr smk. 16” barrel
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    Its getting wild on the Highways

    My wife and I drive a big truck 225-240,000 miles a year from Richmond Virginia to California. Im 3 million miles accident free and it’s getting harder every year to stay that way. 14 months till retirement then you all can have the roads to yourself.
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    Firearms Knights mfg lower help...

    I have found a used Knights mfg AR Stoner stripped lower receiver. In overall very good condition except where the charging handle drags. Ive seen new in the box lowers going for almost 500.00. How much do you all think this one’s worth?
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    Question About Home Defense Weapon

    Living in the country second house from the end of the street. I have a 100 yard rifle range and usually shoot a couple times a week. Neighbor has a 200 yard rifle range and shoots once a week or so. You step out of your car on my gravel driveway and look down you will find.22,9mm,.45,300bo...
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    Riddle me this... Eastern Tennessee

    Looked around Knoxville several years back because I had family around there. went looking around central Kentucky and bought there. easier to buy there, cheaper to buy and live there. just got back from there, went to interview builders and hired one. he’ll be starting my home first of 22...
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    Reloading Equipment 230gr A tips FS

    Surely someone needs these