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  1. ipsullivan

    Is there any real difference in electronic ear protection anymore?

    +1 for MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X . I have had mine more than 10 years. Surefire Sonic Defenders are a good alternative to foam plugs if you don’t want to break the bank on electronic. Edit to answer your question: In my experience none of the “budget“ electronic muffs compare to the quality...
  2. ipsullivan

    Suppressor muzzle device. Torque?

    This. Use Rocksett. As stated previously, it dissolves after being soaked in hot water. None of my QD cans go on a muzzle device that isn’t installed with Rocksett or pinned/welded. Not worth the hassle. Can you get away without any thread locking compound? Absolutely, just be aware of the...
  3. ipsullivan

    Talk me out of replacing my USO legacy scopes

    I knew it. Send me a shipping label and it’s a done deal!
  4. ipsullivan

    Talk me out of replacing my USO legacy scopes

    Thanks for the objective feedback everyone. The more I think about it, they less I want to make the change. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it hit the nail on the head. Also, when considering my range time and skill level, I don’t think I will have any significant advantage with swapping glass...
  5. ipsullivan

    Talk me out of replacing my USO legacy scopes

    I have acquired a few USO scopes over the years and I’m slowly starting to feel like there are better options out there for similar price point. Thinking about switching them out for some glass with more modern reticles and lighter weight. I do like the simplicity of the Mil-GAP reticle...
  6. ipsullivan

    Help identifying please

    Looks like an Elcan base.
  7. ipsullivan

    Accessories WTB: DD 7.62 Lite rail

    I have one in excellent shape, DPMS barrel nut included.
  8. ipsullivan

    Optics SOLD US Optics LR17 GAP reticle

    I’ll take it, per our text communications.
  9. ipsullivan

    Optics SPF Nightforce NXS 2.5-10x24mm Mil/Mil Price DROP

    Won’t find a better deal on a like new 2.5-10x24!
  10. ipsullivan

    WTB WTB Desert Tech SRS

    Looking for a Desert Tech SRS bolt action rifle. Open to multiple generations/versions. .308 Win or .338 Lap Mag
  11. ipsullivan

    Accessories SOLD .308 / AR-10 upper parts (everything minus handgaurd)

    Looking to sell the remaining parts from a used complete upper I purchased recently. Everything was painted with Krylon and I have stripped 99% of it off, could be some remnants on any of the parts. See photos for condition. What's included: - .308 BCG (unknown manuf., marked " MADE IN...
  12. ipsullivan

    SOLD CZ455 FS 20.5" Precision Trainer

    Message sent, thanks to @WtxMSCL8188 for pointing this out.
  13. ipsullivan

    WTB WTB CZ 457 Pro Varmint 16.5” .22LR

    FOUND Looking for a CZ 457 Pro Varmint 16.5” .22LR P/N: 02359 New or used is fine. Any leads on somewhere with them in stock would be much appreciated.