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    Firearms HK SP5 Fullsize, Latest model

    Going a different direction, need to free up some cash. - NIB HK SP5, latest model with proper drum rear sight (not the MP5K sight) - Two factory German black mags - One factory German tan mag - B&T Low profile mount (installed on another gun, like new) $3500 shipped to your FFL
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    SOLD 6.5 CM Ammo, Federal Fusion, 140gr, $120 shipped

    I’m not being a shit head, I know it’s expensive, but if you need it I can part with it. 2 boxes, $120 shipped with a fancy diamond drawn on the box
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    SOLD Federal 30-30Win Ammo, 80 rounds

    4 boxes, 170gr, jacketed soft points 200 shipped
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    SOLD Surefire Rapid Transition Sights, 45 degree, RTS-1 set

    Well... they would be “backwards” and the knobs would be on the “wrong” sides, but they would definitely work all the same.
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    SOLD Surefire Rapid Transition Sights, 45 degree, RTS-1 set

    Very light use, mounted and set on safe queen $150 shipped, venmo or zelle
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    Accessories 6.8 SPC Ammo, 115gr SMK HPBT

    80 rounds / 4 boxes, HSM, been sitting in my safe for awhile. $135 shipped (Also have a brand new LMT Enhanced 6.8 (lobster tail) bolt,
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    SOLD 224 Valkyrie Ammo

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    SOLD 224 Valkyrie Ammo

    Reduced price
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    SOLD LMT DMR Stock

    Reduced price
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    SOLD LMT DMR Stock