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  1. m1match

    Reloading Equipment SOLD RCBS Chargemaster 1500 Combo $200 shipped

    I upgraded to the Autotrickler V3 so I'm selling my RCBS Chargemaster. This unit is well used being about 8 years old but functioned perfectly until I retired it in favor of the Autotrickler V3. It is well cared for and in excellent condition. It comes with the original manual and with...
  2. m1match

    Range Report Broken tips on Hornady 6.5 140 ELDMs

    Anybody else see this issue? I've shot almost 5000 Hornady 140 ELDMs since 2017 and until this month have never seen this before. A couple of weeks ago I was shooting a match and had a round go way low at 600 yds that was not due to me making a bad shot. This picture is of three broken bullet...
  3. m1match

    ALWAYS WEAR EYEPRO or what happens when you shoot a 6.5 CM rd in your 260

    This morning was a practice session for some of our local precision rifle shooters. We were running some of the stages from last weeks NRL Borderwars match. The shooter next to me had a blown primer on the last round of his stage and got a faceful of gas and particles when he was NOT wearing...
  4. m1match

    Accessories *SOLD* RRS TA-3-APF Series 3 Platform for Anvil 30 ballhead $40 shipped

    For Sale, RRS TA-3-APF platform to firmly mount RRS Anvil 30 ballhead onto a RRS series 3 tripod with Versa Apex. Will also mount the Anvil 30 ballhead in other tripods like the Feisol 3372 & 3472 and any other tripod with a 70mm ring to mount it in. Attached photo shows the platform mounted...
  5. m1match

    Accessories Feisol CT 3472 Carbon Fiber Tripod *SOLD* $425 incl. shipping

    For sale, is my Feisol CT-3472 M2 Rapid carbon fiber tripod with OEM Feisol platform threaded 3/8"-16 . Tripod is in very good condition I used it for one season of competition but it has not been abused. I've included the closeup of one leg to show it is used but in very good condition...
  6. m1match

    Accessories *SOLD* Timney Calvin Elite 2 stage trigger Rem 700 for sale

    Sold to Smith10mm: Lightly used Timney Calvin Elite 2 stage trigger for Remington 700 type actions. Right side safety with bolt release. Bolt release can be easily removed if you don't need it. $135 shipped to you USPS Priority Mail. Payment accepted by PayPal friends and family or Venmo
  7. m1match

    Gunsmithing Kudos to LRI- new paint, it's like getting a new rifle!

    Since 2010, I've had an AJ Brown built FN SPR that has gotten a Joe Ducos adjustable cheekpiece and gone from 308 to 6.5 CM and is now on it's 2nd 6.5 barrel. The original Manners T3 stock was plain old olive drab that I always thought was kind of ugly, so I sent it away to LRI for cerakote in...
  8. m1match

    Accessories SOLD Tenebraex scope caps for Kahles K624i excellent condition $60 shipped

    Excellent condition scope caps for Kahles K624i 6-24x56. Includes: Tenebraex Objective Flip Cover w/ Adapter Ring for 56mm Objective Scopes KH5658-FCR Tenebraex Eyepiece Flip Cover For Ocular Lens UAC001-FCR I had these on a Kahles K624i but they may fit other scopes too. Here are the links...
  9. m1match

    Accessories *SOLD* KRG Brava Arca Spigot + KRG Barrier Multi Tool $125 shipped

    1) KRG Arca Spigot Mount - mounted to my KRG Bravo but hardly used- in excellent condition with all hardware and packaging. Picture shows QD side mount bolted to spigot which is not included in purchase. 2) KRG Barrier Multi Tool new in packaging
  10. m1match

    Accessories **SOLD**Atlas BT19 Accuracy International Spigot $50 shipped

    For sale, lightly used Atlas BT19 Accuracy International Spigot, $50 including shipping. Your Atlas bipod will bolt directly to the spigot. Will accept payment by Venmo or PayPal friends and family. If you want it, post I'll take it then PM me for payment instructions.
  11. m1match

    Accessories **SOLD**Atlas V8 BT10-LW17 Excellent condition $235 shipped

    I have too many Atlas V8s so am letting this one go. $235 including shipping. This one was ordered direct from B&T in June of 2010 and is in excellent condition per the attached photos. Will accept payment by Venmo or PayPal friends and family. If you want it, post I'll take it then PM me...
  12. m1match

    Kestrel Elite- problems linking Link Ballistics app when Privacy PIN is turned on

    #63 I'm having problems linking my Kestrel Link Ballistics to my Kestrel Elite Bluetooth when the Privacy PIN is turned on. I'm running an iPhone 7, iOS 12.0.1, Kestrel Link Ballistics Software Version Build 153, Ballistics Database Version 78700 with a Kestrel Elite (5700AL), SN 2304374...
  13. m1match

    CZ 455 alternative bolt knob

    I have not been satisfied with my Glades Armory CZ 455 tactical bolt handle. The issues I have had with this handle installed include having to place my trigger finger in an awkward position to avoid the bolt handle/knob and having the bolt stop not work and the bolt coming out the back when...
  14. m1match

    Kudos to Long Rifles Inc. for fixing my broken FN-SPR bolt knob

    In my last match, I'm shooting a prone stage, I fire a shot go to run the bolt and ???? the bolt knob is lying on the ground. I have a FN-SPR custom that AJ Brown built and it is a tack driver but I got it with the original bolt knob. I had a local gunsmith install a tactical bolt knob by...
  15. m1match

    Advanced Marksmanship Heavy crosswind causing elevation change?

    Our club's February match was a team match and my partner and I had problems with high elevation misses in a heavy wind. We were both shooting 6.5 Creedmoor with Hornady 140 ELDMs at about 2750 fps. Our barrels were Bartlein 1-8 RH barrels. My scope was a Vortex AMG and his was a S&B 5-25 and...
  16. m1match


    My antivirus/webthreat software is giving me the following warning: "VirusBarrier detected that the application "WebProcess" is downloading a Web Threat ("Known web page"). Web Threats use security breaches of Internet applications to take control of your computer." Is anyone else getting...
  17. m1match

    Rifle Scopes S&B, Bushnell HDMR, & Viper PST shot side by side

    I'm sorry I didn't take pictures but last weekend a I went shooting with a friend and shot these three scopes side by side. I had my GAP SCLE rifle with a Bushnell HDMR with G2 reticle from the SH GAP Group Buy and my AIAW with a S&B 4-16x42 with P4F reticle. My friend had a Short Action...
  18. m1match

    AJ Brown FN SPR

    AJ Brown's rifles show up on the Hide occasionally, but not as often as I'd expect. I'm posting this to give his work more exposure. I bought this rifle from Nomad who won it in a match. The specs of the rifle are: FN SPR action with OEM Near Mfg. picatinnny rail 24" Rock 1:11.25 barrel...
  19. m1match

    Rifle Scopes Swarovski service- WOW!!

    I have a 21 year old pair of 8x30 Swarovski Habicht SLC binoculars. Through the years of use, the original rubber front and rear caps have cracked and broken. I emailed Swarovski USA's service department to ask if I could buy a set of replacements. I didn't have high hopes that they would...