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    I live in the Kansas City area, and am looking to buy a 1/2 beef............I know there are some people on this forum that raise cattle..........I have been for years splitting a beef with a guy I know that grew up in Nebraska.........always had good beef, but the last one could have been an...
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    Any one loading 160 Gr. Warner Flatline.......

    I am a noob to reloading........ so try to limit the flaming.........My 175 Gr. SMK are doing pretty good, but...... I have some .308, 160 gr. Warner Flatline bullets, and the numbers are pretty good, ES 25, SD 9...........but it looks like it was shot with 00 buck...........nothing near the...
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    Some Funny Shit Here
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    Question for the Auto Throw/Trickler Folks

    I have a new Auto Trickler 3 that I have had for several weeks, finally unboxed it and set it up.........I have a question concerning the App that is available for the there a separate App, or will the same one work on a computer? I have an Apple computer that is years newer...
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    ATF Agent tased, cuffed, and stuffed.......

    This is 2 months old......I don't remember ever seeing this posted.......He is now suing for use of excessive force........
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    New Press

    It arrived today, DHL shipping has it right. Press left Germany on Tuesday at 11:34.........Chicago at 19:30.......KC ........9:55 this morning.......out for delivery......11:33..............Delivered 13:33.......... A review of this press...
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    Reloading Equipment Hodgdon H1000 / This is gone

    I have an unopened 8 lb. jug of H1000, part of a gifted bunch of reloading gear that I have. This is something I do not plan on ever using. Hodgdon website list this at $273.99, out of stock. Want to trade only for 2, 100 round boxes of .308 Lapua brass. Kansas City metro area only.
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    Turban Heavy Präzipress 120

    Any one use, own or seen one of these presses? From what I have read in different reviews, this may be the best single stage press made. Yes, it is a lot of money, but I am in the schooling of buy once, cry once. It's been a little over 5 months, but mine will be hitting customs for shipping...
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    Reloading Equipment WTT Powder for brass / This is gone

    I have an unopened 5 lb. jug of IMR Trail Boss, that I would like to trade for 100 virgin Laputa brass, .308, large primer in the Kansas City metro area only........ I have found that the container has been opened..........weighs 5.3 lbs. on a digital bathroom scale.........
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    Reloading Equipment Primers for brass

    I have, for trade only, in the Kansas City metro: 1000 CCI Large Rifle Magnum Primers.........for 100 virgin .308 Laputa brass, large primer Not for other trades
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    Reloading Equipment Primers for brass / These are gone

    I have, for trade only, in the Kansas City metro: 1000 Federal Small Rifle Match Primers.........for 100 virgin .308 Laputa brass, large primer Not for other trades
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    Reloading Equipment Giraud Case Trimmer For Sale / SPF

    I had ordered one of these and then was given this one. My new one was delivered yesterday. Very lightly used, set up for .308. I will include a copy of the operating instructions that came with my new one. Photo shows cosmetic scuff on motor. I have not used it, but did check the operation...
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    Prometheus Powder measure

    I was gifted one of these today. I believe it is a Gen 1, and may be missing some parts. Does anyone have one of these in a Gen 1, and if you do could you post, or PM me some pictures of it.......
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    I won the reloading lottery today......

    I've been talking to my brother about wanting to get into reloading, but having trouble finding components, powder, etc. My brother hasn't reloaded in quite a number of years, and he said you can have my stuff, but we have to find, he has moved 4 or 5 times since he used it, and he now has at...
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    Reloading Equipment Powder Now

    For anyone wanting powder in the Overland Park Ks. KCMO area, Varget, CFE 223, Hodgdon 4350, some IMR, and other Hodgdon powders in stock at the Bullet Hole, 1lb, limit of 3........
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    Accessories .556 ammo for those who are looking

    I was at Cabelas, and Bass Pro this afternoon, Winchester M855, 150 rounds for $89.99.......not cheap, but at .60 per round, it's better than a $1 per. The M193 was the same price
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    Reloading Equipment Powder

    I don't know what you are looking for, but was just on Hodgdon site and there are some powders available. It shows some as out of stock, and some buy now. I did not find anything I wanted, so didn't try.
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    S&B problem at the range today

    Finally a nice day, so I decided to go to the range. After about 10 rounds, I look thru my S&B PM II, and see what appear to look like small water drops when looking thru the scope. I clean the lens, and they are still there. I do a search on this site, and find that there has been an issue...